Throwing a Gender-Reveal Baby Shower

Whoo Loves You? Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme

A few weeks ago, we posted a blog about our summer sale on baby shower and 1st birthday supplies. One of the themes on sale is the Parenthood baby shower theme, and we talked a little bit about how it could be used in a gender-reveal party. Well, we thought we’d give a few more detailed ideas for throwing a gender-reveal party.


Gender reveal parties can run the gamut; from calm, quit baby showers with a simple “reveal” towards the end, or a riveting event building tension for the reveal, with a good, healthy dose of competition. As far as we’re concerned, the more fun you have with the reveal, the better the shower will turn out. Here are a few tips to inspire that healthy rivalry and help to ensure a fun-filled gender-reveal shower!


Step One: Pick a good theme! The best themes for this type of party are themes that have equal parts girly elements and equal parts boyish elements. It’s especially good if it includes blue and pink or other boy/girl colors in equal measure, so that you can really play up the two opposing sides with solid colored balloons, streamers, and other accessories. Some of our best themes for a gender reveal, with matching solid colored products to mix and match are included below:

Pink and Blue Solid Colored Supplies

Step Two: Send out the invitations, and set up the teams! On the invitations, request that your guests make their best guess as to the baby’s gender, and come to the baby shower wearing a color to represent their guess. When guests arrive, they will already have divided themselves into two teams: Team Pink and Team Blue! This is a great way to set up the competition right from the beginning! If you think your guests won’t be too excited about the idea of dressing in pink and blue, you can forgo that request and simply have each guest choose between an It’s a Girl! or It’s a Boy! ribbon to wear when they show up to the shower.

Pink and Blue Sweets Table

Step Three: Get your sonogram to the bakery! The parents can find out the baby’s gender themselves and simply surprise their guests with the reveal, or they can request that the ultrasound tech write the gender on a note card, seal it in an envelope, and have the baby shower host/hostess deliver the sealed envelope to the baker. The baker can then dye a white cake in the center with either pink or blue food coloring, and decorate the outside to match the gender-neutral theme of the party. If you want a chocolate cake, don’t worry; the baker can color the inside frosting layer pink or blue instead of the whole cake! This is absolutely vital to a gender reveal party, because the color of the cake or frosting is key to revealing the baby’s true gender (and also to determining the “winning” team!).
Step Four: Set up a sweets table with yummy treats! Some people mix blue and pink cookies, candies, and other desserts up on the table, so they’re all entwined, whereas others create a pink half and a blue half. Either way will work, as long as each color is represented equally, and as long as the centerpiece is the reveal cake! We tend to think that having the two sides separated adds to the friendly rivalry between Team Pink and Team Blue!

Fisher Price Baby Shower Game Kit

Step Five: Play games! Using the two teams throughout the baby shower “ups the stakes” for the reveal, and guarantees even more drama and excitement than a simple announcement. One way to get this rivalry going is to pit the two teams against each other in a series of games and activities. A lot of our themes have bingo games, and many of the themes come in blue and pink, so it’s easy to set up a bingo game using both the pink and blue versions of the game. We also have a bunch of matching activity books that include games which can be played in teams.
Step Six: Cut the cake! As soon as the mom-to-be (or parents-to-be) cut the cake, the whole party knows the gender of the baby! If the parents have chosen not to find out the sex until the reveal, this could be a wonderful moment of surprise and delight for the parents, and can get pretty emotional. While the whole baby shower up until this point has been about the two teams being rivals, finding out the baby’s gender typically unites the entire party in excitement and joy, proving that everyone really can get along, despite a difference of opinions!
If you’re throwing a gender-reveal baby shower, make sure to let us know which of these tips you enjoyed, what you did differently, and how the whole thing went!


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