How to Make a DIY First Birthday Bib

How to Make a DIY First Birthday Bib

Is your baby turning one year old soon? Or, perhaps you’re getting ready to attend a first birthday party for a friend or family member. Nothing is more thoughtful or meaningful than a handmade gift, and a handmade bib is one of the most practical handmade gifts you can give.

Read on for simple instructions that will show you how to make a DIY bib. Once you get the bib made, you can embellish it with rickrack, ribbons, and appliqués. Some parents may even want the bib to match their party theme and decorations.

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Bear’s First Birthday Party Ideas

teddy bear first birthday party decorations

Is your little cub turning one this year? Celebrate this milestone birthday in a beary special way — a teddy bear first birthday party! With help from teddy bear boy party supplies and teddy bear girl party supplies, as well as the tips below, you’ll be ready to pawty!


  • Your guests will know they’re about to have a beary good time when they receive a sweet Bear’s First Birthday invitation in the mail. Blue for boys and pink for girls, these invitations feature an adorable bear hugging a 1 so your guests know that this is your baby’s first birthday.
  • On the invitations, ask each guest to bring his or her favorite teddy bear!

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Kids Party Planning for Tech Savvy Moms (Infographic)

600px Wide Infographic Code:

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Four Fun Ideas for a Champion 1st Birthday Bash with Pixar’s Cars Party Supplies

Pixar Cars 1st birthday party decorations feature Lightning McQueen and friends in bright, bold colors.

Cars 1st Birthday Party Plates Featuring Lightning McQueen

Hosting a Cars themed first birthday party is an exciting way to celebrate your little racer’s first milestone birthday! Our popular Disney Pixar Cars Coordinating Party Decorations were designed using bright primary colors, checkered flags and the hugely popular Cars animated characters Lightning McQueen, his friendly side-kick, Tow Mater and their fire-truck hero, Red, who playfully and proudly decorate all of the products. From the invitations and balloons, to the tableware, party favors and decor, this Cars-themed party collection will have guests wanting to race to the party! Below are four fun ways to continue the Cars theme when playing host at your little champion’s 1st birthday bash:

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An Enchanted Disney Princess 1st Birthday Party

Disney Princess Party Platesfeaturing the most popular Disney princesses and a bright pink border.

Disney Princesses Ariel, Belle, and Rapunzel adorn this theme’s dinner plate.

Every little girl loves her Disney princesses! Make your little sweetie feel like she’s a princess on her special day with our Disney Princesses 1st brthday party supplies featuring illustrated iconic beauties Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Tiana, and Rapunzel. This design ensemble has everything a girly gal would wish for at her princess party, including coordinating decorations and accessories that contribute to an enchanted pink princess wonderland!

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Throw a Tea Party for Any Occasion

You can use our Tea for Two favors during the tea party, or send them home with your guests!

Tea parties are versatile enough to be used for many different occasions, from kids’ birthday parties to bridal showers, and much more! What’s more, tea parties can take on a completely different vibe depending on the food served, the entertainment, and the location. Decorate with stuffed animals and serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into fun shapes for a perfect little girl’s birthday party. Or set up in the garden, bring out the good tea set, and serve afternoon tea sandwiches with cucumber, smoked salmon, or chicken salad for a classy shower celebrating the bride-to-be. And with all the delicious (and maybe not so nutritious) desserts you’ll likely serve, it’s important to note that tea has many health benefits! It can help with endurance during exercise, and has less caffeine than coffee. It is also loaded with antioxidants – some studies show it has more than 10 times the antioxidants of fruits and veggies!

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First Birthday Smash Cakes!

smash cake birthday

Jennifer’s son Gioivanni is enjoying getting away with making a mess of his 1st birthday smash cake!

Your child’s first birthday is an important and special milestone in their life and yours. It is a celebration filled with many traditions for your child, guests and you as parents to enjoy. One tradition that has become increasingly popular and trendy is the idea of a smash cake for the birthday boy or girl. A smash cake party has two cakes, a larger version for the adult guests to enjoy and a smaller, single serve version just for the guest of honor! Many bakeries will design smash cakes for you that replicate the larger cake but you can easily make a homemade version if that works better for you. Although having the smash cake done by a professional will add to the presentation of your party, remember this cake has one purpose and that is to be grabbed, bitten and smashed to pieces by your child’s fists, fingers or face! No fork required!

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A Sweet Treats Birthday for Your Little Cupcake!

sweet treats tablescapeSweet Treats is a popular theme featuring fun and youthful elements that will help you celebrate your little cupcake’s birthday in style! Delicious cupcakes take center stage and are topped with colorful frosting, sprinkles and cupcake toppers of gumdrops, hearts and butterflies. Softer pastel accents coordinate with vibrant, bold colors creating a wonderful color palette that can be used as inspiration for party décor. Sweet Treats birthday party supplies have everything you need for your darling daughter’s special day with a full line of tableware as well as foil balloons, loot bags, party hats, stickers, and more!

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Go Wild At Your Party with Zebra Decor

Zebra black and white tablewareIf you’re looking for a great selection of zebra animal print inspired party decorations, we’ve got you covered! Enjoy the fun black and white design of zebra print party supplies, including some zebra party themes with a pop of color, like our brand new hot pink zebra party supplies. These themes are ideal for any age and a variety of occasions making them a great choice for baby showers, Sweet Sixteen celebrations, adult milestone birthdays and more!

Zebra Animal Print Decorations and Tableware:

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The Importance of Celebrating a Birthday

Zodiac - WesternHave you ever wondered why we celebrate birthdays? A birthday commemorates the day of the year when you were born and in most cultures around the world it is celebrated with birthday cakes, parties, and feasts with friends and family. It is a happy occasion to celebrate the joy of life itself and to reflect on personal goals and accomplishments. The social custom of birthday celebrations is something that we partake in without a second thought. Interestingly, this little piece of conventional wisdom is actually an astrological event. In fact, from an astrological point of view it is unwise to not take this day seriously. Every year on your birthday (sometimes a day earlier or later) the Sun is in the same position it was in the day you were born. This is significant because it represents your astrological New Year, and the position of the planets are said to play a key role in your life events of the coming year. Over the course of the year, the Sun’s path across the celestial sphere passes through twelve divisions of celestial longitude that we call the Zodiac. However, other cultures have a different interpretation of the cosmos. Let’s take a look at the Eastern vs. Western approach to the astrological birthday calendar.

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