New Elise Party Supplies

Let’s face it: It can be hard to find party supplies for a trendy, upscale, Pinterest-worthy tablescape — especially when the tablescape is for an adult gathering. Luckily, we just added the newest line from Elise, a collection of upscale party supplies designed for the stylish hostess. Each line in Elise collection features beverage napkins and guest towels that color match embellished square dessert and dinner plates. Keep reading to get a glimpse of our five new Elise collections!

1. Urban  Floral

Elise Party Supplies Urban Floral

The Elise Urban Floral party supplies are a fabulous combination of grey, orange, and white. The color scheme and flower design could work for both summer or fall occasions when paired with accompanying Platinum Stripes, Atlantic Stripes, Cocoa Bean Pottery, and Tangerine Stripes plates. Use the Urban Floral party supplies with white linens, silverware, and glassware for stunning place settings. And don’t forget a floral centerpiece! Mix orange mums, daisies, and dahlias with greenery and twigs for a gorgeous focal point.

Elise Party Supplies Peacocks

If you’re looking for elegance, check out our Elise Peacock Party Supplies. These napkins combine shades of blue, teal, white, green, and linen in designs that mimic  ornate peacock feathers. The Peacock line is ideal for bridal showers and summer occasions. Pair them with a floral arrangement featuring white flowers and peacock feathers, which you can purchase at the craft store.

Elise Party Supplies Global TapestryIf you’re going for a bold, tribal look, our Global Tapestry party supplies are for you! On these napkins, orange, green, and aqua combine in graphic ikat designs that are perfect for summertime birthday parties, showers, and parties. Keep the spicy look going with the rest of your party decor, including succulent centerpieces, mismatched china, and dip-died ombre tableclothes.

Elise Party Supplies Fleur de Bees

If Global Tapestry is a little too spicy, you can always sweeten things up with the lovely Fleur de Bees party supplies! Bumble bees are having a moment in fashion, showing up on jewelry, shoes, tees, and dresses, and now you can add them to your next party, too. Rich hues of gold and black make Fleur de Bees a perfectly grown-up way to add bumble bees to your next bridal or baby shower, tea, brunch, or luncheon.

Elise Party Supplies Fruit Expressions

Fruit prints are also trending in fashion, which makes our Fruit Expressions party supplies another stylish choice. Featuring pears, pomegranates, oranges, and apples atop a bright blue background, these napkins are perfect for baby and bridal showers, birthday parties, and brunches. It’s only natural to pair these party supplies with fruit centerpieces. For a country feel, fill fruit baskets with fruits, or for a more glam  look, use fruit slices in clear glass vases.

We’re Crazy for Chevron Party Supplies!

Here at PartyPail, we’ve gone crazy for chevron! This pattern-of-the-moment has been trending for a while in home decor and fashion, and now the zig-zags are also a go-to for hostesses and party planners. We have no shortage of chevron party supplies, so today we’re going to give you the 411 on all our chevron party themes!

Rainbow Chevron Party Supplies

Rainbow Chevron Party Supplies #PartyPail

Our collection of rainbow chevron party supplies is bright, playful, and bold and perfect for birthday parties, bridal parties, baby and bridal showers, and get-togethers. Pieces from this ensemble include paper cups, trendy square plates, napkins, treat cups, and paper lanterns, and the colors match our Citrus Green, Bermuda Blue, Bright Pink, Classic Red, and True Blue solid party supplies to a T.

Black and White Chevron Party Supplies

Black and White Chevron Party Supplies #PartyPail

There’s nothing basic about our black and white chevron party supplies! We love the idea of pairing these black and white chevron supplies with a bright accent color from our Shop by Color collection, like Candy Pink or Glittering Gold. For a more masculine party, go for Classic Red or True Blue. Use black and white chevron for any number of occasions, including showers, birthday parties, and it would even make a great Halloween party theme when paired with orange!

Chevron Milestone Birthday Party Supplies

Chevron Milestone Birthday Party Supplies #PartyPail

Our Chevron Birthday Party Supplies are available for 30th, 40th, 50th, and 60th milestone birthday celebrations. The party supplies from these ensembles feature the guest of honor’s age on top of a straight and chevron striped background. They’re a tasteful way to ring  in another year!

Chevron & Polka Dots

Chevron and Polka Dots Party Supplies #PartyPail

Chevron and polka dots are a match made in heaven, right?! Our Chevron and Polka Dots party ensemble is available in nine mix-and-match colors, including black, light pink, candy pink, red, lime, yellow, light blue, orange, and true blue. All colors are available with our Chevron  Party Supplies.

Have you gone crazy for chevron, too?!

How to Set Up a Candy Buffet

Candy Buffet DIY #PartyPail

Candy buffets, also known as candy bars, are a party trend that’s not going anywhere. Candy buffets are perfect for entertaining because not only do they present your guests with something sweet to nibble on, but when done correctly, they can be the focal point in your party’s decor! Here are our top tips for putting together a stunning candy buffet:

  1. Pick candy buffet colors: Usually, you’ll want your candy buffet to reflect your party color palette. You might choose two or three colors to focus on in your candy buffet. Or, a great visual statement is to use varying shades of one color. Love color? Follow our stylist’s lead in the photo above and go for a rainbow of color in your candy bar!
  2. Choose candies for texture, visual appeal, and taste: When choosing candies, the most important thing to consider is taste, of course! It’s best to provide a variety of chocolate, fruit, and nut candies to appeal to everyone. As far as looks are concerned, make sure you choose candies that vary in size, shape, and texture to make the biggest visual statement. Use both wrapped and unwrapped candies to add to the drama.
  3. Get creative with containers: Using clear containers ensures your guests can see all the bright and fun candies. Vary the size and shape of the clear containers to make the candy bar visually interesting. Use clear vases, bowls, apothecary jars, candy jars, fish bowls, and cups. Put lids on some containers and leave others open. Vary the height of containers by using props, like cake stands and covered books, underneath the containers.
  4. Add decorative accessories: Use fun party supplies to dress up the look of your candy buffet! Use tablecovers underneath the candy containers for a great backsplash of color. Use streamers behind the candy bar and tissue paper fans and poofs above the candy bar. You could also tie ribbons in complementing colors on some of the candy containers.
  5. Provide fun take-home containers: When you set up a candy buffet, party favors are already taken care of! You just need to provide some favor bags for guests to fill up. Check out our solid favor bags for a variety of colors to match any candy buffet. Also, don’t forget scoops for guests to use with the candy!

Ready to start planning a candy bar for your next party? Check out our kids birthday party candy for chocolates, gumballs, and mints in a rainbow of colors!

Lisa Frank Rainbow Majesty Birthday Party Ideas

Lisa Frank Birthday Party Ideas #PartyPail

You might remember Lisa Frank from the 90s stationery and school supplies every girl had to have. Neon colors, rainbows, animals, hearts, stars, and dreamy, psychedelic scenes are the stuff Lisa Frank designs are made of!

Know a girl who loves Lisa Frank’s bright illustrations? We’re excited to now offer Lisa Frank horse party supplies. In a rainbow of color, the party supplies feature a pretty white horse swimming in a mane of rainbows, stars, and hearts. It’s perfect for any horse-crazy girl — or just a girly girl who wants something bright and playful for her birthday party!

Here are some party ideas to make your party a magical one:

  • Pair Rainbow Majesty supplies with bright solid-colored tableware. Our magenta, turquoise, and lime party supplies will look great with the ensemble’s colors!
  • Create a bright rainbow balloon arch to suspend across the party room.
  • Hang a rainbow of bright streamers from the doorway and also tape them against the wall as a fun background.
  • Hang tissue paper pom poms in a rainbow of colors above the party space.
  • Make flower arrangements for the tables featuring pink, yellow, and orange gerbera daisies.
  • Hang our rainbow pinata in the party space as part of the decor, and when the time comes, have the kids break it open!
  • Tie the bright rainbow theme into the party food with a tray of strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, and raspberries.
  • Have the kids make bright rainbow sand art using neon sand and clear bottles.

With these party ideas — and a little creativity — you’ll throw the birthday girl the party of her dreams!

The Lowdown on Kids Party Pinatas

Kids Birthday Party Pinatas

Looking for a guaranteed way to make your next party a hit? (Pun intended.) Get a pinata! Not only are pinatas a fun and traditional activity at kids’ birthday parties, but they also add to the decor and ambiance of a party — that is, until they get smashed!

We have all your favorite character pinatas, as well as a bevy of fun and festive generic pinatas to fit a variety of party themes. From Mickey Mouse to Bubble Guppies, Doc McStuffins, Lightning Mcqueen, and a shark, horse, and owl, our collection of kids party pinatas has what you need for any themed celebration. Here’s the 411 on pinatas:

Traditional vs. Pull String Pinatas

We offer two types of pinatas: traditional and pull string. Traditional pinatas are what you played with at parties growing up. They require guests to take hits at the pinata with a bat, usually blindfolded. As guests break into the pinata, candy will fall out. A pull string pinata, on the other hand, doesn’t require swinging bats. Pull string pinatas have a trap door at the bottom with a string attached to it. There are also dozens of other strings at the bottom of the pinata that are loosely attached and will fall off when pulled. When someone pulls the correct string, the door will open and candy will fall out. Pull string pinatas are perfect for younger children who aren’t strong enough to break open a traditional pinata, a group of shy children, or if you don’t have a space where a swinging bat is ideal.

How to Play the Pinata Game

These instructions are for playing with a traditional pinata at a party. We recommend playing with a regular pinata outside or in a basement or garage where there are no obstacles that could get hit and broken.

  1. Hang the pinata about 1 to 2 feet above the eye level of your guests. A tree branch could work well for this. Or, instead of tying up the pinata, you could attach the pinata to the rope and drape the rope over a branch like a pulley. Then, someone can hold the end of the rope and pull the pinata up and down to make hitting it more challenging for guests.
  2. Line the kids up from shortest to tallest. The shortest guest gets to go first.
  3. If blindfolding, use a scarf or blindfold to cover the eyes of the shortest guest. You may choose to not blindfold, depending on the age of guests. Usually kids six years and older can be blindfolded and still play pinata.
  4. Hand the child a bat, broom handle, or something similar to hit the pinata with.
  5. Spin the child and stop them so they are facing the pinata.
  6. Give the child three swings to try to hit the pinata.
  7. Follow steps 3 through 6 with all the guests. Continue taking turns until the pinata gets broken open and the candy falls out.
  8. Give guests favor bags or boxes to fill with candy and prizes.

How to Use a Pull String Pinata

Pull string pinatas are great for young children. Here’s how to play:

  1. Hang the pinata so the strings are within reach of the guests.
  2. Have all the kids gather around the pinata and choose a string. On  the count of three, have everyone pull their string at the same time. Another option is to have guests take turns pulling one string at a time.
  3. Once the one string that opens the pinata is pulled, give the kids treat bags to fill with treats.

We know you’ll have a group of happy and excited kids on your hands if you have a pinata at your next birthday party!

Doc McStuffins Birthday Party Ideas

Doc McStuffins Party Supplies

Does your little one love Doc McStuffins? We just added a brand new collection of sweet Doc McStuffins party supplies to the store featuring our favorite girl, Dottie, and her friends, Stuffy, Lambie, and Hallie. The party supplies feature a cheerful color palette of purple, pink, lime, yellow, and blue and feature gingham, flowers, and hearts. The party supplies are sweet and girly —  perfect for your birthday girl!

There are many creative ways to make your kiddo’s Doc McStuffins birthday party unique and special. Read on for our favorte decor, food, and activity ideas!

Doc McStuffins Party Ideas #PartyPail

Decor: Doc Dottie McStuffins is known for loving pink and purple, so make those the main colors of the celebration! Cover the tables with our Doc McStuffins Tablecover and create cute little floral arrangements from pink and purple daisies and carnations. Tie purple and pink helium balloons on chairbacks and suspend purple and pink twisted streamers from the ceiling. In the party area, set up a “Cuddle Clinic” featuring a “locker room” where the guests can change into their lab coats, an “examination room” where guests can help patients, and a “cafeteria” where guests can get their food! Don’t forget a sign for the front door that lets guests know “The doc is in!”

Food: Here are some clever snack ideas for a Doc McStuffins birthday party:

  • Dipped Apples — Dip apples in carmel and/or chocolate and use tongue depressors rather than traditional candy sticks. Put a sign next to the apples that says, “An apple a day…”
  • Marshmallow Cotton Swabs — Dip jumbo marshmallows on candy sticks in white chocolate and sprinkles.
  • Bandaid Wafers — Vanilla sugar wafer cookies look similar to bandaids! Pipe a heart shape on the center of each one for an adorable touch.
  • Lambie’s Fluff — Cotton candy.
  • Pretzel Thermometers — Dip pretzel rods in white chocolate. Once dry, pipe red thermometer lines on the pretzels.
  • Hershey’s Hugs & Kisses — Sure to heal any boo-boos!
  • Jello Injections — Add red Jello to Jello syringes. The kids will love these!

Dottie is all about being healthy, so if you want to serve more of a meal, make it a healthy one. For example, you could serve natural peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread or baked white meat chicken nuggets with veggie sticks, fruit, and milk.

Activities: This Doc McStuffins party itinerary will keep the party running smoothly!

  • Arrival — 20 minutes — As guests arrive, have everyone gather in the “locker room” to get suited up for a day of work at the doctor’s office! Have children’s lab coats for everyone to wear.
  • Snacks — 25 minutes — Head to the clinic “cafeteria” for some healthy snacks!
  • Doc McStuffins Party Game — 20 minutes — Our Doc McStuffins party game is played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, except the object is to pin the bandaid on Stuffy.
  • Patient Examination — 30 minutes — Head to the “examination room” for guests to help patients. Have an unstuffed plush toy for each guest and let each guest stuff his or her own toy. Help the kids stitch up the hole in the animal, or set each animal up with a velcro incision before the party. Once the animals are stuffed, give each child an examination checklist having them check their animal’s heart, reflexes, eyes, ears, mouth, nose and give them a bandaid.
  • Doc McStuffins Pinata — 20 minutes — Make sure every guest gets a turn on our Doc McStuffins pull string pinata.
  • Food & Cake — 25 minutes
  • Gift Opening — 20 minutes
  • Doc McStuffins watching and dismissal

And there you have it! All you need to throw a successful Doc McStuffins birthday party! Be sure to check out our Doc McStuffins Pinterest board for more ideas.

10 Fourth of July Party Ideas

The Fourth of July is only days away, which means it’s time to start putting the finishing touches on your party arrangements. Whether you’re throwing a small, laid-back backyard get-together or a big, blowout bbq , be sure to throw America a birthday party that your guests  will never forget!

Keep on reading for 10 amazing Fourth of July party ideas. And if you’re still needing party supplies, you’re in luck! Our Classic Red party supplies, White party supplies, and True Blue party supplies are exactly what you need for a perfectly patriotic party!

10 Fourth of July Party Ideas: Crepe Paper Flag Table Runner #PartyPail

1. Crepe Paper Flag Table Runner via PartyPail

Looking for a simple, yet festive and fun decoration for your party’s tables? Look no further than the PartyPail blog! We created this tabletop embellishment using red and blue crepe paper, a white tablecover, and a white table skirt. It’s so simple, but makes a huge impact!

10 Fourth of July Party Ideas: Pinwheel Napkin Fold #PartyPail

2. Pinwheel Napkin Fold via

Patriotic pinwheels are a classic Fourth of July party favor, so we love the twist of folding napkins in that iconic shape. Use unfolded red and blue luncheon napkins and place them on the centers of white dinner plates for place settings worthy of the Fourth!

10 Fourth of July Party Ideas: Red, White, and Blue Punch  #PartyPail

3. Red, White, and Blue Punch via Big Bear’s Wife

Can you believe how perfectly the layers of this red, white, and blue party punch are?! For this drink, all you need is cranberry juice, blue Gatorade Frost, diet 7-Up, ice, and a large drink dispenser. For the red drink, you could also use Hawaiian Punch. What a stunning statement this punch will make on the buffet table!

10 Fourth of July Party Ideas: Ladder Golf  #PartyPail

4. Ladder Golf via Mom Endeavors

A variety of yard games is perfect for keeping guests entertained at your Fourth of July party, and ladder golf is always a hit. It’s pretty simple to make your own DIY ladder golf set in patriotic colors. You can also break it out for Labor Day and Memorial Day parties, too!

10 Fourth of July Party Ideas: Mason Jar Candles #PartyPail

5. Votive Centerpieces via Bright, Bold, & Beautiful

Once the sun starts to set on your party, light these adorable and easy-to-make votives for ambiance. For a practical touch, use cintronella tea lights to keep bugs at bay while everyone stays outside to play!

10 Fourth of July Party Ideas: Oreo Pops #PartyPail

6. Oreo Pops via Makoodle

These Oreo pops are much simpler to make than cake pops — and to the same effect! Not to mention, they’re guaranteed to be a crowd favorite at your Fourth of July party, so it’s a win-win.

10 Fourth of July Party Ideas: Grilled Corn #PartyPail

7. Grilled Corn with Jalapeno-Lime Aioli & Parmesan Cheese via From Brazil to You

‘Tis the season for farm-fresh sweet corn! Corn on the cob is a Fourth of July picnic staple, and while we love traditional boiled corn dripping in butter, this spicy grilled twist is making our mouths water!

10 Fourth of July Party Ideas: How to Take Sparkler Photos #PartyPail

8. How to Take Sparkler Photos via One Good Thing

You know all those amazing sparkler photos you see online after the Fourth of July? If you have a DSLR camera, you can take those photos, too, with help from One Good Thing’s easy-to-follow instructions. Once the sun goes down, break out the sparklers and grab your camera for lots of fun!

10 Fourth of July Party Ideas: Tin Can Stilts #PartyPail

9. Tin Can Stilts via Spoonful

The kids will love racing around the yard on these tin can stilts, which are easy and fun to create! They could even be a fun craft opportunity for the kids if you let them paint their own designs on the cans.

10 Fourth of July Party Ideas: Lawn Painting #PartyPail 10. Lawn Stars via Pink and Green Mama

Think there’s only so much you can do when it comes to decorating an outdoor party? Think again! Stencil some patriotic stars onto the lawn for some extra flair. The best part is, the water + flour method Pink and Green Mama uses will wash right away with a hose or rain!

Happy Fourth of July from PartyPail!

Fourth of July DIY: Cookout Cups

Fourth of July Cookout Cups

There’s nothing better than an Independence Day cookout! Burgers, hot dots, corn on the cob, potato salad, peach pie, berry cobbler, lemonade – our mouths are watering just thinking about it! These Fourth of July Cookout Cups are perfect for any July 4 picnic because they’re easy for your guests to grab, even with a loaded plate in-hand!

Here’s what you need to make them:

Fourth of July Cookout Cups

Here’s how to make them:

Fourth of July Cutlery Bundle

First, roll a plastic fork, knife, and spoon up in a luncheon napkin and secure with a piece of yarn or ribbon. We used golden-yellow ribbon for a great contrast!

Fourth of July Cookout Cups

Then simply place the cutlery roll in the plastic cup with the sparklers! Set them at the end of the buffet table, or position them on the plate at each place setting for a casual, yet put-together look for your picnic!

Fourth of July DIY: Crepe Paper American Flag Table Runner

Fourth of July DIY: Crepe Paper Table Runner

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start ironing out the details of your Independence Day bash. Today, we’re excited to share details on how to make an American flag crepe paper table runner! It’s a super simple and inexpensive project that takes little time, but makes a big impact.

Here’s how to make it:

Fourth of July Party Decorations

You will need:

Fourth of July DIY: Crepe Paper Table Runner

First, Cover the table with the white plastic tablecover.

Fourth of July DIY: Crepe Paper Table Runner

Evenly place rows of red crepe streamer horizontally across the table.

Fourth of July DIY: Crepe Paper Table Runner

Secure at the table’s edge with tape. They don’t need to be even or neat because the edge will be covered by the tableskirt.

Fourth of July DIY: Crepe Paper Table Runner

Fourth of July DIY: Crepe Paper Table Runner

Vertically weave strips of blue crepe paper streamer through about a third of the red streamers and secure with tape at the table’s edge.

Fourth of July DIY: Crepe Paper Table Runner

Apply the tableskirt to the edge of the table. Cut off any excess skirt to fit your table.

Fourth of July DIY: Crepe Paper Table Runner

The skirt hides the tape and gives the table a nice, finished appearance!

Fourth of July DIY: Crepe Paper Table Runner

Voila! This decoration is so simple you could task the kids with setting it up while you finish food prep and cleaning.

Fourth of July DIY: Crepe Paper Table Runner

Happy Fourth of July party planning!

Sofia the First Birthday Party Ideas

Sofia the First Party Supplies and Ideas

Does your little girl love Sofia the First? If yes, then our Sofia the First party supplies could be just what you need to make your little princess’ next birthday extra special. Featuring Sofia, Clover, Whatnaught, and the royal castle in a purple and pink color palette, our Sofia the First birthday decorations are perfect for a little girl’s party.

Are you planning a Sofia the First birthday party? We love the idea of making it a tea party, fit for a princess. Read on for our Sofia the First tea party decor, food, and activity ideas!

Decor: Make the girls feel like royal princess at a tea party with regal party decor! Cover the tables with purple tablecovers and use our Sofia the First tableware at each place setting. In the center of each table, set a floral arrangement featuring purple mums and pink carnations. Above the party space, hang purple and pink tissue paper balls and tie helium-filled Sofia the First balloons on chair backs. Use silver trays and glass cake stands to display food, and also incorporate elegant glassware, ceramics, and teapots to give the tea party an elegant feel.

Food: Here are a few musts for your Sofia the First birthday tea party:

  • Tea sandwiches featuring a few different fillings, like chicken salad; turkey, apple, and swiss; peanut butter and jelly; and cucumber
  • Veggies and dip
  • Chocolate chip scones
  • Petit fours
  • Macarons
  • Sofia the First birthday cake
  • Pink lemonade

Activities: Keep the princesses busy with these party ideas:

  • Arrival and Coloring Pages — 20 minutes — As the guests arrive, have everyone color a Sofia the First coloring page with our Sofia the First Crayons.
  • Princess Dress-up — 15 minutes — Have the girls get princess-ready with dress-up clothes, costume jewelry, tiaras, wands, and more.
  • Tea Time — 25 minutes — Have the girls sit down for an elegant tea party and eat.
  • Amulet of Avalor Craft — 25 minutes — Let each girl make her own Amulet of Avalor! Give each guest a cord, clasps, a variety of beads, and a dangling purple bead and let everyone design their own necklace.
  • Pin the Amulet on Sofia — 15 minutes — Use our Sofia the First Birthday Game, which is played just like Pin the Tail on Donkey — except the object is to pin the amulet on Sofia!
  • Open Presents — 20 minutes
  • Cake and Ice Cream — 20 minutes
  • Sofia the First Watching, Free Play, and Dismissal — 30 minutes to ? — Play Sofia the First on the TV and let the girls watch and play as parents come to pick them up.


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