Boutique 1st Birthday Party Ideas with Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Birthday Decorations

If you have a sweet little girl who will soon celebrate her 1st birthday, we think that these sweet Minnie Mouse Minnie’s Bow-tique birthday decorations and supplies would be the perfect choice. With its vibrant hot pink and lime color palette and sweet bow bedecked decorations, Minnie’s Bow-tique birthday decorations will please your little girl by bringing Minnie Mouse right to her 1st birthday party.

Minnie Mouse Minnie's Bow-tique 1st birthday party birthday decorations

Minnie Mouse Will Delight Your Little One at Her 1st Birthday Party!

Boutique 1st Birthday Party Ideas Using Minnie’s Bow-tique Birthday Decorations

1. Create Boutique Focal Points with Minnie’s Bow-tique Birthday Decorations

  • Cover your most important tables (such as your refreshment table, buffet or cake/cupcake station with Minnie’s Bow-tique Party Tablecovers and cover other tables with solid color table covers.
  • Scatter Minnie’s Bow-tique Birthday Confetti down the center of your buffet table, across cake or cupcake display areas, or atop solid color table coverings in coordinating colors such as Bermuda blue, celery, candy pink, periwinkle or black for instant fun.
  • To create eye-catching focal points, place hanging decorations like Minnie’s Bow-tique Character Danglers directly over Minnie’s Bow-tique Tabletop Centerpiece or Minnie’s Bow-tique Tiered Cupcake Holder.
  • Mix and match solid color party supplies in candy pink, hot pink, periwinkle, celery green, Bermuda blue, black and white alongside Minnie’s Bow-tique 1st birthday party decorations to create pops of color to catch the eye and create instant interest and attraction. A few solid colored napkins, tablecovers, etc. can really help make the themed decorations stand out.
  • Mix and match solid color balloons in coordinating colors alongside the Minnie Mouse Happy Birthday Foil Balloon or Minnie Mouse Super Shape 27” Foil Balloon. Use several solid color balloons in one solid color to for a color pop, or mix and match with several colors for a bold, colorful balloon bouquet.
  • Create guest refreshment bundles using Minnie’s Bow-tique plates and napkins along with solid color cutlery, or place bundled napkins and solid color pink, blue, green, periwinkle or blue forks, knives and spoons tied with coordinating color curling ribbons into a basket at the end of your buffet table for easy access.

2. Boutique DIY (Do It Yourself) Ideas for Your Minnie’s Bow-tique 1st birthday party

  • Purchase soft Minnie Mouse Ears with Polka Dot Bows, Mickey’s Clubhouse Plastic Ears or Mickey’s Clubhouse Paper Ears on Foil Headband for guests to wear in lieu of party hats.
  • As guests arrive, welcome them by applying a custom Minnie’s Bow-tique Temporary Tattoo as a hand stamp, having them wear a Mickey’s Clubhouse wristband, or handing them a party blowout.
  • Create favors for your guests by filling Minnie Mouse Favor Bags, or by filling cups with washable crayons or markers and Minnie Mouse coloring posters or puzzles, stickers, wristbands, blowouts, balloons and temporary tattoos.

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