Tea Party Birthday Party Ideas

Tea Time Tea Party Birthday Party #PartyPail

Looking for a party theme that’s as sweet as can be for your birthday girl? Our Tea Party Supplies are 100% adorable and perfect for throwing any girly girl a vintage-inspired tea party birthday party. Tea Party plates, napkins, cups, and decor feature a polka dotted tea pot, an antique tea cup and saucer, and a sweet cupcake atop a dainty floral design. The dinner plates have a bunting banner across the top that spells “tea time” — so cute!

Are you looking to throw the birthday girl a tea party to celebrate her big day? Read on for party ideas that are perfect for the Tea Party birthday party theme!

Tea Party Supplies #PartyPail

Decor: Our Tea Party supplies have a decidedly shabby chic, vintage-inspired, and girly feel. Begin by decorating tabletops with the Tea Party Plastic Tablecover, which features a dainty floral print design. At each place setting, use the Tea Party plates and napkins and pastel blue cutlery. To give the tea party a vintage, shabby chic feel, use a different tea cup and saucer at each place setting for each guest to sip from. If you don’t have tea cups and saucers on-hand, check out Goodwill or the Salvation Army for cups and saucers that won’t cost you much! In the center of the table, place tea pot filled with flowers. Babies breath, garden roses, and dainty wildflowers are all perfect for a vintage tea party!

Food: Classic tea party foods are a must! Delight your young guests with decaffeinated tea, which they can sweeten up with sugar cubes.For guests who don’t like tea, hot chocolate is perfect substitute. You could also consider serving cold drinks like iced sweet tea and lemonade. To eat, serve dainty tea sandwiches, scones, and petit fours.

Activities: When attending a tea party, proper attire is a must! Before sitting down for tea, have a dress-up session where the girls can doll up with hats, gloves, and costume jewelry. For a crafty activity, have each girl make her own beaded necklace by supplying a variety of colorful beads, cord, and clasps. An activity that will get the girls moving is sugar-cube-on-spoon relay races.

You’re now all geared up to throw a lovely tea birthday party … pinkies up!

Happi Woodland Party Ideas

For years, our Happi Tree Baby Shower has been a customer favorite. So today, we’re thrilled to introduce Happi Tree’s NEW sister themes, Boy and Girl Woodland! The new Woodland themes have the same feel as Happi Tree, but are designed specifically for little ones’ birthday parties. With Boy Woodland birthday party supplies and Girl Woodland birthday party supplies available, it’s perfect for any first birthday party or second birthday party.

Keep reading to get more details and party ideas for the Woodland animals birthday party theme.

Boy Woodland

Happi Woodland Party Supplies #PartyPail

The Woodland Boy party supplies feature a friendly owl, raccoon, and porcupine inside a blue plaid and orange border. The birthday party theme coordinates with our Sunkissed Orange and Pastel Blue solid party supplies.

Boy Woodland Birthday Party Supplies #PartyPail

Girl Woodland

Happi Woodland Girl Party Supplies #PartyPail

Girl Woodland l features the same friendly cast of characters, but instead uses a pink plaid and purple border that coordinate with our Classic Pink and Luscious Lavender solid party supplies.

Girl Woodland Party Supplies #PartyPail

Woodland Creatures Party Ideas:

Decor: It’s easy and fun to add adorable woodsy elements to your Woodland Animals party! For the table decor, use a roll of sheet moss down the center of the table as a runner. In the middle of the table, set a wood slab, and on that set a wildflower arrangement in a mason jar. Add a twine bow  to the jar to top it off.

Food: Think rustic and natural when planning the party food! Mix up a fresh berry salad featuring strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Have a variety of local honeys available for party guests to pair with bread, crackers, charcuterie, and cheese. Salted caramel popcorn, s’more pops, caramel apples,  and donuts are a few other food ideas that fit the theme.

Activities: Keep the activities simple when planning a first or second birthday party. One fun idea for little ones is to create Woodland Discovery Boxes. Make a box for each child filled with age-appropriate forest items, such as pine cones, acorns, leaves, and wood. Lead the activity by pulling each item out one at a time and encourage them to use their senses to investigate each item.

Happy Happi Woodland party planning!

Zou Zebra Birthday Party Ideas

Zou Zebra Birthday Party Ideas

Are you familiar with Zou? What started as a wildly popular French children’s TV show has made it to the US and is growing in popularity among kids. Before you know it, your birthday boy or girl may be asking for a Zou zebra birthday party, and we’re excited to have the Zou party supplies you need to make it happen!

Looking for Zou birthday party inspiration? Read on for decor, food, and activity ideas!

Decor: Our Zou party decorations feature Zou, Elzee, and Poc in a color palette of blue, yellow, purple, and of course black and white zebra stripes! Begin decorating with some party basics, like the Zou Tablecover, Zou Banner, and Zou Cutouts. Add some of your own DIY party decorations by tying zebra-print ribbon to vases and filling the vases with sunflowers. Fans of the show will know that Zou’s class has a sunflower named Goldie! Set the flower arrangements on turf grass table runners to mimic Zou’s backyard, where many of the episodes take place. Blow up lavender and light blue helium balloons and tie with our Black Zebra Stripe Curl Ribbon. Place these balloons in clumps on chair backs.

Food: Here are some Zou zebra party food ideas to keep your guests happy:

  • Zou’s Cherry Pie — In one episode, Zou bakes a cherry pie, but his grandpa loses his keys in the cherries. Bake a pie and hide a plastic toy key inside a slice. Whoever finds the key wins!
  • Zou Zebra Cakes — Buy Zebra Cake snacks and place on sticks. Arrange in a bouquet.
  • Zou Zebra Strawberries — Dip strawberries in white chocolate and pipe on dark chocolate stripes.
  • Zou Birthday Cake — Make the birthday cake a layered chocolate “naked cake” with no icing on the sides, but vanilla icing in between each layer of chocolate cake.
  • Poc Pizza — The birthday boy or girl’s favorite pizza named after Zou’s friend, Poc!
  • Zou Pretzel Sticks — Dip pretzel sticks in white chocolate and drizzle with dark chocolate stripes.
  • Zou Zebra Cookies — Make your favorite peanut butter and Hershey Kiss cookie recipe, but substitute a black and white striped Hershey’s Hug instead.

Activities: This Zou birthday party itinerary will keep guests entertained!

  • Arrival & Activity Placemats – 20 minutes – As guests arrive, keep everyone occupied with our Zou Activity Placemats.
  • Snacks — 25 minutes – Keep everyone at the table and serve up your Zou birthday party foods.
  • Zou’s Jobs Charades — 30 minutes – Zou loves learning about careers. Play a game of career charades where guests act out different careers.
  • Cake — 20 minutes 
  • Gift Opening — 20 minutes
  • Zou watching and dismissal

Old Fogey Birthday Party Ideas

Old Fogey Men's Birthday Party Supplies & Ideas #PartyPail

We’re excited to introduce the latest addition to our collection of men’s birthday party themes, Old Fogey! These men’s adult party supplies have a classy look with a tongue-in-cheek message and are perfect for celebrating 40th, 50th, and 60th milestone birthdays, as well as any other “very old” birthday.

Shop general Old Fogey Party Supplies, 40th Old Fogey Party Supplies, 50th Old Fogey Party Supplies, and 60th Old Fogey Party Supplies.

The Old Fogey party supplies have a rustic look that will remind guests of a moonshine label. Each piece says “Ole Fogey Moonshine” on it with other funny bits like, “750 ML Senior Spirits” and “100% Down Home Fun.” The wood grain design and masculine color palette give the party supplies a classy appearance, despite their good humor. Pair the party supplies with other rustic and masculine decorations, such as antique lanterns, mason jars with votive candles inside, chalk boards, and wooden trays.

The Old Fogey Moonshine birthday party theme is perfect for hosting a whiskey tasting party! Here are some tips for pulling the party off:

  • Choose at least three different whiskeys for the party. Talk to an expert at the liquor store, who should be able to help you choose a variety of whiskeys with different tasting notes.
  • Have tulip whiskey glasses for your guests to use for tasting.
  • Give your guests basic notes about each whiskey, like where it’s made and what to expect from the taste.
  • Have room-temperature water on-hand for cutting younger whiskeys.
  • Coffee and chocolate are great for accompanying a whiskey tasting session.
  • After the tasting is over, provide mixer ingredients for those who would like to make a cocktail using their favorite whiskey.
  • To eat, serve a variety of finger foods, like bourbon meatballs, cheese, chips, pretzels, and bbq sliders.

After the party, use small pint or nip bottles of whiskey as favors. You could also find some “moonshine” to give your guests, such as Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine.


Chalkboard Party Supplies

We don’t know about you, but we can’t get enough of the chalkboard trend! Hostesses are dreaming up tons of creative ways to use chalkboards at parties, including labeling food, directing guests, seating arrangements, marking names on cups, and photo booth props. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to our new line of chalkboard party supplies!

Chalkboard Party Supplies #PartyPail
Images shown are for inspiration only. Writing and designs are not included.

Our line of chalkboard party supplies includes a card box, a banner, photo booth props, drink labels, placemats, centerpiece sticks, placecards, easles, hanging cutouts, door signs with stickers, paper bags with labels, and assorted cutouts. Our chalkboard party supplies come with chalk and arrive blank and ready for you to personalize however you like.

Chalkboard Party Ideas #PartyPail

Totally disposable, no cleanup after the party, and no messy chalkboard paint needed, our chalkboard party supplies are the easy and convenient way to add the chalkboard trend to your party!

Introducing Kathy Davis Party Supplies!

Chances are you’ve given or received a Kathy Davis greeting card at some point — and maybe didn’t even realize it! Kathy Davis is  famous for her whimsical and uplifting designs, and we’re excited to announce that we now carry a line of Kathy Davis party supplies that capture the elegance and beauty of her work. Our designer collection of Kathy Davis party supplies is perfect for any number of occasions, such as women’s birthday parties, bridal showers, engagement parties, weddings, Mother’s Day, Easter, and more.

Read on to catch a glimpse of our four Kathy Davis party supply designs and get entertaining ideas for each!

Kathy Davis Bright Blooms

Kathy Davis Bright Blooms Party Supplies #PartyPail

These Kathy Davis Bright Blooms party supplies are upbeat, bright, and perfect for celebrating a girlfriend’s birthday or upcoming nuptials. Whimsically drawn rosebuds are featured atop a bright aqua background with green, yellow, and orange accents. Kathy Davis Bright Blooms goes perfectly with a bouquet of orange garden roses, champagne cocktails, and a spread of candy-colored macarons.

Kathy Davis Bright Blooms Party Supplies #PartyPail

Kathy Davis Pink Floral

Kathy Davis Pink Floral Party Supplies #PartyPail

Kathy Davis Pink Floral party supplies feature soft watercolor flowers in a color pallete of light pink and pistachio green. With colors perfect for spring, these party supplies are a popular choice for springtime bridal showers, birthday parties, Mother’s Day brunches, and Easter lunches. Pair Kathy Davis Pink Floral party supplies with bottles of pink sparkling lemonade, naked hummingbird cake on a jadeite cake stand, and an arrangement of alstroemeria lilies.

Kathy Davis Pink Floral Party Supplies #PartyPail

Kathy Davis Yellow Floral

Kathy Davis Yellow Floral Party Supplies #PartyPail

Kathy Davis Yellow Floral party supplies are ideal for summertime birthday parties and bridal celebrations. The watercolor orchid design pairs perfectly with potted orchid flowers, a green ombre cake, lemonade-blueberry cocktails, and blue glass vessels. The cool colors of Yellow Floral are perfect for a guest of honor who loves a modern, clean, and chic look!

Kathy Davis Yellow Floral Party Supplies #PartyPail

Kathy Davis Mod Poppies

Kathy Davis Mod Poppies Party Supplies #PartyPail

Kathy Davis Mod Poppies party supplies have an upbeat and punchy design that is perfect for a stylish birthday or bridal celebration. The red, black, and white flowers have a unique hand-drawn feel with a nod to 60s mod. Pair Mod Poppies party supplies with an arrangement of red and white poppies with black centers, red velvet cupcakes, and a coffee bar.

Kathy Davis Mod Poppies Party Supplies #PartyPail

Which of our Kathy Davis designs do you like the most?!

Labor Day Party Ideas

Are you ready for the big Labor Day weekend?! It’s summer’s last hurrah, fall’s unofficial launch, and a perfect opportunity to invite family, friends, and neighbors over for one last summery fling. Here’s some Labor Day entertaining inspiration to kickstart the long holiday weekend:

Red Gingham Picnic Party Supplies #PartyPail

Party Supplies: Our Red Gingham Party Supplies are perfect for Labor Day! Red gingham has a patriotic feel, especially when paired with our True Blue Party Supplies. The gingham print also goes hand-in-hand with picnics and summer, so it’s perfect for the occasion. Check out our Value Pack quantities, which are ideal for feeding large Labor Day crowds. Our Red Gingham Pie Box, Red Gingham Cookie Candy Box, and Red Gingham Cupcake Box are all designed to help you serve your guests sweets on the holiday!

Flower Arrangement in Mason Jar

Decor: There’s no need to go overboard on your Labor Day decor. Some flowers from your garden or grocery store arranged in mason jars make simple and inexpensive centerpieces. If you want to take the decorations further, consider Classic Red and True Blue streamers, paper lanterns, tissue pom poms, and tissue fans.

Labor Day Hot Dog

Food: Labor Day is a perfect opportunity to heat up the grill one more time before it cools off and you rely on your stove top and oven. We love the idea of setting up a hot dog bar where guests can add the toppings of their choice to their dogs. You could consider writing classic topping recipes on chalkboards to inspire guests. For example, a classic Chicago-Style Hot Dog, as pictured above, takes a beef hot dog, a poppy seed bun, yellow mustard, sweet pickle relish, chopped onion, tomato wedges, a dill pickle spear, sport peppers, and celery salt. Also have classic summery sides like potato salad and mac and cheese. For dessert, use up the last of summer’s peaches and bake a peach pie.

Corn Hole

Activities: The weather’s about to cool off, so take advantage of this last summer day by keeping the party outside. Set up a variety of lawn games like corn hole, horseshoes, croquet, and bocce ball. If you have a pool, invite guests to bring their swimsuits and take one last swim. If you don’t have a pool, you can always set up water games for the kids. As the sun sets, light a bonfire and have marshmallows  to roast and ingredients for s’mores. Also use up any fireworks and sparklers left from the Fourth of July!

Happy Labor Day weekend from PartyPail!

Celebrate 1st Birthdays with Miss Ladybug or Mr. Turtle

Is your baby turning one? Our new and adorable 1st birthday ladybug and turtle party supplies will help you celebrate this milestone birthday in a cheerful way.

Read on for party ideas to accompany each theme:

1st Birthday Ladybug

1st Birthday Ladybug Party Supplies

Our 1st Birthday Ladybug Party Supplies are pretty in pink and purple for the birthday princess! A smiling pink and purple ladybug is featured on the party supplies with splashes of gingham, stripes, and polka dots in the background. Here are some party ideas to match this girls first birthday party ensemble:

  • Dress the birthday girl up in a pink tutu and a ladybug antenna headband.
  • Bake or order a pink ladybug smash cake for the birthday girl to dig into. Don’t forget to take photos!
  • Create ladybug decorations by adding construction paper polka dots and a construction paper ladybug face to a pink paper lantern.
  • Pink gerbera daisies in mason jars adorned with purple ribbons make lovely centerpieces for the party.
  • Add polka dot stickers to helium-inflated pink and purple balloons and clump together around the party space.

1st Birthday Turtle

1st Birthday Turtle Party Supplies

Celebrating a little boy’s first year? Our 1st Birthday Turtle Party Supplies are fit for a birthday boy! A happy turtle with blue and white stripes is featured on the party supplies with gingham, stripe, and polka dot accents. Now for some party ideas to accompany this boys first birthday party theme:

  • Create turtle decorations by adding blue construction paper polka dots and a construction paper face to lime green tissue paper poms.
  • For centerpieces, plant green succulents in containers.
  • For a sweet treat, dip Oreo cookies in lime green and bright blue icing.
  • Make a party-appropriate fruit salad by combining blueberries and honeydew melon balls.
  • Bake or order a turtle-shaped smash cake for the one-year-old to dig into!

Will you be celebrating your one-year-old with ladybugs or turtles? Drop your party ideas into the comments below!

Cupcake Wrapper Drink Covers

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to cupcake wrappers! One party trend we can’t get enough of is using cupcake wrappers with drinks. A cupcake wrapper on top of a beverage not only stops bugs and debris from getting in your guests’ drinks, but they also look adorable! Here are three ways to pull off this party trend:

Cupcake Wrapp Drink Covers


Cut  a small x into the center of each cupcake wrapper and set upside down on cups. Insert a straw, and voila, adorable drink covers!

Cupcake Wrapper Mason Jar Covers


If you have younger guests at your party, consider these mason jar sippy cups. The rings from the mason jars can be used to secure the cupcake wrappers to lessen the chance of spills and keep bugs out of cups. Write each guest’s name on the cupcake wrappers so everyone can keep track of their drinks!

Cupcake Wrapper Drink Bottle Hats

These cupcake wrapper bottle skirts may not have a practical purpose, but they sure are adorable! To make these, cut the bottoms out of baking cups and place over the necks of drink bottles. Also adorn with decorative straws for  totally festive party sips!

Want to bring try this party trend out for yourself?  Shop our nine colors of baking cups and mix and match with your party colors and theme!

Premium Party Supplies for Fancier Occasions

Plastic Party Supplies #PartyPail

Sometimes a party calls for something nicer than your standard paper or plastic plates, but let’s face it: No hostess wants to be stuck with a pile of dishes to do after a celebration! Luckily, we now carry a collection of premium party supplies that are more elegant and a higher quality than your standard party supplies, but are still disposable.

Here’s the 411 on how to entertain elegantly without the fuss of using your nice stemware and china:

Premium Plastic Stemware & Cups

Don’t commit a party foul by serving wine and cocktails in red cups. Our collection of party barware includes clear plastic cups and stemware for your party’s libations. With no worries over broken and misplaced glassware, both you and your guests will be able to kick back  more and enjoy the festivities!

Plastic Party Cups and Stemware #PartyPail

Plastic Champagne Glasses #PartyPail

Check out our plastic party stemware for plastic wine glasses, plastic champagne glasses, plastic margarita glasses, and more.

Clear Plastic Party Cups #PartyPail

Our premium plastic party cups are perfect for serving wine, cocktails, beer, and more.

Premium Plastic Serving Trays

Don’t be caught serving your guests from packages of food. Our party serving trays offer an elegant way to serve party foods. Toss the trays after the event, or you can wash them and reuse them later if you want.

Premium Plastic Party Tray #PartyPail

Durable Plastic Party Trays #PartyPail

Premium Plastic Party Tray  #PartyPail

Premium Plastic Party Tray #PartyPail

Premium Plastic Serving Bowls

We have sturdy plastic party serving bowls in varying sizes, colors, and shapes to accommodate everything from chips to dip to salads.

Durable Plastic Party Bowl #PartyPail

Premium Plastic Plates

Our premium plastic plates are sturdier and more elegant than traditional disposable party plates, but they can still be thrown away at the end of the event.

Durable Plastic Party Plate #PartyPail

All of these premium disposable party supplies are ideal for bridal showers, adult birthday parties, corporate parties, dinner parties, and more!

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