How to Throw a Medieval Costume Party

Valiant Knight party supplies feature a medieval knight in armor with a noble horse and carrying a lance.

Kids to adults are fascinated by the lore of castles, knights, kings, and queens, which makes a Valiant Knight costume party a favorite for boys and girls of all ages. No matter if you’re throwing a birthday party, or just a themed get-together, read our ideas on how to throw a perfect medieval costume party. Then, check out our selection of Valiant Knight party supplies and start working out your party details!


  • Transform your house into a medieval castle. Start with the exterior by lining your driveway and sidewalk with coat of arms flags. Dress up your front door by transforming it into a drawbridge. Use a large piece of cardboard that’s painted to look like wood. Lay it in front of your door for your guests to walk on. String rope or chains from the cardboard to the door frame for an authentic touch.
  • Inside, make the walk from the entryway to the party room look like a castle passageway by covering the walls and ceiling with flagstone gossamer. For lighting, add electric candle wall sconces for a dramatic, yet realistic, touch.
  • Turn the party room into a regal throne room. Cover the walls with flagstone gossamer to mimic a real castle’s walls. Drape red velvet from the ceiling for a luxe addition. Hang coat of arms flags on the flagstone gossamer.
  • Decorate the tables with jewel tone tablecloths, stacks of old books, and metal trinkets found at your local secondhand store. If age appropriate,  fill the room with candlesticks bearing tall, white taper candles. Your guests will be in awe!


  • Try to be as authentic as you can with the food you serve. For appetizers, serve skewers of meat and cheese and platters of raw vegetables and fruit.
  • For the main course, think meat and potatoes. You could serve roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and roasted vegetables. For a modern twist, make a mashed potatoes bar where guests can doctor up their potatoes to taste. If the party guests are mostly children, you might consider chicken fingers to appease picky eaters.


  • Some DIY entertainment ideas include a slay-the-dragon pinata, a crown decoration craft, and a sugar cube castle building activity. These ideas are perfect for children.
  • Another kid-friendly idea is to rent a castle jump house and an inflatable joust game from a local party rental company. Kids and adults alike will have fun with this.
  • You could also consider reaching out to local jugglers to see if any of them would come to your party in costume as a jester. Or, another option is to reach out to local reenactment groups to see if they have any medieval enthusiasts. If so, one of their members might be willing to come in for a storytelling session.

Let us know your medieval Valiant Knight Party ideas and stories in the comments below!

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