Fun Things To Do With Pool Noodles!

Have some fun with this pool noodle target station!

With the sun shining and the kids full of energy, it’s time to find some exciting outdoor activities to enjoy. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be expensive or even require a lot of time to prepare. Take advantage of some wonderful DIY options and repurpose items you already have. We’ve all had tons of fun with pool noodles in the water but they can help you transform your backyard into a little water park, provide light sabers for an epic battle, or play host to a variety of games. These ideas would also be great activities for an outdoor kids birthday party!

Make a Target Station
Convert pool noodles into rings by cutting a toilet paper roll lengthwise, rolling it up and inserting into the end of a hollow pool noodle. Attach the other end of the noodle with tape and you’re done! Repeat this several times until you have 6 rings total in various colors. Attach the rings to each other and then to two side posts (also pool noodles) and let the fun begin! You can assign a different point values to the different colored rings and stake the side posts in the ground. Ready, aim and fire pool noodle javelins, footballs, soccer balls and more to rack up the most points!

If you lay the target station on the ground it can also be used for a beanbag toss, part of an agility course or a game of hopscotch.  If you use the rings on their own you can coordinate a game of human ring toss!

Setup a Hoops Course
First you’ll need to make wickets out of your pool noodles by cutting quarter inch dowels into pieces that measure 10-12 inches. Place the dowels in the ground approximately two and a half feet apart and slide the hollow noodle onto them. Setup a series of wickets around your yard or party area for soccer croquet, relay races and more!

Start your engines and get ready to race on this pool noodle speedway!

Pool Noodle Race Track
You can create your very own speedway but cutting a pool noodle in half to make two lanes.  You can decorate it with little flags along the raceway and a start and finish line. You’ll have to prop the race track up on something like a chair or table and keep in mind the higher you prop it up the faster your cars will go. If you don’t have cars you can use marbles, or balls. For a complete set of instructions on how to get this activity started click here.

For complete instructions on the target station, hoops course and many more DIY ideas for pool noodle activities visit

Do you have any other great ideas on using pool noodles for a little backyard fun? Share them with us in the comments section.

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