4 Sweet Ways to Celebrate Sweet 16 Birthday Parties

Apart from your child’s 1st birthday, perhaps none is so momentous as their sweet 16th birthday. If you’re planning a birthday party for your soon-to-be 16 year old, it’s likely that you are looking for really special sweet sixteen decorations with party supplies to match. If so, look no further, because we have a great selection to choose from.

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Themes

Celebrate your Sweet Sixteenth with a fun party theme.

Here are 4 sweet ways to celebrate your son or daughter’s birthday with our Sweet Sixteen decorations and themes:

1. Girls Only: An all-girls’ sweet 16 birthday party

If you daughter is turning 16, an all-girls party might be perfect. Holding an all-girls party gives you the opportunity go all out when it comes to sweet sixteen decorations, invitations, tableware and other birthday party supplies that are all girl. And since you’re hosting just the girls, you can do totally girly things, too. Treat your daughter’s guests to pampering and makeovers, salon-style. Invite a beauty pro to your home to demo hair styling and makeup techniques for the girls or challenge them to recreate celebrity hair and makeup styles on one another.

Since this is a milestone birthday that your daughter will always remember, create keepsakes at the party itself, using items such as a stylish autograph pillowcase or the Sweet Sixteen autograph book pictured above, and remember to take lots of pictures!


2. Just the Boys: An all-boys’ 16th birthday party

For your son’s 16th birthday party, you’ll want party decorations and supplies that feel a little more masculine. Your tableware will need to stand up to teenage boys appetites which means return trips and fully-loaded plates. Your all-boys party might include a trip out for laser tag or paintball or you might want to stay in for a video game tournament where they can play their favorites or the latest and greatest.


3. Mix and Mingle: A co-ed sweet 16 birthday party

When it comes to decorations for your co-ed Sweet Sixteen birthday party, you can still go pretty in pink for your daughter or more masculine for your son; chances are your guests won’t mind at all. If you want to try something a little more gender-neutral anyway, check out our Cake Celebration Sweet 16 theme and 16th Birthday Stripes theme, both of which come in fun, bright colors, but aren’t too girly or too masculine. Your child’s Sweet Sixteen party may even be the first co-ed party that your child has been to, which is all the more reason to make it special. You might hold a co-ed 16th birthday party at a community center where guests can dance, mix, and mingle. Or bring the music right to your home for a Sweet 16 Karaoke party.


4. Keep it Simple: A family-oriented sweet 16 birthday party

For your child’s Sweet 16 party, you might want to celebrate with family or extended family rather than (or in addition to) a birthday party that includes your child’s friends. If so, you can still keep the party and its activities centered around your child’s interests. If they love playing games, a game night or tournament might be perfect. If they love playing video games, get the whole family involved with interactive music and dancing games. Do they love music? A family karaoke night is going to provide you with hours of fun – and probably a whole lot of laughter, too.  When you’re choosing sweet sixteen decorations for a family party, you have all the flexibility in the world, so feel free to choose something totally girly or totally not!

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