Celebrate 1st Birthdays with Miss Ladybug or Mr. Turtle

Is your baby turning one? Our new and adorable 1st birthday ladybug and turtle party supplies will help you celebrate this milestone birthday in a cheerful way.

Read on for party ideas to accompany each theme:

1st Birthday Ladybug

1st Birthday Ladybug Party Supplies

Our 1st Birthday Ladybug Party Supplies are pretty in pink and purple for the birthday princess! A smiling pink and purple ladybug is featured on the party supplies with splashes of gingham, stripes, and polka dots in the background. Here are some party ideas to match this girls first birthday party ensemble:

  • Dress the birthday girl up in a pink tutu and a ladybug antenna headband.
  • Bake or order a pink ladybug smash cake for the birthday girl to dig into. Don’t forget to take photos!
  • Create ladybug decorations by adding construction paper polka dots and a construction paper ladybug face to a pink paper lantern.
  • Pink gerbera daisies in mason jars adorned with purple ribbons make lovely centerpieces for the party.
  • Add polka dot stickers to helium-inflated pink and purple balloons and clump together around the party space.

1st Birthday Turtle

1st Birthday Turtle Party Supplies

Celebrating a little boy’s first year? Our 1st Birthday Turtle Party Supplies are fit for a birthday boy! A happy turtle with blue and white stripes is featured on the party supplies with gingham, stripe, and polka dot accents. Now for some party ideas to accompany this boys first birthday party theme:

  • Create turtle decorations by adding blue construction paper polka dots and a construction paper face to lime green tissue paper poms.
  • For centerpieces, plant green succulents in containers.
  • For a sweet treat, dip Oreo cookies in lime green and bright blue icing.
  • Make a party-appropriate fruit salad by combining blueberries and honeydew melon balls.
  • Bake or order a turtle-shaped smash cake for the one-year-old to dig into!

Will you be celebrating your one-year-old with ladybugs or turtles? Drop your party ideas into the comments below!

Cupcake Wrapper Drink Covers

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to cupcake wrappers! One party trend we can’t get enough of is using cupcake wrappers with drinks. A cupcake wrapper on top of a beverage not only stops bugs and debris from getting in your guests’ drinks, but they also look adorable! Here are three ways to pull off this party trend:

Cupcake Wrapp Drink Covers


Cut  a small x into the center of each cupcake wrapper and set upside down on cups. Insert a straw, and voila, adorable drink covers!

Cupcake Wrapper Mason Jar Covers


If you have younger guests at your party, consider these mason jar sippy cups. The rings from the mason jars can be used to secure the cupcake wrappers to lessen the chance of spills and keep bugs out of cups. Write each guest’s name on the cupcake wrappers so everyone can keep track of their drinks!

Cupcake Wrapper Drink Bottle Hats

These cupcake wrapper bottle skirts may not have a practical purpose, but they sure are adorable! To make these, cut the bottoms out of baking cups and place over the necks of drink bottles. Also adorn with decorative straws for  totally festive party sips!

Want to bring try this party trend out for yourself?  Shop our nine colors of baking cups and mix and match with your party colors and theme!

Premium Party Supplies for Fancier Occasions

Plastic Party Supplies #PartyPail

Sometimes a party calls for something nicer than your standard paper or plastic plates, but let’s face it: No hostess wants to be stuck with a pile of dishes to do after a celebration! Luckily, we now carry a collection of premium party supplies that are more elegant and a higher quality than your standard party supplies, but are still disposable.

Here’s the 411 on how to entertain elegantly without the fuss of using your nice stemware and china:

Premium Plastic Stemware & Cups

Don’t commit a party foul by serving wine and cocktails in red cups. Our collection of party barware includes clear plastic cups and stemware for your party’s libations. With no worries over broken and misplaced glassware, both you and your guests will be able to kick back  more and enjoy the festivities!

Plastic Party Cups and Stemware #PartyPail

Plastic Champagne Glasses #PartyPail

Check out our plastic party stemware for plastic wine glasses, plastic champagne glasses, plastic margarita glasses, and more.

Clear Plastic Party Cups #PartyPail

Our premium plastic party cups are perfect for serving wine, cocktails, beer, and more.

Premium Plastic Serving Trays

Don’t be caught serving your guests from packages of food. Our party serving trays offer an elegant way to serve party foods. Toss the trays after the event, or you can wash them and reuse them later if you want.

Premium Plastic Party Tray #PartyPail

Durable Plastic Party Trays #PartyPail

Premium Plastic Party Tray  #PartyPail

Premium Plastic Party Tray #PartyPail

Premium Plastic Serving Bowls

We have sturdy plastic party serving bowls in varying sizes, colors, and shapes to accommodate everything from chips to dip to salads.

Durable Plastic Party Bowl #PartyPail

Premium Plastic Plates

Our premium plastic plates are sturdier and more elegant than traditional disposable party plates, but they can still be thrown away at the end of the event.

Durable Plastic Party Plate #PartyPail

All of these premium disposable party supplies are ideal for bridal showers, adult birthday parties, corporate parties, dinner parties, and more!

Say Hello to the Contemporary Collection!

When you throw a party, do you like to focus on a color palette rather than a “theme?” If yes, then our Contemporary Collection is for you! Each ensemble from the Contemporary Collection features a modern design and includes a large oval-shaped platter, a beverage napkin, luncheon napkin, and guest towel. There are six different color palettes to choose from that complement our mix and match solid color party supplies, so read on to see each color option, get complementary color advice, and learn what types of party each is perfect for.

Contemporary Blue and White Party Supplies #PartyPail

Contemporary Blue Party Supplies

MatchesTrue Blue & Bermuda Blue

Perfect for — “Something blue” bridal showers, luaus, beach parties, pool parties, boys birthday parties

Contemporary Yellow and Grey Party Supplies #PartyPail

Contemporary Yellow Party Supplies

MatchesMimosa & Shimmering Silver

Perfect for — Gender-neutral baby showers, bridal showers, Easter brunch, Mother’s Day celebrations

Contemporary Navy and Orange Party Supplies #PartyPail

Contemporary Navy and Orange Party Supplies

Matches – Navy Blue & Sunkissed Orange

Perfect for – Summertime gatherings, bridal showers, nautical parties

Contemporary Gold and Ivory Party Supplies #PartyPail

Contemporary Gold Party Supplies

Matches – Glittering Gold & Ivory

Perfect for – Weddings, bridal showers, golden wedding anniversaries

Contemporary Lime and Brown Party Supplies #PartyPail

Contemporary Green Party Supplies

MatchesChocolate BrownFresh Lime

Perfect for — Baby showers, kids birthday parties, bridal showers

Contemporary Red and Black Party Supplies #PartyPail

Contemporary Red Party Supplies

MatchesClassic Red & Black Velvet

Perfect for — Bridal showers, weddings, winter parties, evening parties

When using clean and modern party supplies like these, you can really go to town with additional details like flowers, candles, and food presentation. What’s your favorite color combo?

Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Big milestone wedding anniversaries call for big celebrations — and big celebrations call for PartyPail party supplies! We’re excited to offer an elegant line of wedding anniversary party supplies to help you ring in silver 25th, ruby 40th, and gold 50th wedding anniversaries. We have the anniversary party invitations, tableware, decorations, and favors you need to celebrate the day you said “I do.”

Are you throwing a 25th, 40th, or 50th wedding anniversary party? Read on to see our anniversary party supplies and get ideas for how to celebrate.

Silver 25th Anniversary Party Supplies

Our 25th silver anniversary party supplies feature an elegant chrome and silver damask pattern. Pair these party supplies with flower arrangements in silver or mercury glass vases, silver candlesticks with elegant taper candles, and crisp white linens.

Wedding Anniversary Party Idea: For flower arrangements, incorporate flowers that were included in the bride’s bouquet on the wedding day years ago. The couple will love this attention to detail!

Ruby Red 40th Anniversary Party Supplies

Our 40th ruby anniversary party supplies feature a bold red and crimson damask pattern with crisp white accents. For a romantic touch, pair the party supplies with flower arrangements in gold metal or copper vases and gold linens. For a stunning dessert display, serve a tiered red velvet naked cake with white icing between each layer and berries on top.

Wedding Anniversary Party Idea: When it comes to cuisine, use the honored couple as inspiration. Serve a meal similar to that which was served at their wedding reception, the cuisine from their honeymoon destination, or catered food from their favorite date night restaurant. 

Gold 50th Anniversary Party Supplies

Our 50th golden anniversary party supplies feature the same damask pattern, but with a light metallic gold atop a bold matte gold background. 50 years calls for pulling out all the stops, so make it grand with a recommitment ceremony, an elegant catered reception, and a DJ.

Wedding Anniversary Party Idea: When giving the DJ instructions or curating the perfect party playlist, be sure to include songs that were popular the year the couple was married. All the guests, and especially the couple of honor, will love dancing the night away to these tunes.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party Ideas

So your kid has requested a Jake and the Never Land Pirates birthday party. Where to begin?! With our bounty of Jake and the Never Land Pirates party supplies, of course, and this treasure trove of party decor, food, and activity ideas:

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party Ideas & Supplies #PartyPail

Decor: When planning your Jake the the Never Land Pirates party decorations, get inspired by the pirate’s life! Think nautical elements like anchors and rope, as well as classic pirate insignia, including bandannas, skull and crossbones, treasure, wooden swords, and a ship’s wheel. Cover tables with red plastic tablecovers and use pieces from the Jake and the Never Land Pirates party supplies for each place setting. For centerpieces, fill wooden or cardboard treasure chests with gold plastic bead necklaces, Jake and the Neverland Pirates Gold Coins, and other “treasures.” Also sprinkles these treasures throughout the tabletops to add to the decor.

Food: Use menu cards to creatively label these creative Jake and the Never Land party food ideas:

  • Fish & Chips — A bowl of Goldfish crackers and potato chips
  • Cannon Balls — Blueberries with fruit dip
  • Seaweed Salad — Green rotini pasta salad with broccoli
  • Octopus — Hot dogs cut to look like octopi with dipping sauces
  • Gold Nuggets — Chicken nuggets with dipping sauces

Activities: This Jake and the Never Land Pirates party itinerary will create smooth sailing at your party:

  • Arrival & Dress-up — 20 minutes — As kids arrive, have everyone dress up with pirate costume pieces, like bandannas, hand hooks, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates Eye Patches.
  • Snacks — 25 minutes — Head to the galley so the kids can indulge in your creative Jake and the Never Land party foods.
  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Game — 20 minutes — Our party game is played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but instead the goal is to pin the doubloon on the treasure chest.
  • Buried Treasure Scavenger Hunt — 35 minutes — Send the kids on a hut for buried treasure! At the end of the clues, have a sandbox where kids must unearth their treasures!
  • Pinata — 20 minutes — Unearth more treasure with a pinata! Choose from our Jake, pirate ship, or treasure chest  pinata options.
  • Cake — 15 minutes
  • Gift opening — 20 minutes
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates watching and dismissal


4 Back-to-School Apple Party Ideas

Believe it or not, summer is winding down and the kids are heading back to school. Give the kids a sendoff that will get them excited about another year of learning with a back-to-school party featuring every teacher’s favorite fruit, apples!

Here are four back-to-school apple party ideas to inspire your party planning:

1. Apple Plates

DIY Apple Paper Plates


To make these paper plates, all you need are our Red 9″ Paper Plates or our Red 7″ Paper Plates and some green felt cut in an apple leaf shape. Glue the felt to the edge of the plates, and voila! You can use these plates for eating, or you could even arrange them on a wall to make a red apple backdrop for a photo booth or food table.

2. Apple Pops

Apple Pops


Apple pops are just as delicious as cake pops, but are much healthier and fit our back-to-school party theme perfectly! Get creative with various sticky candy coatings and toppings and arrange them on a cake pop stand. Secure your spot as teacher’s pet by sending the kids back to school with wrapped apple pop gifts!

3. Hanging Honeycomb Apples

DIY Honeycomb Apples


Use our Red 8″ Honeycomb Tissue Ball to make these hanging apple decorations! These would look fabulous hanging above the food or favor table. Or, if you’re a teacher, consider hanging them in your classroom for some classic back-to-school decor.

4. Apple Paper Lanterns

DIY Paper Lantern Apples


 To make these adorable apple lanterns, you need our Red Round 12″ Paper Lantern, green construction paper cut in leaf shapes, and green pompoms. Tape the leaves to the tops of the red lanterns and glue the green pompoms to the sides of the lanterns in a caterpillar shape. Hang these in your classroom or above the party space for an adorable effect!

Ice Cream Social Party Ideas

Nothing says summer like a delicious ice cream social. Perfect for birthday parties, block parties, church events, or casual get-togethers, an ice cream social is a fun way to gather family and friends for a refreshing and heat-beating treat.

Cute and cheery decorations featuring a pastel color palette are perfect for an ice cream social. Use assorted solid color bowls, napkins, and cutlery as serving pieces and cover tables with plastic tablecovers, which are easy to wipe clean from sticky drips or spills.

When creating your ice cream buffet, be sure to include bowls, wafer cones, sugar cones, waffle cones, and chocolate-dipped cones rolled in sprinkles for a yummy party spread. Our Treat and Ice Cream Cups are available in an assortment of colors and are a cute way to serve ice cream to young guests. Be sure to have several flavors of ice cream as well as sprinkles, cherries, nuts (if there are no allergies), candies, whipped cream, and flavored syrups.


Ice Cream Scoop SignsSource.

Create signs to look like ice cream scoops using cardstock or construction paper spelling out “Toppings” or “Ice Cream.” Hang over the serving table for a cute accent.

Yarn Ball Ice Cream ScoopsSource.

Colorful yarn rolled into balls and placed in large serving bowls looks like scoops of ice cream and makes a sweet tabletop decoration. Use assorted colors for playful fun in your party space.

Ice Cream Cone Wall or Door Decoration Craft

Ice Cream Social Party Decorations

Use solid color paper plates to create a charming ice cream cone decoration for a wall or door at your event. Hot glue 14 Classic Pink Dessert Plates into the shape of an ice cream cone. Use 4 plates glued together for the bottom row, 3 plates for the center row, and 2 plates for the top row. Layer three more plates on top of the bottom two rows and two plates on top of the top two rows. Add a single Candy Pink Dessert Plate on top to look like a cherry. Attach a pink pipe cleaner to the back of the top plate to look like a stem. Sparkly confetti glued on in a scattered pattern will look like cute sprinkles. Using cardboard or construction paper, add a brown cone with lines made from marker. Cute signs spelling out the famous cheer “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!” make a darling accent to the decoration. Symbols used for the words, like using an eye for “I,” add a clever touch to the signage.

Ice Cream Cone Hanging Decorations DIY

It’s easy to create ice cream cone hanging decorations with party supplies and cardstock. There are several styles of hanging ice cream cones to make depending on which types of party supplies you have on hand. Cones can be created using cardstock or construction paper as a base – they can be made from solid color cardstock or patterned paper depending on how you prefer your decor. The “ice cream” portion can be made from:

Ice Cream Social Party DecorationsSource.

honeycomb tissue balls…

Ice Cream Social Ideas


paper lanterns…

Ice Cream Party Decorations


or latex balloons.

Add color polka dots made from tissue paper or confetti to look like sprinkles. Hang from ceilings with a ribbon or string for a charming decoration.

Ice cream socials are easy to plan, fun for all ages, and can be held indoors or outdoors. What sweet treats would you add to your ice cream social?

Images with no direct link to source were found on Pinterest without a source.

Bloggers Get Creative with PartyPail Solid Color Party Supplies

Recently, we teamed up with a group of crafty and fabulous bloggers and asked them to get creative with our mix and match solid color party supplies — and boy did they rise to the occasion! Each blogger put her unique style and spin on our Shop by Color supplies and showed her readers how easy it is to turn party basics into something more. And the best part? Solid color party supplies tend to be less expensive than patterned party supplies, so they’re perfect if you’re throwing a party on a budget.

Here are a few parties we can’t get enough of that feature our colored party supplies:

The Casual Craftlete Blue & Red Raspberry Party #PartyPail

Katie from The Casual Craftlete threw her daughter a Blue and Red Raspberry party using our Bermuda Blue and Bright Pink party supplies. She layered pink and blue napkins, cutlery, plates, cups, and paper straws on a pink tablecover for a tablescape that’s darling enough for any girl’s birthday. Katie also got creative with our Bermuda Blue paper lantern by transforming it into a hot air balloon decoration!

Happy Scraps LEGO Birthday Party #PartyPail

Amy from The Happy Scraps used our True Blue, Classic Red, School Bus Yellow, and Citrus Green party supplies for a wildly creative LEGO birthday party. With just two blue rectangle tablecovers and blue plates, she was able to create an awesome LEGO block backdrop for the party. Amy was also able to make green beverage napkins LEGO party-perfect with creative use of her embossing tool.

Our Home Away From Home Fourth of July Party #PartyPail

Whether you’re planning for Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, or Labor Day, Maria from Our Home Away from Home showed us how easy it is to create a patriotic tablescape with our Classic Red, True Blue, and White tableware. We love how Maria tied a red knife, white fork, and blue spoon together with American flag ribbon, and her DIY centerpieces are a dazzling accent to the table as well!

Poofy Cheeks Bowling Party #PartyPail

With a creative twist, Kelsey from Poofy Cheeks used our Classic Red, Black Velvet, and Glittering Gold party supplies for a bowling birthday party. She was able to transform our simple black paper plates into a bowling ball garland and our 9 oz gold hot-cold cups into bowling trophies.

She Makes a Home How to Dress Up Plain Tableware #PartyPail

In preparation for her sister’s bridal shower, Ashley from She Makes a Home shared fun ways to dress up plain tableware. Using our Shimmering Silver and School Bus Yellow, she updated our solid party supplies using lace doilies, twine, glitter paper, and a border punch. We can’t wait to see the rest of the bridal shower come together later this summer!

The Style Sisters Yellow and Turquoise Bridal Shower #PartyPail

Karin from The Style Sisters used our Mimosa Yellow, Bermuda Blue, and White party supplies for a lovely bridal shower. Karin showed how you can combine solid paper party supplies and your own entertaining items to make a stunning effect. The mix and match of our paper tableware with her own cake stands, trays, tablecloth, and bouquet of tulips made a gorgeous statement!

We hope you’re as inspired as we are by what these talented bloggers did with our solid party supplies!

New! MADHOUSE Lotus Collection by Michael Aram

MADHOUSE by Michael Aram Lotus Collection Party Supplies #PartyPail

Are you familiar with MADHOUSE? It’s a collection of to-die-for party supplies designed by artist Michael Aram. Michael’s high-end pieces are found in department stores, but we’re excited to carry his line of everyday,  accessible paper and melamine party supplies. Last summer, we introduced six MADHOUSE collections, and today we’re excited to share with you the newest MADHOUSE collection, Lotus!

The MADHOUSE Lotus Collection by Michael Aram is inspired by the organic lines of the lotus flower and aqua waters. The collection includes melamine dinner and dessert plates and bowls shaped like lily pads. There’s also a gorgeous melanime platter shaped like a lotus flower that would be perfect for serving cocktails at your next affair. The beverage, luncheon, and guest towel napkins in the collection feature dreamy, Monet-like designs in cool hues of blue and green. Pair the Lotus collection with light and fresh fare, refreshing white wine or cocktails, and crisp white decorative accents.

The MADHOUSE Lotus Collection is perfect for any classy summer gathering, including dinner parties, luncheons, and bridal showers. Put together in a gift basket, the pieces of the Lotus Collection could also make a lovely bridal shower gift or hostess gift!

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