Same Store, New Look!

Same Store, New Look!

We’re so excited to let you in on a huge project that’s been months in the making — a brand new look for PartyPail!

We’re the same online party retailer that’s helped you plan baby showers, bridal showers, and birthday parties, but we have a snazzy new look that we’re hoping you’ll love. More sleek and streamlined than ever before, we hope our redesign will make shopping our site an easy and fun experience. We think the party fun should start as soon as you land on!

Want to know what to expect? Here are some of PartyPail’s new features:

PartyPail Redesign

  • A Brand New Look — Besides being much more functional, the new PartyPail is also much more fashionable! We think our customers deserve to shop a site that is just as stylish as they are!
  • More Personalized Offerings — We’re unrolling a wide selection of personalized partyware. Soon, you’ll be able to get all of the personalized party items you want from
  • Improved Search and Navigation — It’s now much easier to find what you’re looking for on PartyPail. Run your mouse over our main categories to see more options, or type what you’re looking for in our new-and-improved search bar up top.
  • A Wider Selection – We’re known as leaders in baby shower supplies, but we’ve been working hard to expand our party supplies selection. Recently, we’ve added many new themes to our boys birthday party supplies and girls birthday party supplies.
  • A Better Mobile Experience — We realize our customers are busy, so we’ve made on-the-go shopping easier. Our new design is mobile and tablet friendly, so shop on whatever device is most convenient!

PartyPail Mobile Website

Have any questions or comments about the new-and-improved Drop them in the comments below, or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Check out our brand new look!

Savings to Help You Savor Each Moment: Top 10 Budget-Friendly Event Planning Tips

baby shower, 1st birthday, bridal shower and adult birthday decorations

Save Money on Baby Showers, First Birthdays, Bridal Showers, and Milestone Birthday Parties

When you are planning an event you want it to be perfect, and this might be true for many reasons:

  • First and foremost, you want your guest or guests of honor to feel appreciated.
  • You want all of your guests to have a great time at the event.
  • You want to set the stage, create ambiance and set the mood for your party or event.
  • You want to show off your skills when it comes to party planning, catering and cooking, food presentation and other party and event know-how.

Whatever your reason, the last thing you want to discover is that you don’t have the money that you need to throw the party of your dreams.

With the cost of gas at nearly an all-time high, the price of just about everything else is up as well, since nearly everything in our society requires transit or shipping of one kind or another. Conversely, after the recession and very slow recovery, the amount of disposable income that you have may be down.

With that in mind, we wanted to share these budget-friendly event planning tips to help you make the most of your party budget and stretch all of your decorating dollars:

1. Set a budget, and stick to it.

While this might sound obvious, many times when planning an event, event and party planners start shopping before setting a budget. They may spot tableware, centerpieces or other party decorations that are “to die for” and buy one or more pieces which end up consuming too much of the total amount of money they have to spend. They end up in the red simply because they did not allocate funds toward (at least these) three major party planning components ahead of time:

  • Decorations
  • Menu of Food and Beverages
  • Games, Activities and Favors

So before you start buying, and even before you choose a theme, take time to sit down with pen and paper (or computer spreadsheet). Write down your total budget amount, and how you plan to allocate the funds.

2. Limit the guest list.

One of the biggest things that will impact the cost of your event is the size of your guest list, because for each guest that you invite, you will need to purchase party supplies like plates, cups, napkins and cutlery. While it may be tempting to invite everybody you know, it may not be possible to stay within the budget if you do. Make sure to include the most important people, and the people that will be most excited about the event. Your sister’s hairdresser’s nephew probably can be excluded from the guest list, but make sure your best friend is invited!

3. Ask for RSVPs and follow up.

While some people are great at sending back, emailing or calling in their RSVP right away, many more are not. But having a firm count on your guest list will help you to save money on refreshments, party favors and other party supplies—money that can then be spent in other areas or kept safely in your wallet! Plan to follow up with individuals who have not yet RSVP’d on your event guest list before you send final numbers in to the caterer or purchase food, beverages, tableware or other party supplies.

owl baby shower invitations

Happi Tree Baby Shower Invitation

4. To shop around, or not to shop around, that is the question.

It might seem counter-intuitive to suggest that not shopping around could be more budget-friendly than shopping around, but there are times when this is true.

Shop around to see whether you have found the best resource—this might mean finding (multiple) event and party supply vendors and buying the lowest priced items in your theme, or it might mean finding one party supply vendor who has most of the items you want to purchase in their product line up.

You might find that it is less expensive to purchase more items from one party decorations website because your overall cost is reduced by paying less in shipping. It also makes sense not to shop around if your time is limited; sometimes time is your most valuable resource!

5. Shop for party supplies and decorations online.

As referenced before, with people feeling the pinch at the pump, it might be far more economical for you to do your party supplies shopping online, than to find yourself driving all over town, trying to find just the right event decorations at the best price.

6. Go for the free shipping when it makes sense.

Here at we offer free shipping for orders over $60. When you want to get the most from your budget, make sure that your overall purchase hits this free shipping marker so that 100% of your dollars go toward the purchase of party supplies and decorations. Of course, if getting your purchase price up to $60 for the free shipping means adding $20 worth of items that you aren’t actually going to use in order to save the $8.99 or $9.99 on shipping, it doesn’t make sense to try to reach that point. So try it both ways! Add all the items you need to the shopping cart and take a look at the total, then add all of the “extras” to the cart, and see if having those “extras” is worth the overall cost difference to you.

Solid Colored Tableware and Decorations

Solid-Colored Tableware and Decorations Can Be Mixed in with Themed Items to Save Some Money

7. Add solid color accents to themed decorations.

Once you have a theme, a great way to save money on party decorations is to purchase a few pieces in your theme and then mix and match solid color party supplies (banners, crepe paper streamers, napkins, cutlery, plates, table coverings and other party supplies) alongside your themed decorations. Solid color party decorations are often less expensive than their themed counterparts, and you may be able to reuse any excess at a future event.

8. Buy in larger quantities.

It won’t take you long when shopping online to discover that you get a much better price per piece when you purchase party supplies like plates, cups, napkins, cutlery and even decorative accents and party favors in bulk. While your guest list might not support purchase of party and event supplies in larger quantities, you might be able to do so by purchasing cooperative with a friend or family member who will be throwing a similar type of event at some point in the future, or you may be able to use some of the excess party supplies yourself at a future event (this might be especially possible if you mix and match by purchasing solid color party supplies that coordinate with themed party decorations).

9. Ask around.

Once you have a theme, while you are shopping for centerpieces, table accents, or items to decorate place settings, check with family and friends who have recently thrown similar types of parties or events or who may have kept items from their own parties in the past. They may have centerpieces or other decorative accents that you can borrow to use at your event.

10. Go virtual.

Simple geography (not to mention the high cost of gas and its impact to the cost of airfare and auto travel) might prevent some of the most important invitees from attending an event. One solution is to set up a Skype (or another internet video-conferencing platform) event where guests can “attend” from in front of their own computer.

To make remote guests feel like part of the event, you can send them a personal party guest kit complete with invitation, supplies like (un-inflated) balloons, party favors, treats and a table setting, recipes for one or more of the refreshments that will be served, blow outs, confetti and party hats, and similar items.

Another extremely budget-friendly way to include remote guests in your event is to videotape key moments from the event (such as gift opening, cake cutting or consuming, games or activities or other important things) and then upload short videos to YouTube. Or you can simply take photos of these key moments at the event and create a slideshow to share online by posting to social media or emailing them directly to remote friends and family.

New Budget-Friendly Themes for Baby Showers, First Birthdays, and Bridal Showers

Our New Budget-Friendly Baby Shower, 1st Birthday, and Bridal Shower Themes

Here at PartyPail we’re constantly looking for ways to increase our product line so that our customers find exactly what they want. We expanded from selling baby shower decorations to also include products for people’s other important life celebrations: from Christenings to first birthdays, and on into adulthood with bridal showers, adult birthday parties, and more! We’ve always provided all of our products at the absolute lowest costs we possibly can afford to, but lately we’ve been focusing a bit more on stocking items in a variety of prices to make sure we have something that fits all of our customers’ budgets.

We’ve added higher end luxury items from Melissa & Doug, C.R. Gibson, and Mud Pie in recent months, but our latest new additions are specifically for people who want to throw great looking celebrations without spending a fortune. This week, we introduced our Plaid Baby Girl and Plaid Baby Boy baby shower themes (pictured above), plus 1st Blue Dots boy’s first birthday and 1st Pink Dots girl’s first birthday theme and the Celebrate Diamonds bridal shower theme.

All five of these new themes have dinner and dessert plate 8-packs for only $1.29, as well as beverage and lunch napkin 16-packs for $1.29. To tie the whole thing together, these themes also have matching tablecovers available for only–you guessed it–$1.29.

These themes are perfect for when you’re throwing a party with a lot of guests, since you can set a lot of places at the table at an affordable overall cost. You can set a table for eight with plates, napkins, and a tablecover to protect your table for less than $4.00, so just imagine how much the savings pile up if you’re throwing an event for 80 people… or 180!

Another great thing about our new themes is how versatile they are, and how many of our other products match perfectly and can be used to fill out these themes. Whether you choose to use solid colored supplies to complete your décor or want to mix and match with our other themes, there are plenty of options. Here are some of our recommended decorating ideas for these themes:

  1. Plaid Baby Girl matches pretty much anything pink, but our Tiny Toes Pink theme also has a number of great products to mix and match with. It also features cute, pink little baby feet, so it ties right in, but also introduces a few other colors, like brown and lavender. This opens the door to even more matching solids and a much larger number of other pieces that can be incorporated into your shower, but doesn’t deviate too far from your primary theme since the focus is still on the feet!
  2. Plaid Baby Boy works beautifully with the Tiny Toes Blue theme, and much like the Plaid Baby Girl/Tiny Toes Pink combination, this combo allows you to introduce a few more colors to the Plaid Baby Boy theme, but still keeps the focus on the adorable baby feet. Try mixing in the Tiny Toes Blue invitations, cups, and balloons with the plates, napkins, and tablecover from Plaid Baby Boy theme to create a beautiful, complete baby shower.
  3. 1st Blue Dots boy’s first birthday theme is a bright theme that’s perfect for a little boy’s first birthday, and the bold colors and fun design make it easy to mix and match with a number of solid colors or other themes. Try choosing bright red, Bermuda Blue, and Lime Green balloons, cutlery, and streamers to brighten up the entire room. You can also match items from our Sweet Little Cupcake boy theme, which also features blues and greens and dots all over!
  4. Our 1st Pink Dots girl’s first birthday party theme and our Sweet Little Cupcake girl’s 1st birthday theme are a match made in heaven! Both theme feature bright (and we mean bright!) pink, purple, and green prominently, and polka dots tie the whole thing together. Use the budget-conscious plates, napkins, and tablecover from the 1st Pink Dots theme and mix in decorations and other supplies from the Sweet Little Cupcake theme for a fun and adorable first birthday party for your little one! One more tip: mix in some solid-colored items from the accent colors for a really fun effect!
  5. Our newest bridal shower theme, Celebrate Diamonds, has so many options that we can’t list them all here! For starters, the teal blue of the diamonds lends the theme very well to mixing and matching with a number of other popular bridal shower themes. Our Mr. and Mrs. To Be theme, Bride To Be Blue and Brown theme, Two Love Birds theme, and The (Almost) Newlywed Game theme all draw on similar blues, so the Celebrate Diamonds theme could be taken in a number of different directions depending on which other theme(s) you want to incorporate items from. Or, if you’d like to play up the silver instead, try mixing in our Silhouette bridal shower decorations, Bridal Dots & Paisley decorations, or I Do Cake Bridal Shower decorations (coming in mid-March). All of these themes can be seen here.Don’t forget to play up the diamond design, too, by having the bride-to-be wear a diamond head band during the shower!Another great thing about the Celebrate Diamonds bridal shower theme is that it has endless possibilities when it comes to the favors. Sticking to the diamond theme, make a great impression by sending your guests home with crystal diamond paperweights, key chains, or bottle stoppers. Silver Buttermints or Jordan Almonds in a Tiffany Blue favor box are a great way to send your guests home happy as well, as are our Amorini chocolate hearts in silver, blue, and white.

All of these new themes are fun and easy to accessorize with, plus you save a bit of money! Let us know in the comments how you’d use our new budget-conscious baby shower, first birthday, and bridal shower themes!


Happy Holidays from the PartyPail Staff!!

Yesterday we had our annual Christmas Party to give all of our employees a chance to mingle, relax, and otherwise celebrate all of the success that each employee’s hard work helped to bring to PartyPail throughout 2011.

The feature of this year’s Christmas party was an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” contest. We didn’t get any truly “ugly” Christmas sweaters in our bunch, but sure got some festive ones! The prize for the best Ugly Christmas Sweater was that they get to be featured on our blog, but we couldn’t pick just one!

Christmas Sweater Fun!

We sat around our Christmas tree (which was decorated with our PartyPail party supplies, of course!) and had a White Elephant gift exchange, during which there was plenty of stealing gifts from the previous recipients! I guess we’re all really kind, hardworking, generous people–until it comes to the White Elephant!

We’ve been fortunate this year to have a thriving business, all thanks to our loyal customers who come to us for baby shower and birthday party decorations, as well as supplies to help them celebrate other important milestones in life.

2011 Photo Contest Winners Announced!

As many of you know by now,we’ve been holding a contest to determine the best party decorations from the 1,500 photos submitted to us by our customers. We opened up the finalists’ photos to a public vote two weeks ago, and have finally determined our winners! We got nearly 3,000 votes on our finalists’ photos, so thanks to everybody who contributed! Don’t forget, tomorrow we’re going to announce which voter wins an iPod Nano.

And now, introducing the winners of‘s very first photo contest:

First Place Winner – Chastity’s Spa Party for Siena!

Chastity’s Spa Party for Siena

Siena’s one lucky kiddo to have such a great party planner for a mom! Check out some more adorable details from the party in the photos below, and watch for a blog post from us in the coming weeks with details about how to throw a spa party just like Chastity’s!

Siena’s 6th Birthday Spa Party

Congratulations, Chastity! You’re the winner of a brand new Apple iPad! Your spa party for Siena was absolutely adorable, and all of the painstaking details really pulled the theme together!

Second Place Winner – Judy’s King of The Jungle Baby Shower!

Judy’s King of the Jungle Baby Shower

Judy also sent in some other great photos of the baby shower, which we’ll cover in detail in a blog post in the next few weeks. Check out a preview below though!

Judy’s King of the Jungle Shower

Congratualtions, Judy, on winning an exciting Amazon Kindle Fire! Keep throwing these adorable parties!

Runner Up #1 – Suzanne’s Bridal Shower!

Suzanne’s Two Love Birds Bridal Shower

Check out some of the other creative details in some other photos of this party that Suzanne sent us. We just LOVE all of the bird houses!

Suzanne’s Love Birds Wedding Shower

Suzanne, congratulations on winning $60 to spend on Melissa & Doug toys from Some little one in your life is going to be very grateful! Here’s a hint; we have free shipping on orders of $60 or more, so use the full $60 and save the shipping cost as well.

Runner Up #2 – Iketria’s Baby Shower!

Iketria’s Baby Shower Signed Photo Frame

Nothing’s better to commemorate a special occasion than having all of your friends and family sign a memento for you to keep forever, and pass along to the new baby once he/she’s old enough.

Here are some other adorable details from the party:

Iketria’s King of the Jungle Baby Shower

Congratulations also on winning $60 to spend on Melissa & Doug toys at! Remember, we have free shipping on orders of $60 or more, so use the whole $60 and you’ll save the cost of shipping as well!

Runner-Up #3 – Emily’s Splish-Splash Baby Shower Cake!

Emily’s Splish Splash Baby Shower Cake

Unfortunately that’s the only photo of the baby shower that Emily made this cake for, but we do have a couple photos of a bridal shower where Emily also made the cake, and she and the bridesmaids used decorations:

Two Love Birds Bridal Shower

You’ve also won $60 toward a Melissa & Doug purchase at, Emily! As if the little ones in your life aren’t already spoiled enough with your gorgeous cakes, now they can be spoiled with toys, too! Remember, if you use the full $60, your order will qualify for free shipping.

Thanks again to everybody who entered our photo contest, and we will be sure to let you all know when we host another one! In the meantime, tomorrow we’re going to announce which voter won the iPod Nano, so keep an eye out for the announcement!

PartyPail’s 2011 Photo Contest

Fall 2011 Photo Contest Finalists!

A few weeks back we asked all of our past customers to send us photos of their most creative party decorations, so we could see our products and other party supplies in action. As it turns out, we have a bunch of super-creative, design-minded customers! The photos we got were amazing!

We got nearly 1,500 photos to choose from, so selecting our finalists wasn’t an easy task; it had to be done though! Each of our employees took a look at all of the photos we received, and each employee had a chance to “nominate” their favorite photos to be finalists. Once everybody was done nominating photos, we put together our list of finalists and uploaded them to our Facebook Photo Contest Page, which is in the “Photo Contest” tab of our main Facebook profile page. Now it’s the public’s turn to vote on the best decorations! If you have a Facebook page, head over to our page, “like” us, and start voting! You can vote once per day, so keep coming back.

The contest is open to votes through December 9th, and we will announce the winners on December 12th.

As a reminder, here are the prizes:

  • One First Prize Winner: An Apple iPad 2!! (Valued at $499)
  • One Second Prize Winner: An Amazon Kindle Fire! (Valued at $199)
  • Three Runner-Up Prize Winners: A $60 coupon code for new Melissa & Doug toys from PartyPail, Inc.!!

You can vote for your favorite photos, share them on Facebook, leave comments, and much more. Check out our finalists’ photos below, but to see full-size versions of the pictures or to vote you will need to visit our Facebook photo contest.

Acinta’s Baby Shower Andree’s Bridal Shower
April’s Baby Shower April’s Birthday Party
Antoinette’s Baby Shower Bri’s Baby Shower
Blondie’s Baby Shower Blondie’s Baby Shower
Carole’s Baby Shower Cassie’s Baby Shower
Charlene’s Baby Shower Chiquita’s Baby Shower
Chastity’s Birthday Party Chastity’s Birthday Party
Courtney’s Birthday Party Dacia’s Baby Shower
Emily’s Baby Shower Erin’s Baby Shower
Erin’s Baby Shower Eve’s Baby Shower
Evelyn’s 1st Birthday Party Evelyn’s Birthday Party
Fabrizia’s Baby Shower Iketria’s Baby Shower
Iketria’s Baby Shower Jaclyn’s Birthday Party
Jane’s Baby Shower Janis’ Baby Shower
Jennifer’s Baby Shower Jennifer’s 1st Birthday Party
ennifer’s 1st Birthday Party Jody’s Housewarming Party
Jordan’s 2nd Birthday Party Jordan’s 2nd Birthday Party
Judy’s Baby Shower Kary’s Birthday Party
Kathleen’s Bridal Shower Kathleen’s Baby Shower
Kathy’s Baby Shower Kay’s 80th Birthday Party
Kimberly’s Birthday Party Kristin’s Baby Shower
Kyndall’s Baby Shower Mandy’s Baby Shower
Jessica’s Baby Shower Nancy’s Baby Shower
Nicole’s 1st Birthday Party Nicole’s 1st Birthday Party
Helen’s 1st Birthday Party Olishia’s 1st Birthday Party
Pam’s Baby Shower Trish’s Baby Shower
Rose’s Baby Shower Amy’s 50th Birthday Party
Shee’s Baby Shower Shee’s Baby Shower
Suzanne’s Bridal Shower Terry’s 50th Birthday Party
Tiffany’s Bridal Shower Valeria’s Baby Shower
Valeria’s Baby Shower Whitney’s Baby Shower

Our own little Ladybug’s 1st Halloween

Ladybug 1st Halloween CostumeAs our readers know, PartyPail is really powered by moms (and grand moms) who take care of our amazing clients.   One of the really cool things about our workplace is that we get to see not just our coworkers every day, we get to also see their children, grand children, nephews, friends, and more.

Last Friday I wrote a quick blog about some really great baby costumes, and today I’m adding onto that post with a quick update – here’s my favorite costume from yesterday! One of our longest serving employees brought in her granddaughter who was dressed up like the most cute little Ladybug you’ve ever seen.  Look at the adorable little antenna, and the perfect black dots.  The costume featured adorable black and red striped leggings, a looked very warm (a great thing since the weather last night was in the 40s.)  She flew into the office, buzzed around, ate a few aphid cookies, & left (leaving behind lots of smiling faces.)  Thank you for visiting, Ladybug Haili!

Our photo contest has yielded a bunch of great photos that we’ll be sharing soon including quite a few devoted to the lady bug party theme including great examples of cakes, room decorations and more.  We continue to be inspired daily by the creativity of our coworkers, and our customers.

In the meantime, I think we’ll be planning that Lady Bug Fancy First Birthday celebration soon.

PartyPail Named the Ninth Fastest-Growing Company in Washington!

Puget Sound Business Journal 100 Fastest-Growing Companies

This week, the Puget Sound Business Journal held an awards ceremony for the 100 fastest-growing private businesses in Washington state, during which they released the specific rankings of each business in the top 100. Here at PartyPail, we were absolutely excited just to be included in the list of 100  successful and exciting businesses. Little did we know that we would actually be placed in the top ten! We’re very excited about placing ninth, so we wanted to share this excitement with all of our customers!

PartyPail's CEO, Edward Hechter, fourth from left in the front row, with other top ten honorees.

For more information about the event, read the official Business Journal article here, or check out our press release about the event here. To see the Puget Sound Business journal’s article on PartyPail specifically, click here.

Danielle Thompson Packing Orders in PartyPail's Warehouse

Co-Founders Edward Hechter and Lisa Jacobson

Holy Bleep! It’s the Grim Reaper!

Holy Bleep! Tableware

The other day I was in the warehouse packing up some orders (yes, even the CEO gets his hands dirty packing up orders sometimes) and one of the boxes I packed for shipment included products from both our Holy Bleep! theme and our Grim Reaper theme. This reminded me of something I’ve been wanting to cover on our blog; Holy Bleep! and Grim Reaper work together! Really well!

Sometimes it just happens that our customers see connections between a couple of our different themes and weave them in together to create a creative, unique party theme that is all their own. Sometimes it’s something that we commonly pair together, and other times the customer sees something new that we haven’t even all noticed yet. For this reason, I encourage all of our employees to really get to know our products. Knowing our product inside and out is a no-brainer for the warehouse staff, but for everybody else who isn’t hands-on all day with our product, making a special effort to get to know our product and good product pairings can really be beneficial. After all, knowing our products and different ways to use them is the heart of our business.

I decided to put together a short list of other mix-and-match themes that work well together, starting with adult birthday party themes:

  • Grim Reaper and Holy Bleep!: I know I already mentioned this, but I wanted to go into a little more details about why. Black is the primary color for both of these themes, so none of the products will stand out starkly against the others when mixed together. They also use very, very similar bold accent colors, and both have a bit of a sense of humor about aging… so why wouldn’t they work well together??
  • Birthday Fabulous and Oh So Fabulous: These two fabulous themes are perfect for any sassy woman, no matter her age! Both prominently feature hot pink, black, and white zebra stripes and polka dots, so it’s as if they truly are designed to be used together to mix things up!

    Grim Reaper Napkin

  • One More Candle Women’s decorations with Birthday Fabulous and/or Oh So Fabulous: Birthday Fabulous and Oh So Fabulous are so similar that they almost seem to have been designed to go together, but for something that’s a little bit different but still looks great, mix in some of our One More Candle Women’s theme as well. This pattern features a little more black, but has the same vibrant accent colors, and the sayings it uses definitely match the sass of the other two themes!

Let us know if there are more themes you see that can be paired together, and we’ll follow up soon with some mix-and-match theme ideas for 1st birthday parties and baby showers.

Because of how important it is to notice the similarities between our products and get to know everything we offer, we’re also going to start a series on this blog featuring different themes hand-selected by our employees as their favorites, with some fun ideas about what our employees would do with particular themes; if there are any in particular that you’d like to see featured, leave us a comment and we’ll put together some party planning tips for you!

Edward HechterCEO, PartyPail, Inc.

Host a Whale of a Baby Shower or Birthday Party!

New whale themed Ocean Preppy Boy Party Decorations is available for immediate shipment.

Whale themed Ocean Preppy Boy Party Supplies

Ocean Preppy Boy Decorations

We are so lucky living in the Pacific Northwest. Nature abounds all around us. Our facilities are at the base of the what I think is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world (in fact, I’ve posted below a picture of it taken from the road that runs next to us.  There is a bald eagle that has set-up home in tree right near our office – we often see it soaring over head. It is very common to see deer, elk, and all kinds of wildlife roaming around our little hamlet. And out in the nearby Puget Sound, there is all manner sea life from otters, to sea lions, to the salmon we are famous for world wide. But one of the most exciting and unique things is to see a pod of orca whales (generally a momma with her babies) swimming in the waters of the Puget Sound. Taking the ferry out of Vashon or Bainbridge Islands is a great place to catch a glimpse like the one here.

Mother and baby Orca whales in Puget Sound

Mother Orca whale with her babies in Puget Sound

Nothing is more natural than the cycle of life – with parents taking care of their babies – that’s why wildlife creatures are so commonly used in baby shower and toddler birthday celebrations. Our website has almost 30 different animal baby shower themes, including our newest, the Ocean Preppy Boy Whale baby shower theme. A happy whale is spouting water in celebration, and is joined by his smiling octopus friend. This pattern is using vibrant, ocean-inspired greens and blues, and uses ship’s anchors and modern argyle patterns as accents. This newest design includes a complete set of party supplies and decorating accessories including invitations, tableware, banners, centerpieces, and favor bags.

As usual, our professional party planners have done something extra to help you out – if you scroll to the bottom of the sections with these products on our store, you will see a some helpful tips and ideas on how to throw the perfect whale themed baby shower celebration. Your guests will “bubble over” with laughter and joy when they enter the under the sea world you create with these party supplies.

Whale Party Supplies for Birthday or Baby Shower Celebrations

Interchangeable Cutouts for Birthdays or Baby Showers

Another really neat aspect of this pattern is that is it can also available be used for birthday celebrations. If you visit our Ocean Preppy Boy birthday decorations page you will see how the design has birthday variations for tableware (like napkins), plus the centerpieces, and wall decorations come with inserts and variations for either a birthday or baby shower.

There’s going to be a special offer on our PartyPail Facebook page for the first person who purchases this pattern, and comments about it, so check it out!

In the next day or two, we’ll also be able to announce availability of a Girl’s version of the pattern, so check back to in a day or two to see the pink version of this pattern!

View of Mt. Rainer from PartyPail

PartyPail's view of Mt. Rainier

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