An Enchanted Disney Princess 1st Birthday Party

An Enchanted Disney Princess 1st Birthday Party

Disney Princess Party Platesfeaturing the most popular Disney princesses and a bright pink border.

Disney Princesses Ariel, Belle, and Rapunzel adorn this theme’s dinner plate.

Every little girl loves her Disney princesses! Make your little sweetie feel like she’s a princess on her special day with our Disney Princesses 1st brthday party supplies featuring illustrated iconic beauties Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Tiana, and Rapunzel. This design ensemble has everything a girly gal would wish for at her princess party, including coordinating decorations and accessories that contribute to an enchanted pink princess wonderland!

Here are a few of our favorite princess party items that will make your little one feel like royalty on her big day:

  1. Disney 1st Birthday Princess High Chair Kit - Our high chair decorating kit gives parents everything they need to dress up the birthday girl’s throne! Each kit includes a paper fringe pennant banner that decorates the front of the high chair tray, and a plastic floor mat that states “princess in training” – fun and functional at the same time!

    Disney Princess 1st Birthday Castle Balloons in light pink, candy pink, and purple.

    Princess balloons in a variety of colors help make your décor 3-dimensional.

  2. Disney 1st Birthday Princess Printed Balloons- These fairytale inspired latex balloons come in an assortment of colors: candy pink, bright pink and pastel purple. As balloons are always a 1st birthday party must-have, we’re sure they’ll have the birthday girl giggling with glee! When grouped together, they create a beautiful balloon bouquet that look great when placed outside on a mailbox to greet party guests, tied to the birthday girl’s chair, or used as a centerpiece on the food or dessert table.

    This Disney first birthday party hat features your favorite princesses, plus pink ribbon around the bottom and a tuft of ribbon at the top.

    The Disney Princesses theme comes with a variety of optional headwear, including this pretty princess hat.

  3. Disney 1st Birthday Princess Cone Hat – Your birthday girl will feel just like a princess when she puts on this pretty hat decorated with bright colors, celebrated Disney princesses, and pink ribbon detail. She’ll know it’s a special day just for her when wearing the hat all throughout her 1st birthday party activities, from opening her gifts to eating her cake!
  4. Disney 1st Birthday Princess Banner Set – Proudly proclaim your little princess’s birthday with this banner set that can be hung on a mantle, in a doorway, on a bare wall, or anywhere you want to carry the princess theme in your party space.
  5. Disney 1st Birthday Princess Candles- Our molded princess birthday candles add a fun and unique touch to the birthday girls cake. The set contains four coordinating candles to go along with the Disney 1st Birthday Princess party theme.

Party Tip: On your princess party invitations, ask guests to gift your birthday princess with a fairytale book that they loved when growing up – it will add to her book library and is another fun way to stick with your theme!

If your sweet girl is older than 1, check out our girls’ birthday party decorations for ages 2-10 as well!

Throw a Tea Party for Any Occasion

You can use our Tea for Two favors during the tea party, or send them home with your guests!

Tea parties are versatile enough to be used for many different occasions, from kids’ birthday parties to bridal showers, and much more! What’s more, tea parties can take on a completely different vibe depending on the food served, the entertainment, and the location. Decorate with stuffed animals and serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into fun shapes for a perfect little girl’s birthday party. Or set up in the garden, bring out the good tea set, and serve afternoon tea sandwiches with cucumber, smoked salmon, or chicken salad for a classy shower celebrating the bride-to-be. And with all the delicious (and maybe not so nutritious) desserts you’ll likely serve, it’s important to note that tea has many health benefits! It can help with endurance during exercise, and has less caffeine than coffee. It is also loaded with antioxidants – some studies show it has more than 10 times the antioxidants of fruits and veggies!

One of our employees, Mandy, put together a list of tips for how to throw a tea party that your guests are sure to love:

1) Pick a theme. Tea parties can vary immensely from a casual sit-down to a whimsical Alice and Wonderland-themed event, or even a black tie affair. Make sure that the theme fits your venue, and that all steps of planning the party keep this vision in mind.

2) Set the date and send out the invitations. Be sure to give your guests plenty of time to clear their schedules and RSVP. Some people say these can be sent as little as two weeks in advance, while others stress that they should be sent at least a month early. The timing may depend on the type of invitees (are your friends planners who have the next few months of their lives scheduled, or are they spur-of-the-moment types?). It can also depend on the formality of the event (black tie events require more advance preparations on the part of guests, whereas open-house style events don’t need as much lead time). Ultimately, you want to send them out as early as you possibly can, within reason.

3) Choose your tea-related accessories and favors. Make sure to order well in advance. We love this garden party baby shower theme for outdoor tea party baby shower decorations! Also, you’ll want to send your guests home with favors that are appropriate for your theme, so we recommend these kitchen favors.

4) Read and review the best tea for you, or purchase a variety of tea for guests to sample. Check out these tips for selecting the best tea for you.

5) Decide what types of food you’ll serve. You can find recipes for tons of tea sandwiches, finger foods, and pastries just by searching online. If your tea party will be a heartier luncheon, serving soups, salads, and entrees, make sure to include that information on the invitations so your guests know what to expect.

6) When setting up for the event, accompany the brewed teas with cream, sugar, lemon slices, and honey.

7) Once the guests arrive, relax and enjoy!

Have you ever thrown a tea party? What was it held for?

First Birthday Smash Cakes!

smash cake birthday

Jennifer’s son Gioivanni is enjoying getting away with making a mess of his 1st birthday smash cake!

Your child’s first birthday is an important and special milestone in their life and yours. It is a celebration filled with many traditions for your child, guests and you as parents to enjoy. One tradition that has become increasingly popular and trendy is the idea of a smash cake for the birthday boy or girl. A smash cake party has two cakes, a larger version for the adult guests to enjoy and a smaller, single serve version just for the guest of honor! Many bakeries will design smash cakes for you that replicate the larger cake but you can easily make a homemade version if that works better for you. Although having the smash cake done by a professional will add to the presentation of your party, remember this cake has one purpose and that is to be grabbed, bitten and smashed to pieces by your child’s fists, fingers or face! No fork required!

Smash Cake Tips:

  • Obviously this is going to be messy business so you’ll want to be prepared. If the weather is warm enough and you can plan an outdoor party this will make your cleanup much easier. If you are going to have your party indoors, secure something under the highchair or use one of our high chair decorating kits to catch the crumbs and chunks of cake that will no doubt find their way to the floor.
  • Think carefully when picking a frosting color. Pink frosting smeared all over a little girl is adorable, and there are some colors that simply work. But avoid red frosting because it has the potential to make your smash cake moment look more like something  out of a horror movie, and chocolate frosting…well that might not look appetizing smeared all over your child’s face.
  • Also make sure the frosting is buttercream. Fondant just doesn’t smash very well. It will also help to let your cake get to room temperature so it’s soft and easy for your birthday boy or girl to demolish.
Smash Cake girl

Evelyn made sure he daughter Eva was pretty in pink on her 1st birthday!

  • Remove any candles, cookie sticks or decorative picks before serving the smash cake.
  • This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so make it the best Kodak moment you can. If possible, create a solid color backdrop behind the birthday boy or girl so they stand out among their surroundings. To capture a great shot, take the photo from the same height as the highchair (or wherever the 1-year-old eats the cake).
  • Save the smash cake for toward the end of the party so you give your child a much needed birthday bath soon after the guests leave. If that timing doesn’t work for you at least have a second outfit on hand.

Smash cakes create a fun moment for everyone to enjoy, not to mention some great photos for the family album. Let’s face it-everyone really looks forward to seeing the birthday child covered in cake. With a little planning you can be prepared for this messy and memorable rite of passage!

Did you have a smash cake for your child’s first birthday? We’d love to hear about it!


Some other photos our customers sent us of their little ones enjoying their first taste of cake!

A Sweet Treats Birthday for Your Little Cupcake!

sweet treats tablescapeSweet Treats is a popular theme featuring fun and youthful elements that will help you celebrate your little cupcake’s birthday in style! Delicious cupcakes take center stage and are topped with colorful frosting, sprinkles and cupcake toppers of gumdrops, hearts and butterflies. Softer pastel accents coordinate with vibrant, bold colors creating a wonderful color palette that can be used as inspiration for party décor. Sweet Treats birthday party supplies have everything you need for your darling daughter’s special day with a full line of tableware as well as foil balloons, loot bags, party hats, stickers, and more!

Sweet Treats Party Planning Tips:

  • Hang colored streamers from the ceiling of the party area and accent them with solid color paper lanterns that complement the Sweet Treats themed decorations.
  • Create a gorgeous centerpiece with a cupcake tower showcasing cupcakes frosted in a variety of colors and topped with sprinkles, candy or a Sweet Treats cupcake toppers.
  • For a playful use of the polka dots in this theme, use rolls of colored candy dots as napkin holders/rings.
  • Take several different size boxes and wrap them up like presents in solid color wrapping paper. Choose a bold, bright color from the theme like green or pink and embellish them with satin ribbon. These will make great staging pieces for food, drinks and snacks and with keep the presentation interesting.Napkins - Sweet Treats Birthday
  • Use solid color party bags filled with white or colored tissue paper to weigh down balloon bouquets. (don’t forget to put something heavy in the bottom of the bags)
  • To really make the bright colors in the Sweet Treats theme “pop,” choose solid color party supplies in softer pastels like blue, pink or even yellow.
  • Take several different size clear glass jars and fill with colorful candy. With the great variety of color in this theme it really opens it up to your creativity. Gumdrops, lollipops, jelly beans, Starburst, licorice, gumballs, rock candy, and taffy are all great choices for a candy buffet.
  • If the kids are a little bit older, you can setup a cupcake decorating station as a fun activity for them to enjoy.
  • You can even tie the Sweet Treats theme together with the party favors you choose for the guests. Think girlie! Choose items like pink cupcake notepads and pens or pencils, cupcake lip gloss, stickers and don’t forget the candy!

Tell us what you think of the Sweet Treats Birthday theme! Would you use it for your daughter’s birthday bash?


Go Wild At Your Party with Zebra Decor

Zebra black and white tablewareIf you’re looking for a great selection of zebra animal print inspired party decorations, we’ve got you covered! Enjoy the fun black and white design of zebra print party supplies, including some zebra party themes with a pop of color, like our brand new hot pink zebra party supplies. These themes are ideal for any age and a variety of occasions making them a great choice for baby showers, Sweet Sixteen celebrations, adult milestone birthdays and more!

Zebra Animal Print Decorations and Tableware:

Trendy, fashionable and easy to accessorize, this theme features all of the tableware you need to make your zebra event a success. The classic black and white zebra stripes cover the cups, plates, napkins, invitations and more! This theme also features fun decorating accents including a zebra paper lantern, favor box, novelty tissue and streamers. Supplement the zebra stripes with solid black or white party supplies or choose your favorite accent color to add the perfect finishing touches.

Zebra Party Hot Pink Decorations & Tableware:

Featuring a bold and vibrant pink, this design really makes the zebra stripes “pop’! This theme also has a complete collection of tableware including plates, napkins, cups, and more! The Zebra Party theme will really allow you to wow your guests with all of the unique accessories and decorations that make this a great addition to our Zebra Print Party Supplies family. Imprintable invitations, three customizable banner options, and a customizable balloon bouquet make the Zebra Party stand out in a crowd. Pair this theme with solid color party supplies in black, white or bright pink.

Zebra Themes for Any Occasion:

In addition to the themes featured above, check out our sweet 16 zebra print decorations, our two women’s birthday party themes – Oh So Fabulous and Another Year of Fabulous – and our four baby shower patterns featuring zebra and other animal prints – Wild Safari Pink, Wild Safari Blue, Sweet Safari Pink, and Sweet Safari Blue.

sweet sixteen zerbra

Tips on Throwing A Zebra Themed Party:

  • Make zebra hoof tracks that lead from the street to the party area.
  • Cover party tables with your solid accent color and then use zebra print tableware.
  • Fill a zebra print vase with bright pink roses and tie a hot pink ribbon around the center of the vase.
  • Tie a pink ribbon around the neck of a zebra pinata for a cute and easy centerpiece.
  • Wrap small white or pink lights around the party table.
  • Serve strawberry lemonade, strawberry milk or strawberry smoothies.
  • Provide snacks like Good & Plenty candy (pink and white), oreos, strawberries and pretzels dipped in white and milk chocolate, black licorice, black and white jelly beans and more!
  • Make marble cupcakes by layering chocolate and vanilla cake batter in zebra cupcake liners.

The fun doesn’t stop here! Visit our zebra print party supplies page to view our complete collection of zebra themes including Sweet Sixteen and Baby Shower designs.

Have you thrown or are you planning a zebra themed party? We’d love to hear your tips and great ideas!

The Importance of Celebrating a Birthday

Zodiac - WesternHave you ever wondered why we celebrate birthdays? A birthday commemorates the day of the year when you were born and in most cultures around the world it is celebrated with birthday cakes, parties, and feasts with friends and family. It is a happy occasion to celebrate the joy of life itself and to reflect on personal goals and accomplishments. The social custom of birthday celebrations is something that we partake in without a second thought. Interestingly, this little piece of conventional wisdom is actually an astrological event. In fact, from an astrological point of view it is unwise to not take this day seriously. Every year on your birthday (sometimes a day earlier or later) the Sun is in the same position it was in the day you were born. This is significant because it represents your astrological New Year, and the position of the planets are said to play a key role in your life events of the coming year. Over the course of the year, the Sun’s path across the celestial sphere passes through twelve divisions of celestial longitude that we call the Zodiac. However, other cultures have a different interpretation of the cosmos. Let’s take a look at the Eastern vs. Western approach to the astrological birthday calendar.

Chinese vs. Western Astrology:

Period of Time: Western astrology is broken down on a month-by-month scale. It is believed that people within the same month, or zodiac sign, will have the same traits. Chinese astrology on the other hand depicts signs by years and indicates that people born in the same year will share the same traits.

Calendars of the Moon and Sun: Chinese astrology bases beliefs arranged by the phases of the moon, or a lunar calendar. Each month begins with a new moon and lasts for an approximate time.  However, the western calendar is derived from the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and therefore each month begins on a a set date and can last between 28 to 31 days.

Zodiac Signs: Western astrology ascribes to a season-based zodiac that is represented by constellations. On the contrary, Chinese astrology signs were derived from myth. The story goes Zodiac - Chinesethat during the creation of the calendar, God had all of his creatures run a race. The first twelve species to finish the race became the signs of the Chinese zodiac.

Phases vs. Modes of the Moon: The phase of the Moon at the time of birth is what Chinese astrology believes impacts a person’s demeanor. New moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon are the four lunar phases. New Moon types are adventure seekers, Waxing Moon types are hard-working, Full Moon people appreciate protocol and are very diplomatic while Waning Moon personalities value a peaceful environment. Three modes, Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable make up western astrology. Each mode is linked to four signs and is said to determine an individual’s temperament. Cardinal signs are born leaders, Fixed types are hard-working, and Mutable signs value deep interpersonal connections.

The Elements: Five elements make up the world for Chinese astrology: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. In their lunar calendar, each element has a 2-year period to influence life events based on their key characteristics. Fire means excitement, Earth creates a secure foundation, Metal creates order, Water forms emotional bonds and Wood inspires exploration. Only four elements are identified in western astrology: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Each element in this case is associated with threes signs and influences the psychological characteristics of individuals. Those associated with Fire are impulsive, Earth signs are practical, Air signs value intellect and Water signs are ruled by their emotions.

From China to North America, birthdays are celebrated everyday and everywhere. Birthdays symbolize milestones that are important celebrations in everyone’s life. The traditions, beliefs, and festivities may be different but the events and reasons to celebrate them are the same. We only have a limited number of birthdays so it is important to celebrate each one to the fullest!

What is something you hope to accomplish before your next birthday?

Capture the Magic of Birthday Moments

Your child’s birthday celebration is a special moment you undoubtedly want to preserve for years to come. There is something to be said about capturing those occasions in a photograph and being able to gaze at an image and having it evoke memories and emotions in you, feelings that may fade over time. With a picture, you will never forget something that you want to remember, and you will always be able to remind yourself of that memory. These moments only happen once, so capture the magic of your child’s birthday by taking the best photographs possible.

Birthday Girl and Cake

Evelyn captured this sweet moment of her daughter Eva enjoying her birthday cake!

Tips on Taking Great Birthday Photos:

  • Keep it close – Stand close enough to the birthday child so they fill the frame of your camera. This will help to eliminate many visual distractions created by party guests and will truly capture the joy on their face.
  • Adopt a child’s perspective – It is important to get low when taking photos of children and to not take them from a standing position looking down. Take photos from the eye level of your subject.
  • Add variety – Take shots from a variety of focal lengths and angles to create interesting photographs. These small adjustments will ensure you have a more playful and dynamic group of party photos.
  • Capture the little things – Take photos of the cake, party decorations, table decor, etc. Again, be sure to fill the frame with them on some shots and they will look great in the birthday album dispersed among images of people. Also, you might find this easier to do before the chaos of the party begins.
  • Shoot candidly to capture moments of children interacting and laughing.
  • During the gift opening have the birthday boy or girl take a picture with each of their friends and the gift they received. This is a great way to keep track of who gave what gifts for the thank you cards, so nobody has to be in charge of keeping a list. Also, send out the thank you notes with the photo of your child and his/her friend included as a memento of a wonderful birthday celebration!
  • Most importantly, keep your camera handy at all times and snap away freely! You want to be able to capture special moments with seconds notice. Also, you can’t have too many photos of the event, but it’s easy to end up with too few!
Birthday Cake and Table Decor

Jaclyn made sure to get pictures of the cake she had made for her son Max's first birthday before the guests arrived.

We’d love to see your favorite birthday photos or hear about your favorite birthday moments!

Discover an Even Sweeter Way to Celebrate!

Cupcake Blowout Birthday Supplies

Cupcake Blowout Invitation

Classic and contemporary at the same time, our new Cupcake Blowout Birthday decorations offer a fun versatility for any birthday party. Whether you’re 1 or 101, this theme has something sweet to bring to your celebration! The bold white and red dots and black accents in addition to a delightful candle-topped cupcake image are present throughout the entire selection of party supplies. This theme truly has everything you need to host a fabulous birthday party! Here are a couple of different ways to use this theme:

Ideas for a Children’s Cupcake Blowout Birthday 
The yummy cupcake graphic makes this theme perfect for a child’s birthday celebration. Featuring polka dots of various sizes in classic colors of red, white and black it can be paired with solid color party supplies or even mix and matched with another themed favorite.

  • Mix and Match this theme with our Red Wagon Birthday Decorations for a fun combination of colors, textures and patterns. The color scheme and polka dot designs work really well together!
  • Supplement the Cupcake Blowout banners and foil balloons by including red, black and white solid color balloons and streamers.
  • Create a candy station featuring red and black licorice, Mike & Ike Red Rageous candy mix, red and black M&M’s (you can have them personalized and made in custom colors), red and white jelly beans, red lollipops and more!
  • Have a cupcake decorating station as an activity so each child gets to create their very own delicious dessert.
  • Pinatas are always a “hit” so find the perfect cupcake-shaped pinata and fill it with red, black and white candy
  • Forget Pin the Tail on the Donkey, have the kids play Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake instead!

    9" Round Cupcake Blowout Dinner Plate

    Cupcake Blowout 9" Dots Round Dinner Plate

Tips for a Cupcake Blowout Sweet Sixteen or Adult Milestone Birthday

  •  Tie red, white and black ribbon around the chairs and attach coordinating balloons
  • Create elegant centerpieces by filling black vases with red carnations and white dahlias
  • Serve food on red, black and white serving trays
  • Coordinate the menu to go with the color scheme. Pepperoni pizza with black olives, red punch or black cherry colas, chocolate mouse or vanilla pudding cups paired with fresh cherries or apples are all great choices.
  • Offer chocolate, coconut and red velvet cupcakes with optional toppings of marshmallows, chocolate chips and strawberries.
  • For an added element of fun ask that your guests arrive dressed in red, black or white. Have male and female accessories bins and when each guest arrives, blindfold them and have them choose something to accentuate their outfit. Examples might be white caps, red sunglasses or black beaded necklaces
  • Don’t forget the music! Play music that matches this red, white and black theme.  Black Eyed Peas, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc. You could also play songs with “red”, “black”, or “white” in the title.

Join the Club! Creative Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

We just got a bunch of new Mickey Mouse Fun & Friends products in stock for kids’ birthday parties!

An icon for generations, Mickey Mouse is still the leader of the club that’s made for you and me! These creative Mickey Mouse party ideas include not only the party know-how but also the DIY (do it yourself) decorating, game and activity, cupcake and other refreshment ideas you need to create your own Mickey Mouse birthday blowout!

Surprise your child by inviting Mickey Mouse to be a Special Guest at his/her birthday party!

Mickey's Clubhouse Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations

Mickey's Clubhouse 1st Birthday Party Decorations


Mickey Mouse Inspired Mickey’s Clubhouse Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

  • Use solid color M&Ms, gumballs or other candies to create eye-popping garnishments or treat favors inspired by Mickey Mouse and the Mickey’s Clubhouse 1st birthday party decorations in bright, bold red, blue and yellow.
  • Solid color party supplies in Mickey’s Clubhouse 1st birthday inspired primary colors (red, blue and yellow) can be used to stretch your decorating budget. You can use streamers and table coverings to create your own outdoor clubhouse area for a spring or summer Mickey’s Clubhouse 1st birthday party and create large balloon bouquets and arches to use indoors or out.

Mickey Mouse Games and Activities for a Mickey’s Clubhouse 1st Birthday Party

  • Decorate red bean bags with simple white buttons (reminiscent of Mickey Mouse’s pants with the white buttons) for a bean bag toss.
  • Play Mickey Mouse Club or other children’s music for a game of Mickey Mouse musical chairs
  • All of your guests will feel like part of Mickey’s Clubhouse when you let them break open the Mickey Mouse piñata. We suggest that you fill the piñata with your child’s favorite red, blue and yellow solid color wrapped candies, plastic toys and crazy straws.
  • Entertain your one year old by playing Mickey Mouse videos to keep them entertained during the party
  • Courtesy of the wonderful folks at Disney, you can even print your own Mickey Mouse coloring pages like this one featuring Mickey Mouse himself. Fill Mickey’s Clubhouse 1st Birthday Party cups with crayons that your young guests can use to color the sheet at the party or to take home as a party favor.
  • Or go big! Set up easel stations using easel pads found at your local office supply store. Let your young guests create their own masterpieces using red, blue and yellow washable watercolors. Or fill Mickey keepsake cups with washable markers which guests can use at their art station and then take home as a Mickey’s Clubhouse 1st birthday party favor.

Cupcakes, Cake Pops and Refreshment Ideas for a Mickey’s Clubhouse 1st Birthday Party

  • Fill cupcake holders with your child’s favorite flavor of cake batter and bake as directed. To make easy, DIY Mickey Mouse cupcakes, frost with chocolate frosting and top with chocolate sprinkles, crushed chocolate cookie wafers or Oreos. Stick chocolate cookie wafers, Oreo cookies or chocolate covered mint patties on top to create instant Mickey Mouse ears and set them all atop the Mickey’s Clubhouse tiered cupcake display stand.
  • Cake pops and marshmallow pops are seen at all of the most fun parties these days! Decorate cake pops using the instructions above or dip marshmallows into milk chocolate and then add Mickey Mouse ears as noted above. Stick them atop regular cake pop sticks or make them even more fun and appropriate for your party by sticking them on red, blue and yellow crazy straws, instead!

Happy Birthday Oreo Cookie!

Going by the slogan of “milk’s favorite cookie,” Oreo cookies are an American classic. They’ve had plenty of time to secure that spot for themselves; Oreo cookies are officially 100 years old today!

Oreo was founded on this day 100 years ago in Chelsea, New York and have been a staple cookie for Americans ever since. While there have been some changes in the design and a few variations in flavors, the original Oreo is, for the most part, very much the same Oreo cookie that was introduced in 1912.

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

In honor of Oreos’ 100th birthday, we thought we’d share some fun ideas of different things you can do with Oreos for your next birthday party:

  1. Mickey Mouse cupcakes! These are a super easy and super adorable way to decorate your frosted cupcakes for a kids’ birthday party, especially if you’re having a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party.  Or you can add a pink frosting bow to the top of the large Oreo and this treat matches perfectly with a Minnie Mouse kids’ birthday party theme! You can jazz them up a bit by using red or pink frosting also.
  2. Using the same basic idea as the Mickey Mouse cupcakes, you can play with the placement of the ears a little bit to create monkey cupcakes for a monkey birthday party.
  3. If the party is Oreo themed, go all out and make an Oreo shaped cookie cake.
  4. Make Oreo pops. These are so easy to make, and make a serious impression! Just twist apart the Oreos, melt some white chocolate and dip one end of a lollipop stick in it, place that end of the stick between the two halves of the Oreo, and press the Oreo cookie closed. In a few minutes the white chocolate will harden and you’ll have an Oreo pop that’s ready for decorating! Once all of the Oreo pops are assembled, dip each one into the melted white chocolate and then place flat on some wax paper. Now’s the fun part: use your favorite edible confetti, sprinkles, or even dragees if you like. You can also try drizzling some melted milk or dark chocolate in fun patterns.

However you decide to use Oreos at your next event, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser, as it has for 100 years now! Let us know, what’s your favorite way to eat an Oreo?

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