Umbrellaphants Baby Shower Ideas

Umbrellaphants Baby Shower Ideas

Umbrellaphants Party Supplies

If you want to shower an expecting mom with love, look no further than our adorable Umbrellaphants Blue Baby Shower and our Umbrellaphants Pink Baby Shower themes. Pink for baby girls and blue for boys, this theme features a little polka dotted elephant holding an umbrella while hearts sprinkle down. Polka dots and gingham outline the edges of the party supplies adding to the adorable feel of the Umbrellaphants ensemble. Are you throwing an Umbrellaphants baby shower? Keep reading for decor, food, and activity ideas!

Decor: For an Umbrellaphants baby shower, we love the idea of mixing and matching disposable party supplies with your nice linens and dishes. Begin by covering tables with white linen tablecloths and setting each place with a charger topped with an Umbrellaphants plate. Use Umbrellaphants napkins with your silverware, and for cups fill crystal goblets with water and use 9 oz Umbrellaphants paper cups for lemonade and iced tea. In the centers of half of the tables, set our mini honeycomb Umbrellaphants centerpieces, while on the other tables use hydrangea floral arrangements for centerpieces. Fill up Umbrellaphants balloons with helium and tie balloon bouquets around the room.

Food: To save money, consider throwing the baby shower mid-afternoon so you can serve light snacks and finger foods, like veggies and dip, caprese skewers, fruit salad, and cheese and crackers. For something more substantial, consider croissants with chicken salad and cold cuts. And a cake is a must! Take a plate from your Umbrellaphants party supplies to your local bakery and ask them to decorate a cake to match. Also consider petit fours, chocolate chip cookies, and whoopie pies for desserts.

Activities: After your guests arrive and eat, gather the group for an activity and a couple games! For the activity, a fun idea that the expecting mom will appreciate is letting each guest decorate a onesie for the baby! Have iron-on decals and embellishments so everyone can design their own onesie, and at the end of the shower the mom-to-be will have a bounty of oensies for the baby. Next up is game time! For an umbrellaphants shower, we like to keep the animal theme going with the Baby Animal Name Game. For this, create a list of animals and their respective baby names. For example, a baby elephant is a calf and a baby horse is a foal. Mix up the names and see who can match them up fastest. Lastly, while the mom-to-be is opening gifts, keep guests engaged with a game of Baby Shower Bingo. For this, give each player a blank bingo board, a pencil,and board markers. Before she begins opening gifts, have the guests fill in each square on the board with items they think she’ll receive. As she opens gifts, have guests mark their correct guesses and call out “bingo” when they get a complete row!

You can’t go wrong with an adorable Umbrellaphants baby shower — the expecting mom and all her guests will love it!

Mod Baby Shower Ideas

Mod Baby Shower Ideas

If you’re preparing to throw a baby shower for an expecting mom who is always chic and stylish, then our brand new Mod Baby Shower ensemble is for you! This theme features the trendy color combo of silver-grey and yellow, stripes and polka dots, and the silhouette of a mom-to-be. This is a great gender-neutral baby shower theme that celebrates mom in an elegant and upscale way.

Read on for baby shower ideas to match the Mod Baby Shower supplies:

Decor: Go elegant and understated with your Mod Baby Shower decor. Cover the tables with white linens, and at each place setting use one of our Mimosa Placemats and our Mod Baby Shower tableware. In the centers of alternating tables, fill hurricane vases with lemons. On the other tables, use floral arrangements made from white peonies and yellow billy balls. Make the cake table the focal point of the room by hanging yellow and grey tissue paper pompoms above it. Spread a yellow chevron tablerunner down the center of the table, and in the center of the table display a grey and white polka dot cake on a cake stand. Around the cake feature yellow and grey candies in clear glass jars.

Food: Keep the elegance going with the food by serving mini finger foods. Crustless tea sandwiches, pickle bites, caprese picks, mini quiche cups, deviled eggs, and mini cups with veggies and dip are just a couple ideas. You could also serve some of the mom’s pregnancy cravings! Besides the cake, some sweet ideas include cupcakes, cake pops, lemon bars, and macarons. To drink, serve lemonade in a clear glass dispenser. Don’t forget some of our black and white paper straws!

Activities: When throwing such an elegant and trendy shower, it’s important to keep the games and activities tasteful, too. No dirty diaper games here! Here are some ideas to help you keep it classy:

Filling out advice cards is a classic baby shower activity that is fun for the guests — and helpful for the expecting mom! Rather than blank cards, though, provide prompts on the cards, such as:

  • ____ will save your life.
  • Remember to ________.
  • [Father's name] is going to _________.
  • Never _________.
  • Be sure to enjoy _________.
  • Say goodbye to _______.

Another fun idea is to set up a onesie decorating activity. This is great because onesies are fun to make — and the expecting mom will need plenty of them! Get solid-colored onesies and have iron-on appliques and fabric paint to embellish with.

A  game that your guests will enjoy is to ask each guest to bring her baby photo to the shower. Hang the photos on the wall with numbers and ask guests to guess who’s who on paper. Whoever gets the most correct wins!

Do you know a chic expecting mom who would love this ensemble? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Bow or Bowtie? Throw a Gender Reveal Party!

Bow or Bowtie? Gender Reveal Party

We are thrilled to introduce our very first gender reveal shower theme, Bow or Bowtie?! This theme is perfect for gathering family and friends for a celebration to unveil whether the bundle of joy will be a “little man” or a “little miss”! The theme features bright pink and blue hues, polka dots and stripes, and onesies with bows and bowties. It’s a playful theme that will make it fun to divulge the big reveal!

Read on for fun Bow or Bowtie? gender reveal party ideas:

Decor: The Bow or Bowtie? theme comes with lots of adorable party decorations that make decorating for your gender reveal party easy. Begin by covering each table with alternating blue and pink tablecovers. One some tables, use the Bow or Bowtie? Honeycomb Centerpiece, and on other tables, use floral arrangements made from blue and pink hydrangea. Incorporate balloons from our Bow or Bowtie? Metallic Balloon Cluster Pack into the floral arrangements.

Bow or Bowtie? Gender Reveal Party Decorations

Hang the Bow or Bowtie? Circle Ribbon Banner above the cake table to make it the focal point of the room. Cover the cake table with the Bow or Bowtie? Plastic Tablecover and dress it up with a gender reveal cake surrounded by blue and pink candies. From the ceiling, hang our Bow or Bowtie? Printed Hanging Cutouts to add dimension to the room.

Food: Please the expecting mama by serving the foods she’s craving most during her pregnancy. Writing “Craving…” at the top of a chalkboard and list out the featured foods that she’s loving. The foods could be fast food French fries, chocolate milkshakes, pickles, and pizza — the cravings of each mom-to-be are unique! To drink, pour pink and blue punch into glass beverage dispensers. Serve the drinks in glass mason jars with our Classic Pink and Pastel Blue paper straws.

Bow or Bowtie? Gender Reveal Cupcakes

For dessert, serve white cupcakes iced with white frosting and topped with our Bow or Bowtie? Cupcake Toppers. Another fun dessert is pink and blue cotton candy ice cream!

Activities: The main event is the gender reveal, of course! To surprise the expecting parents, have the doctor’s office write the gender in a sealed envelope and give it to whoever is in charge of staging the reveal. At the party, get the guests excited by asking them to choose “team pink” or “team blue.”

Bow or Bowtie? Gender Reveal Cake

Here are some fun ways to divulge the gender to the expecting parents and their friends and family:

  • Bake a cake with a pink or blue center and ice it so you can’t see what color is on the inside. Have the expecting parents cut into the cake for the reveal.
  • Have the parents unwrap a baby outfit that is either for a boy or a girl.
  • Fill a large box with pink or blue helium balloons. When parents open the box, the balloons will float out!
  • Get blue or pink silly string and on the count of three, spray the expecting parents.
  • Use our Bow or Bowtie? Baby Reveal Scratch Off Cards!
  • Fill an opaque balloon with pink or blue confetti. Have the parents pop the balloon with diaper pins for the surprise.
  • Fill two opaque squirt bottles with pink or blue paint. Have the expecting parents wear white t-shirts and have a messy paint fight to reveal the color inside.

No matter what you choose, make sure someone is ready with a camera to capture the priceless reactions of the parents.

With these ideas, you’ll be ready to help the expecting parents celebrate this special time and to prepare for their little man … or their little miss!

Sweet Baby Feet Green Sip and See

Today we’re excited to share this Sweet Baby Feet Green sip and see in honor of baby Wyatt. Scroll through the photos and then read details below about the sip and see.

Sweet Baby Feet Baby Shower Invitations

Sweet Baby Feet Baby Shower

Sweet Baby Feet Green Baby Shower

Sweet Baby Feet Baby Shower

Sweet Baby Feet Baby Shower

Sweet Baby Feet Baby Shower

Sweet Baby Feet Baby Shower

Sweet Baby Feet Baby Shower

This Sweet Baby Feet Green sip and see was originally scheduled to be a baby shower in September, but the first-time mom was ordered bed rest on the shower date. Rather than cancel it, the shower was postponed until a couple months after the baby’s due date, and it was decided it would instead be a “sip and see” open house! What’s a sip and see? A sip and see is basically a baby shower, but it takes place after the baby is born so the guests can meet the baby and congratulate the parents on their bundle of joy. Sip and sees are typically more low-key than showers, are often thrown as open houses where guests can come and go, and usually men and women attend.

Many sips and sees feature champagne or cocktails, but in the dead of winter — and occurring on the same day as a snow storm — this sip and see featured a hot chocolate bar with a CrockPot of homemade hot chocolate, whipped cream, peppermint and regular marshmallows, peppermint syrup, candy canes, caramel syrup, Pepperidge Farm vanilla Pirouettes, and candy cane stir sticks.

The other “sip” was a beverage dispenser filled with citrus spa water made from oranges, lemons, and limes. The Sweet Baby Feet Green 9-Ounce Cups were perfect for the sip and see because they could be used for both the hot cholate and the cold spa water.

To eat, savory items included chips and veggies with dip and cucumber sandwiches. Dessert items included chocolate, vanilla, and lemon cupcakes, German chocolate cake, and cookies. The food was served with the Sweet Baby Feet Green dinner and dessert plates, luncheon napkins, and celery cutlery.

Rather than buying gifts off a registry, guests of the sip and see brought diapers and wipes as gifts — both really appreciated by the new parents!

Baby Wyatt’s Sweet Baby Feet Green sip and see was a definite success! All of the guests had a great time, and the fact that Wyatt was there made it even more special.

Purple Party Themes!

Pantone Color of 2014, Radiant Orchid

Here at PartyPail, we have purple on the mind, and it’s all because of Pantone’s Color of 2014, Radiant Orchid! The purple-meets-pink hue is cheerful and warm, and we predict purple parties will be all the rage during 2014.

Looking for purple party supplies for your next event? We have purple party themes that are perfect for adult and child birthdays, showers, Easter, Mother’s Day, and more. Here are 10 of our favorite PartyPail party themes that are predominately purple!

1. MADHOUSE Black Orchid

MADHOUSE Black Orchid Party Theme

Shop MADHOUSE Black Orchid>

If you’re looking for a party theme that exemplifies Radiant Orchid, then our MADHOUSE Black Orchid theme is for you! Featuring a color palette of black, silver, white, and purple, with lovely orchid flower illustrations, this sophisticated theme could be perfect for any number of occasions. This ensemble includes both disposable paper and reusable melamine pieces that create a stunning effect on a tabletop!

2. Plumeria Party Decorations

Purple Plumeria Party Supplies

Shop Plumeria party supplies>

Combining royal purple and lavender with punches of red and lime green, these purple plumeria party decorations are lovely for any number of events, including women’s birthday parties, girls’ birthday parties, bridal showers, and baby showers. The color combination of this ensemble is especially perfect during spring and summertime!

3. 60th Vintage Vixen Party Supplies

Purple 60th Birthday Party Supplies

Shop 60th Vintage Vixen party supplies>

Know a “vintage vixen” who is about to fabulously turn 60 years old? Our bold purple 60th Vintage Vixen party supplies are a tongue-in-cheek, yet elegant, option! With a royal purple design that looks like a sophisticated wine bottle label, there are so many fun ideas to complement this party theme.

4. Butterfly Sparkle Party Decorations

Butterfly Sparkle Birthday Party Supplies

Shop Butterfly Sparkle party supplies>

Butterfly Sparkle is a girls’ birthday party theme that is bright and colorful and features purple, chartreuse, orange, pink, blue, and more! If your birthday girl loves butterflies or has a spring or summer birthday, then this could be a perfect theme for her!

5. Disney Tangled Party Supplies

Tangled Birthday Party Supplies

Shop Disney Tangled party supplies>

Tangled is one of our most popular Disney princess party themes! The ensemble features Rapunzel wearing her signature purple dress and a dreamy color palette with varying shades of purple, pink, magenta, and golden blonde. Your birthday girl is sure to love this perfectly purple theme!

6. Lilac Blossoms Party Decorations

Lilac Blossoms Party Theme

Shop Lilac Blossoms party supplies>

With a soft, romantic, and vintage floral design featuring varying shades of purple, blue, and green, the Lilac Blossoms party supplies are perfect for your upcoming spring Easter and Mother’s Day gatherings. It’s also lovely for bridal showers.

7. Owl Pal Birthday Decorations

Purple Owl Birthday Decorations

Shop Owl Pal party supplies>

We bet you know a birthday girl who would be delighted to celebrate with this cute purple owl party theme! Featuring pink, purple, and lime, an adorable owl and some fluttering butterflies, this purple party theme is the stuff girls’ dreams are made of!

8. Purr-ty Time Party Supplies

Cat Party Supplies

Shop cat party supplies>

Ready for a purrrrfectly purple celebration?! Our Purr-ty Time party theme showcases four adorable, party-ready kittens with a color palette of purple, lime green, yellow, and pink. Celebrate the feline-loving birthday girl in your life with this theme!

9. Castle Fun Party Supplies

Castle Fun Party Theme

Shop Castle Fun party supplies>

Everyone knows that purple is the color of royalty, so it’s only natural that purple is the main color of our Castle Fun birthday ensemble. Featuring purple, yellow, and pink castles, tiaras, wands, and more, this is a fitting theme for the birthday princess in your life!

10. Dora the Explorer Party Supplies

Dora the Explorer Party Theme

Shop Dora the Explorer party supplies>

Our Dora the Explorer party theme showcases Dora, Boots the Monkey, and Backpack, her trusty purple sidekick. The background of the ensemble is a rich ombre purple that fades from dark purple to fuchsia. Our purple Dora theme is always a hit with the kids!

Looking for more purple? Be sure to check out our solid purple party supplies and lavender party supplies!

Entertain with MADHOUSE Party Supplies

MADHOUSE by Michael Aram Party Supplies

We are very excited to announce that we now carry the MADHOUSE collection of party supplies! The collection is inspired by artist and craftsman Michael Aram’s signature collection, and the fine quality paper and melamine products are a gorgeous addition to any baby shower, bridal shower, dinner party, birthday party, or occasion that calls for something stylish.

There are six different designs in the MADHOUSE Collection by Michael Aram, which we are thrilled to introduce to you today.

1. MADHOUSE Black Orchid Party Supplies

MADHOUSE Black Orchid Party Supplies

The Black Orchid collection features a black, white, and purple color scheme, as well as gorgeous metallic design elements and pretty illustrations of orchid flowers. The romantic colors and elegant aesthetic of this design make it perfect for women’s birthday parties, engagement parties, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties. Pair the Black Orchid party supplies with other glamorous details, such as crystal chandeliers, black taper candles, and potted orchid plants.

2. MADHOUSE Botanical Leaf Party Supplies

MADHOUSE Botanical Leaf Party Supplies

Botanical Leaf is a light and airy design that features the form and texture of sea grape and eucalyptus foliage. The collection includes soft silver, white, and mint colors, which make it perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, engagement parties, 25th wedding anniversaries, and springtime occasions, like Mother’s Day. Pair Botanical Leaf items with white linens, white candles, and elegant white flowers, like peonies, lilies, and roses.

3. MADHOUSE Fig Leaf Party Supplies

MADHOUSE Fig Leaf Party Supplies

The Fig Leaf party supplies incorporate a taupe, chocolate brown, white, and bronze color palette with wood grain and fig leaf designs. This collection was inspired by Californian wine country, so it’s a great choice for your next dinner party or birthday party. Pair these MADHOUSE Fig Leaf party supplies with wine bottle candles and rustic decor, like burlap, potted succulents, and farmhouse tables.

4. MADHOUSE Lemonwood Party Supplies

MADHOUSE Lemonwood Party Supplies

Lemonwood is one of the most popular and playful MADHOUSE collections because of its lemon slice design and bold white, black, gold, and yellow color palette. The collection has a definite summery feel, so it’s great for seasonal occasions, as well as bridal showers, birthday parties for all ages, and baby showers. Pair the MADHOUSE Lemonwood party supplies with vases filled with lemons and other citrus-inspired decor.

5. MADHOUSE Ocean Party Supplies

MADHOUSE Ocean Party Supplies

The Ocean Collection is inspired by the sea and features coral, sand dollar, and sea glass elements in white, shimmery neutrals, sea foam green, and pops of fiery orange. This collection is perfect for any number of occasions, including beach-side soirees, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and summer affairs. Use beachy decor when hosting with the Ocean Collection, such as hurricane vases filled with sand, sea shells, and water.

6. MADHOUSE Olive Branch Party Supplies

MADHOUSE Olive Branch Party Supplies

A black, gold, and wine color palette make the Olive Branch party supplies an elegant and bold way to celebrate a birthday, 50th wedding anniversary, engagement party, or any elegant dinner party. These formal party supplies remind us of the Italian countryside, so they make a great accompaniment to an Italian meal. Pair Olive Branch with wine bottle candles and Italian bistro music.

We’re so excited to offer the elegance and style of MADHOUSE by Michael Aram! Tell us, what is your favorite design?

50s Sock Hop Party Ideas

1950s Sock Hop Party Ideas

If you have a reason to celebrate, it’s time to gather your favorite cats for a good old-fashioned 1950s sock hop. Sock hops are ideal for any number of occasions, including baby showers; bridal showers; community, school, and church events; and kids and adult birthdays. 50s parties are especially perfect for 50th birthday parties!

No matter what your reason to celebrate is, we offer all the supplies you need to throw a sock hop bash. Our Black Check party supplies look just like a 1950s checkered dance floor, and the effect is totally righteous when you pair Black Check with our Fabulous 50s party supplies. Our Fabulous 50s theme includes fun soda, juke box, and rock and roll touches, and we even have fun dress-up items to get your greasers and dolls looking the part.

Now, for some totally hep sock hop party ideas:

Sock Hop Invitations

It’s so simple to make your own DIY sock hop party invitations that look like vinyl records or a poodle skirt. All you need is sturdy card stock, scissors, glue, and a printer. Use some fun, 50s sayings like, “shake, rattle, and roll,” “rock around the clock,” or “grease monkeys and beauty school dropouts” to get your guests ready to jive, 50s style.  Be sure you tell your guests to come in costume — poodle skirts and Grease Lightening attire are encouraged!

Sock Hop Party Decorations

Transform your party space into a 1950s soda shop with these decor ideas:

  • Cover the tables with Black Check tablecovers. For centerpieces, arrange pink roses or carnations in old fashioned soda glasses.  Make sure each table has an old-fashioned straw dispenser, soda cups, and Fabulous 50s plates and napkins. 
  • Go to thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales and stock up on old vinyl records. Hang them from the walls and suspend them from the ceiling.
  • Trace, paint, and cut out a large juke box and tape it to the wall. If you really want to get into the sock hop theme, rent a juke box for the event!
  • Make a DIY 1950s dance floor by painting black and white checks on a large sheet of ply wood. This will require a little construction, but it’s definitely worth it.

Sock Hop Party Food

Think 1950s diner and soda shop when planning the food. This menu will keep all your guests happy:

  • Appetizers: Cheese and crackers, pigs in blankets, and popcorn.
  • Entree: Burgers and fries. Serve the burgers in paper wrappers and the fries in paper boats. Don’t forget a veggie burger option!
  • Dessert: Cake served on a vinyl record cake stand, retro candy served in clear glass jars, ice cream sundaes.
  • Drinks: Root beer floats, old-fashioned soda in glass jars.

Sock Hop Party Activities

Dancing at your sock hop is an obvious must! Make a playlist on your computer, hook up the 1950s rock Pandora station, or rent a real juke box to crank some tunes. If you can, bring in a dance instructor to teach your guests some legit 50s dance moves like the hand jive, bunny hop, mashed potato, and the twist!

With everyone in costume, you’ll definitely want photos! Set up a photo booth by hanging  the Black Check Tablecover from one of the walls. If you want to go all out, reach out to your local classic car club and see if any members will bring one of their 50s muscle cars by for photo opportunities.

Once the sun sets, stage a 50s drive-in theater in your backyard by projecting a movie up on a rental screen or a white sheet. Set around lawn chairs and blankets for your guests to cozy up on, and keep the popcorn flowing.

Be sure to share your 50s sock hop ideas in the comments below!


Cow Print & Milk Baby Shower Ideas

Cow Print and Milk Baby Shower Ideas

For an udderly adorable and playful baby shower, check out our brand new Cow Print Boy and Cow Print Girl  themes! The girls’ theme features bright pink and lime, while the boys’ theme features aqua blue and lime. And both the boy and girl themes have an adorable Holstein cow print that makes for a surprisingly chic look. As the party supplies say, “Moo la la!”

Here is a sampling of the Cow Print party supplies:

Cow Print and Milk Baby Shower Supplies

 For this baby shower, we recommend tying in the colors, the cow print, and lots of milk — oh-so appropriate for the celebration of a mom and her soon-to-be baby! Read on for cow print baby shower ideas and inspiration!

Cow Print & Milk Baby Shower Decor

Begin by decorating the party space with some of the Cow Print baby shower supplies! Fill the cow print balloons with helium, tie them with black curling ribbon, and let them float to the ceiling with the ribbons cascading down. Tie the Baby Cow Print Metallic Balloons on the backs of alternating chairs, and hang the Baby Cow Print Giant Banner behind the food table.

Next, accent with coordinating solids. For boys, use our Bermuda Blue line. For girls, use our Bright Pink line. Black and white can be an accent for both boys and girls! Drape streamers, make balloon bouquets, and top it all off with Honeycomb Tissue Balls and Honeycomb Tissue Fans.

Now, add your own DIY touches! We found the following decor especially inspiring:

Milkaholic Baby Shower

Keep everything black and white with small pops of color. Via Hostess with the Mostess.

Cow Print Baby Shower

  Cover the tables with cow print fabric from the craft store. Via Karen Ayers.

Milk Baby Shower Food

Got milk? You should if you’re throwing a cow print baby shower! One idea is to throw a cookies and milk shower. Bake up several batches of cookies, or ask each guest to bring a batch of her favorite cookie to share.

Another fun idea is to throw a cereal bar party around brunch time. To do this, fill glass apothecary jars with favorite cereals and put a scoop in each jar.

For both the cookies and cereal party ideas, a milk bar is a must! Have pitchers filled and labeled with different types of milk, including skim, 2%, vitamin D, chocolate, strawberry, and banana. For those who can’t have dairy, also consider having soy, almond, and/or coconut milk options! Keep the pitchers of milk on ice in a “trough.”

Here is some food inspiration:

Cow and Milk Baby Shower Food Idea

A chocolate and white cake and Cow Tails candy make for a fun dessert table. Via Stefanie’s Portfolionline.

Milk Bottles for Party

Use cleaned-out Starbucks Frappuccino bottles for the milk. Via Glitter and Gloss.


Or, serve the milk in margarita glasses as “milktails!” Via MG Party Impressions.

Clearly, this is one baby shower theme that is dripping with adorable details. For more ideas, be sure to check out our Cow Print/Milk Baby Shower Pinterest board!

Mustache Party Ideas

Mustache Party Ideas

A bit quirky and very fun, the mustache trend is sweeping fashion, home decor, and party planning! As ‘stache fans ourselves, we just added a collection of oh-so refined mustache party supplies to PartyPail, which features a red, black, and white color palette and some well-trimmed handlebar mustaches.

Our Mustache Madness theme is perfect for Movember events, boys’ birthday parties, boy baby showers, and mens’ birthday parties. And we don’t think the ladies should be excluded, either!

If you’re thinking about throwing a mustache bash, we mustache you to read on for a bevy of party planning tips and ideas!

Mustache Party Invitations

Our Mustache Madness invitations feature a black handlebar mustache and the word “Party!” in a vintage font. It’s also very simple to make your own DIY mustache invitations. Simply Google “mustache stencil” and you’ll find tons of simple mustache outlines that you can print out and use to make DIY invitations. Cut out the stencil and use it as a template to trim out mustaches from black card stock. Glue the mustaches on 4.5″ x 6.5″ card stock cards, and on the other side use a vintage font to disclose the party details.

Mustache Party Decorations

For the decor, focus on a color palette of red, black, and white, and go with quirky and vintage-inspired decorations with these ideas:

  • Begin by decorating with some Mustache Madness party decorations. Cover the tables with the Mustache Madness Table Covers, and tie balloon bouquets featuring our Mustache Madness Mustache Balloons on the backs of the chairs. Drape red and black streamers around the room, and let helium-filled polka dot balloons float to the ceiling.
  • To tie in the vintage manly theme, create a necktie garland across one wall. To do this, clothespin neckties onto a length of cord or twine. Between the neckties, you can alternate letters to spell “happy birthday,” “it’s a boy,” “mustache madness,” “movember,” or any other phrase you want!
  • For centerpieces, cut mustache shapes out of black card stock and tape the mustaches to dowel rods. Fill clear glass vases with pebbles, marbles, or sand, and stick the mustache sticks in the vases at varying heights.
  • Hang a gallery wall of photos of the honoree on one wall. Cut out mustache shapes from black card stock, and tape the mustaches on the honoree’s face in the photos. Use a masking tape with a low level of adhesive so you don’t damage the photos!
  • For the table settings, mix and match Mustache Madness paper goods with your own dishes. For example, use Mustache Madness plates, straws, and napkins with your own silverware and glassware. And for the final touch, set a bow tie napkin at each place setting! Here’s how to make one:
  1. Unfold a black paper napkin.
  2. Fold two opposite corners in to meet at the center. Position the napkin so one of the folded edges is facing you.
  3. Fold the napkin in half from the bottom up.
  4. Fold the napkin in half again from the top down.
  5. Fold the left and right sides in so the points slightly overlap in the center.
  6. Turn the napkin over so the folded side is on the bottom.
  7. Slide a ribbon under the center and cinch the center of the napkin.
  8. Tie the ribbon in a knot and trim the ends.

Mustache Party Manly Eats

Go with a “manly” spread of food at your mustache party! Think bar food and guys’ favorites that they might indulge in while watching a football game. For example, serve sliders, hot wings, quesadillas, pulled pork “manwiches,” pb&j cut with a mustache cookie cutter, corn dogs, and more.

To drink, serve old-timey sodas in bottles, like Sioux City Sarsaparilla, Root Beer, and Cream Soda. Also fill clear glass drink dispensers or pitchers with iced tea and water and label them with signs that say, “wet your whiskers.” Don’t forget our Mustache Madness Straws for the sips!

For dessert, a mustache-shaped cookie cutter is a must! Make sugar cookies shaped like mustaches, and top all the sweets with mustache-shaped fondant icing.

Mustache Party Activities

A photo booth is an obvious must! Cut lots of mustache shapes from black card stock, and tape them to dowel rods. Make sure you get every style, from handlebars to pencil, chevron, and fu manchu! Also get manly accessories like neckties, bowties, hats, and a very sophisticated monocle!

Adults will have fun playing a game of “Name that ‘Stache,” which can be played a couple different ways. One way is to print classic mustache shapes, like cowboy, handlebar, pushbroom, and chevron, on a piece of paper and the guests must match the ‘stache to the correct name. Another version is to print out cropped-in photos of famous mustaches so you can’t see the wearer’s face. The guests must then guess which famous mustache belongs to which famous figure. For example, Tom Selleck, Alex Trebek, Rollie Fingers, Ron Burgundy, Clark Gable, Frederick Nietzsche, Mark Twain, Martin Luther King Jr, Hitler, and Fu Manchu all have iconic mustaches your guests may recognize.

Mustache Party Favors

For favors, one idea is to send your guests home with mustache-shaped sweets. A treat box full of mustache-shaped sugar cookies or chocolates is something your guests will enjoy. You could also include vintage-style candies to fit in with the theme, such as candy sticks, caramels, candy buttons, licorice, and more.

If the party is for adults, please your guests with manly pints of bourbon, cigars, bacon candles, or matchbooks.

We’re sure you’re full of your own mustache party ideas, so we mustache you to drop them in the comments below!

Sweet Baby Feet Baby Shower Ideas

Say hello to our latest baby shower theme, Sweet Baby Feet! With a traditional design, this baby shower theme is a classic in the making, and is perfect for the mom-to-be who prefers a conventional take on showers.

We offer Sweet Baby Feet Pink for girls, Sweet Baby Feet Blue for boys, and Sweet Baby Feet Green for a gender-neutral shower. Or, you can mix and match the colors, like we did below, for a gender reveal party!

To further inspire your Sweet Baby Feet shower planning, we rounded up some tips and ideas below. Reference them now, or Pin them for later, and get your traditional baby shower planning underway!

Sweet Baby Feet Baby Shower Theme

Sweet Baby Feet Invitations

Sweet Baby Feet Baby Shower Invitations

The Sweet Baby Feet Invitations are gatefold and feature stripes, scalloping, gingham, and some cute little feet inside. Slide them into envelopes and drop them in the mail about a month before the baby shower. If you’re feeling crafty, you can also make your own DIY Sweet Baby Feet invites . Here’s how:


  • 4.5″ x 6.5″ card stock
  • Paint – use blue, pink, or a gender-neutral color
  • Lace ribbon
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Printer with ink or calligraphy pen
  • 4.75″ x 6.5″ envelopes


  1. On one side of the invitations, use your computer and printer to print the party details. Or, if you’re skilled at calligraphy, write the party details.
  2. Use the side of your hands and paint to stamp “baby feet” on the other side of the invitations. To make baby feet with your hands, ball your hand into a fist, dip the outside of your hand in the paint, and stamp your hand on the paper. Use your right hand for the right foot and your left hand for the left foot. Use your finger tips to make toes above the feet. Wash and dry your hands after each invitation. Let the invitations dry.
  3. Cut the lace ribbon into 6.5″  strips and glue the lace strips below the feet.
  4. Address the envelopes, slide in the complete invitations, and send them out around four weeks in advance!

Sweet Baby Feet Decor

Go classic and simple with your sweet baby feet decor with the following ideas:

  • Tie a helium-filled Sweet Baby Feet foil balloon on the mailbox or outside your front door so your guests know they’ve arrived at the correct address.
  • Create a focal point in the room with a pretty dessert table. Fill it with candies and sweets that match your party color — either pink, blue, or green. Cover the table with a white lacy tablecloth and serve everything on white milk glass for a very sweet look. Above the sweets table, hang a Sweet Baby Feet Giant Banner.
  • Cover the tables tablecloths that match your pink, blue, or green color scheme. In the center of each table, set an arrangement of white flowers. Hydrangeas, peonies, and dahlias are all lovely for a baby shower.
  • Mix and match our Sweet Baby Feet serveware with your own silverware and china. For example, use our Sweet Baby Feet Dinner Plates and napkins, but your own bone china dessert plates, depression glass berry bowls, crystal stemware, and silverware.

Sweet Baby Feet Baby Shower Food

To cut on cost and simplify your baby shower planning, throw the shower mid-afternoon so you don’t have to feed your guests an entire meal. Focus on simple, but tasty finger foods and salads, such as tea sandwiches, crudites, and a berry salad. As mentioned earlier, fill a dessert table with candies that match the baby shower color, and also be sure to bake up some baby feet-shaped cookies, with help from our baby footprint cookie cutters.

Baby Feet Cookie Cutters

Sweet Baby Feet Baby Shower Games

With a classic baby shower theme, it only makes sense to go with classic baby shower games! For one, give each guest a length of string and have them cut their piece of string to length they believe is the same as the mom-to-be’s baby belly circumference. Whoever is the closest wins!

Baby shower bingo is another classic favorite. For this, give each guest a blank bingo board and ask them to fill in each square with a gift they belive the mom-to-be will receive. As the mom opens her gifts, have the guests mark the items they guessed correctly. Whoever gets a row filled in first wins! Continue to play during the entire gift-opening portion of the shower.

Sweet Baby Feet Baby Shower Favors

Thank your guests with a little special something! Fill a goody bag with votive candles, travel-size hand lotion, gourmet tea bags, and a little something that ties into the shower theme, such as these baby footprint bookmarks.

Baby Footprint Bookmark

Do you love this classic Sweet Baby Feet shower theme as much as we do?! Please share your ideas in the comments below!


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