10 Halloween Party Ideas

Who’s excited about Halloween falling on a Friday this year?! (Raises hand.) There’s no excuse to not throw a party for your family, friends, and neighbors this year, especially with the 10 Halloween party ideas we rounded up for you below! The big day is a little over a week away, so Pin your favorite ideas and get busy making this your most spooktacular Halloween yet!

1. Candy Corn Mason Jars

DIY Candy Corn Mason Jars


Use these DIY candy corn-painted mason jars to hold an arrangement of creepy black roses, or set a tea light candle inside for a cheery glow.

2. Pumpkin Lollipop Holder

Pumpkin Halloween Lollipop Holder


This pumpkin lollipop holder would be great as a dessert table centerpiece, or you can set it on the front porch so trick-or-treaters can help themselves.

3. Pumpkin Spice Play Dough

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Scented Play Dough


Make up a batch of this delicious-smelling play dough to hand out to the kiddos for favors. (But don’t be surprised if you see the adults taking some, too!)

4. Halloween Marquee Letters

DIY Halloween Marquee Letters


Make these DIY marquee letters to spell out your Halloween phrase of choice. Set them on the front porch to welcome guests, or on the mantle as part of your spooky decor.

5. Halloween Playlist

Halloween Party Song Playlist


This playlist mixes old and new tunes to keep all guests moving.

6. Harry Potter Floating Candles

Harry Potter Great Hall Floating Candles Party Decoration


Use toilet paper tubes and LED lights to create a Hogwarts-inspired ceiling at your Halloween party. Dim the rest of the lights in the room for instant ambiance.

7. Toilet Paper Roll Bat

DIY Toilet Paper Bat Craft


Make a bunch of these bats before the party and hang them from the front porch like a colony of bats. This could also be a simple craft project for little ones at your party.

8. The Ring Halloween Decoration

Scary Halloween Decoration Inspired by The Ring


Want to actually give your guests a scare? This girl pulling herself out of the ground is inspired by The Ring and will send chills down spines.

9. Poison Bottles Decoration

Halloween Vignette Inspired by The Raven


This table vignette is inspired by The Raven. Fill empty bottles with various liquids and mark them as “poison” for a unique centerpiece.

10. Mummy Candle Holders

DIY Mummy Candle Votive


To make these mummy candles, simply wrap jars with white ribbon, glue on some googly eyes, and light a votive inside. Use them to line your driveway or sidewalk, or set them on tables as centerpieces.

Want more Halloween party ideas? Check back next week for a roundup of creative Halloween recipes!

5 Free Party Printables

A while back we shared several creative ways bloggers are using PartyPail solid color party supplies. Today, we’re back to highlight more creative bloggers who have created fabulous and free party printables to accompany our party supplies.

Check out the five printables below and visit the blogs highlighted to snag the free printables for your next celebration!

1. Free Bottle Printables

Printable Bottle Labels

Spark and Chemistry made these adorable beauty bash bottle printables. They paired the printables with our pink and white paper straws for beverages that made their guests feel like they were sipping pretty.

2. Free Cutlery Pouch Printables

Mother's Day Printable Cutlery Pouches

Shaken Together Life created Mother’s Day printables to adhere to cutlery pouches.  Tucked inside each cutlery pouch was PartyPail paper straws, cutlery, and napkins from our shop by color party supplies.

3. Free Tony Awards Printables

Tony Awards Party Printables

Elegance and Enchantment created some glitzy Tony Award printables, including a viewing party invitation and circles that can be used to adorn stemware and more. She used our gold foil plates and black plastic goblets for the glamorous occasion.

4. Free Spoon Pouch Printables

Spoon Pouch Printables

These spoon pouch printables by Design Eat Repeat are perfect for any number of occasions, including kids birthday parties and baby showers! They were created for use with our solid plastic spoons, but you could also slide in a straw and napkin for a complete set!

5. Free Picnic Party Printables

Picnic Party Printables

A Feteful Life created a bounty of picnic printables to match our black party supplies and white party supplies. Use the printables on our hot-cold paper cups, treat cups, paper straws, and cello sandwich bags for an on-trend picnic.

10 Fall Party Ideas

Fall just might be our favorite season to throw a party. (Okay, we say that every season…) But the the sights, scents, colors, and traditions of fall set the perfect backdrop for gathering with friends and family over a roaring bonfire with hot cider in one hand and a creamy pumpkin roll in the other.

We’ve been curating a collection of fall party ideas on Pinterest and are excited to share a few of our favorites with you today!

Coffee Bean and Pumpkin Candles


This centerpiece is a treat for both your sight and scent! Orange pumpkin votive candles and dark coffee beans are the perfect color combo for a fall party, and when you light the candles, the combined scent of the coffee and pumpkin is mouthwatering! You could group the candles together like in the photo, or you could scatter them individually throughout the party tables.

Ghost Cupcakes


 These Halloween ghost cupcakes are more cute than spooky and would be a fun addition to the spread of desserts at your fall party! Create the ghost icing toppers using a piping bag with vanilla icing and chocolate chips. From chocolate to spice, you could use any cake flavor you want for the cakes!

Pumpkin Rice Krispies


Kids will love these Pumpkin Krispies Treats — and we’re betting the adults will, too. Some orange food coloring in your Rice Krispies Treats mixture is all you need to color these treats. These are great for a party dessert table or for handing out at trick or treat!

Candy Corn Drink


Even though this drink separates perfectly to look like a candy corn, the combination of ingredients would actually have a citrus-sweet taste that kids will love! When you’re ready to drink, mix the layers together and enjoy!

Fall Leaf Placecards


Aren’t these leaf placecards positively elegant and seasonal?! To make these, collect an assortment of leaves from your yard or the park, or get faux leaves from the craft store. Use a gold paint pen to write each of your guests’ names on the leaves and set them on plates so everyone knows where to sit.

DIY Pumpkin Candles


How fun are these pumpkin candles?! Use soy wax flakes or even beeswax flakes for this project. Leave them unscented if using them for a dinner party, or use cinnamon fragrance oil to add a perfect-for-fall scent to your pumpkin candles. Make several small candles, or you could even clean out a large pumpkin and put several wicks in it for a large centerpiece.

Cincinnati Chili Recipe for Fall


If you’re looking for a twist on your usual pot of chili, consider this Cincinnati chili recipe! Cincinnati chili has a unique blend of spices, including cinnamon, that is perfect for fall. Serve it on a bed of spaghetti noodles and provide onions, beans, and cheese for toppings. It’s a hearty dish your guests will love!

Orange-Pumpkin Bread Recipe


Pumpkin rolls are the ultimate fall party dessert, and our mouths are watering over this moist bread recipe that has a cheesecake filling layer. Cut the sweetness by serving this bread with hot coffee coffee, a perfect combination!

Martha Stewart Pumpkin Cooler


This is not your average drink cooler! To make this, cut a large pumpkin in half and clean it out. Line the pumpkin with a clear plastic bowl, fill it with ice, and set in your canned or bottled drinks.

Pumpkin Ring Toss


 Will there be kids at your fall party? Keep them occupied with some seasonal games and activities, including a pumpkin ring toss! Set up a triangle of pumpkins and give each row a different point value, depending on difficulty. Don’t forget some prizes for winners!

What are your favorite party ideas for fall?

Fall Party Color Inspiration

Fall Party Color Palette

Shop: Red Party SuppliesOrange Party SuppliesYellow Party Supplies 
Green Party SuppliesNeutral Party Supplies

Fall is in full swing and we can’t wait to celebrate! Are you looking for fall party inspiration? The fall party color palette above is inspired by all of our favorite fall things and activities: pumpkin picking, apple orchards, hayrides, changing leaves, ghost stories, flannel, football, corn mazes, cider, gourds, and scarecrows. The right mix of these perfect-for-fall hues will have your guests in the autumn mood.

Here are perfectly festive-for-fall ways to incorporate this color palette into any fall celebration:


  • Fill hurricane vases with red apples
  • Use cozy red flannel blankets for seating
  • Use deep red chrysanthemums in the decor


  • Have a pumpkin carving contest at your party
  • Serve pumpkin-flavored foods and desserts
  • Fill vases with candy corn


  • Use sunflowers in the decor
  • Fill baskets with yellow squash
  • Create a wreath from yellow leaves


  • Use a green faux moss tablerunner
  • Use green apples as place card holders
  • Mix in unripe green pumpkins


  • Spray brown leaves with adhesive and dip in bronze glitter for ornaments
  • Fill a clear glass dispenser with rich, copper-brown mulled apple cider
  • Use white pumpkins for a chic touch

What’s your favorite fall color palette?

Party Trend: Naked Cakes

Have you heard? Cake has gotten a make-under! Bakers, brides, hosts, and hostesses are skipping tiers of iced cake and instead serving “naked cakes” at parties and events.

What’s a naked cake? Rather than a layer of buttercream or fondant covering the outside, the cake’s sides are left bare so you can see the layers of cake and icing in between. Naked cakes are a great way to show off the texture and color of a cake — because why would you want to hide layers of perfectly spongy cake, berries, and cloud-like icing?! Naked cakes are also great for DIY hostesses and home bakers because you won’t have to deal with the tedious process of icing a cake.

Here are some gorgeous naked cakes we’re drooling over and tips on successfully achieving the perfect naked cake:

Naked Cake with Berries


Naked Cake with Flowers


Think rustic: Naked cakes have an undone, natural look. Berries or fresh flowers and a sprinkling of powdered sugar are perfect for this rustic feel.

Naked Cake Filling


Choose flavors and fillings wisely: With traditional cake, what it looks like inside doesn’t necessarily matter. That’s not the case with a naked cake, so make sure your cake color and flavor complements the color and flavor of your icing. The cake above looks gorgeous with dark chocolate layers of cake with black raspberry filling.

Naked Cake with Berry Filling


Assemble immediately before serving: Icing protects cake from drying out, so without icing your cake could end up dried out before your party begins. Make assembling the cake one of the last things you do before party time.

Naked Cake Trend


Keep it neat: A gorgeous naked cake is stacked straight, evenly, and perfectly. The layers of cake to icing should also be identical. When stacking your naked cake, try to keep it as straight and symmetrical as possible! You may need to trim the outside of the cake to get that crisp look you want for a naked cake.

Are you loving the naked cake trend as much as us?!

Apple Season Crafts

Apple crafts are a clever way to celebrate apple picking season. Get the kids in on the seasonal fun with apple centered crafts using our solid color party supplies.

Apple Door Decoration

This apple craft requires few supplies and makes huge impact in any space. Cheerful and eye-catching, this craft will delight friends of all ages.

Supplies needed:
90- 100 Plastic 12 ounce Burgundy Cups 
5-8 Plastic 12 ounce Citrus Green Cups
Slim rope or cord about 12- 15 inches in length
Packing tape
Over the door hanger/hook


DIY Fall Apple Craft Decoration

Lay a ring of burgundy cups in a circle on a flat surface, each on its side, unstapled. Start a second ring of cups above that bottom ring in a staggered pattern. Staple the edge of each cup to the two cups beneath on the bottom ring. Complete that ring and begin a third ring, again in the staggered pattern, stapling each cup to the two cups in the ring below.

Fall Apple Craft Decoration

Eventually as you stagger each row, the half circle will take shape creating a dome.

Once completed, use large strips of clear packing taping underneath to reinforce the apple dome. Punch a hole in the top cup and tie a piece of slim rope or cord. Make a knot so the rope does not slip through.

DIY Fall Apple Craft

To create the stem, punch two holes on opposite sides of the citrus green cups, run the cord up through the cups until the desired length is reached. Make a loop and hang from the over the door hanger from the top of the door. Add a little saying like “You’re the Apple of My Eye” on a piece of cardstock for a cute touch.

Apple and Worm Craft

Kids Apple Worm Craft

This charming craft idea uses disposable white bowls, colored construction paper, and breakfast cereal strung like a worm in an apple. What a darling activity for children!

Apple Cupcakes

Apple Cupcake

Your guests will love these apple cupcakes made with pretzels and green gummy decorations. Add our red polka dot bake cups for a pretty accent.

Apple Tree

Kids Apple Tree Craft

Create this apple tree craft for kids using green paper plates and red and brown craft paper. Trace the child’s arm and hand on the paper to make the tree branches and add red dots for the apples. Don’t forget to hang the finished product on the refrigerator!

Early fall means delicious, crisp apples fresh from the trees. These playful apple crafts help bring that outdoor fun to the indoors.


Batman Party Ideas

Batman Birthday Party Ideas

Holy Batman, your kiddo is turning another year older! If your birthday boy can’t get enough of Gotham City and the Dark Knight, then he’ll be head-over-heels for our Batman party supplies, which feature a bold comic book Batman in a moody color palette of blue, black, and fiery orange, red, and yellow. Keep reading for our favorite Batman birthday party decor, food, and activity ideas!

Decor: Set the Gotham City scene by covering a wall of the party room with our navy blue tablecovers. Then, cut and hang pieces of black poster board to look like a New York City skyline. Use yellow squares of paper on the black sky scrapers to look like lit windows on the buildings. Above the food table, hang a black tablecover. In the center of the tablecover,  hang big yellow oval made from poster board with a black Batman bat in the center made from black posterboard. Cover each table with a Batman Tablecover and use our Batman Centerpiece Kit in the center of each table. Tie a black helium balloon on the back of each chair, suspend black streamers from doorways and the ceiling, and hang black bat cutouts from the ceiling using black curling ribbon.

Food: These Batman party food ideas will keep the super heroes satisfied! Serve all the food using our Batman plates, napkins, cups, and coordinating cutlery.

  • Bat-wiches — Make a tray of sandwiches with various cheese, meat, and pb&j fillings. Cut the sandwiches using a bat cookie cutter.
  • Cat Woman Claws — A bowl of Bugle chips.
  • Mr. Freeze’s Popsicles — A variety of popsicles.
  • Mr. Penguin’s Party Dip — 7-layer dip with chips.
  • Joker Juice — Green or orange KoolAid.
  • Two-Face Cookies — A jar of Oreo cookies.
  • Poison Ivy Pizza — Pepperoni pizza.
  • Batman Cake — Bake a cake and ice it yellow. Cut the Batman bat from a black Sugar Sheet and stick it to the cake.

Activities: This party itinerary will keep everyone entertained:

  • Arrival & Batman coloring pages — 20 minutes — As guests arrive, have everyone color a Batman coloring page, which you can find online for free with a Google search.
  • Snacks — 25 minutes
  • Super Hero Training — 30 minutes — Get the kids geared up with DIY Batman capes and put them through a training obstacle course.
  • Mr. Freeze Challenge — 30 minutes — Mr. Freeze froze Batman and he needs the kids’ help! Before the party, freeze a Batman toy figurine in a block of ice. Give the kids bottles of warm water to spray the block of ice with to save Batman.
  • Villian Soak — 25 minutes — Before the party, print out pictures of Batman’s villians and hang them outside on the side of a building or on a fence. Give the kids water balloons and challenge them them to hit and soak the villians.
  • Batman Party Game — 20 minutes —  Our Batman Party Game is played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but instead the challenge is to pin the emblem on Batman.
  • Gift Opening — 25 minutes
  • Cake & Ice Cream — 25 minutes
  • Dismissal

Scooby Doo Party Ideas

Scooby Doo Birthday Party Ideas

Ruh roh! Your birthday boy or girl wants a Scooby Doo party. Luckily, we have the Scooby Doo party supplies you need to throw a like…groovy celebration! Keep reading for our favorite Scooby Doo party decor, food, and activity ideas!

Decor: Our Scooby Doo party decorations are bright and fun featuring Scooby Doo himself with lime green, purple, and orange accents. Decorate the party space with some of the essentials, including the Scooby Doo Tablecover, centerpiece kit, banner, and scene setter. Accent the room with coordinating streamers and balloons and around the room hang bright bubble-shaped poster boards with common Scooby Doo catchphrases like, G-G-G-G-G-Ghost!, Jinkies!, Zoinks!, Creepers!, Like…groovy!, and Like wow! Above the food table, don’t forget to hang a Scooby Snacks sign. If you want, you could also add some creepy white balloons with ghost faces!

Food: Scooby Doo and Shaggy have big appetites because of the constant state of terror! Be sure your party menu is one that can satisfy them. Here are some ideas:

  • Pizza — Shaggy’s favorite food is extra cheese pizza with pickles. We’re not sure about the pickles, but the kids will definitely enjoy some pizza with extra cheese!
  • Subs — Scooby Doo and Shaggy are known for their towering sandwiches. Serve up a tray of subs with all the fixings.
  • Jeepers Juice — Bright Jones Sodas with Jeepers Juice bottle labels.
  • Puppy Chow — Mix up your favorite puppy chow recipe.
  • Scooby Snacks — Set up a popcorn bar with a variety of flavor toppings.
  • Dog Bones — Sugar cookies cut with dog bone cookie cutters.
  • Scooby Doo Birthday Cake & Ice Cream

Activities: Here’s a Scooby Doo birthday party itinerary to keep everyone entertained!

  • Arrival & Scooby Doo Coloring Pages — 20 minutes — As guests arrive, keep everyone occupied Scooby Doo coloring pages, which you can find for free with a Google search.
  • Scooby Doo Party Game — 25 minutes — Play our Scooby Doo Party Game, which is played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but the object is to pin the tag on Scooby’s collar.
  • Snack Time — 25 minutes — Dig into the Scooby Snacks!
  • Birthday Bandit Mystery Game — 1 hour — While the kids are occupied with the Scooby Doo Party Game and snack time, have a helper hide the birthday presents. Where they were previously stacked, hang up a sign that says, “We have a mystery on our hands! Help Mystery Inc. solve the mystery of the birthday bandit!” Then, set up a scavenger hunt of clues and challenges that the party guests must follow. At the end, have the pile of birthday presents with a sign that says, “I would’ve gotten away with it f it wasn’t for you meddling kids!”
  • Gift opening — 25 minutes
  • Cake & Ice Cream — 25 minutes
  • Dismissal

Hunting Camo Party Ideas

Hunting Camo Party Supplies and Ideas #PartyPail

We’ve gone country for our latest party theme, Hunting Camo! Our Hunting Camo party supplies feature a fall foliage camo pattern with orange accents that coordinate with our Ivory and Chocolate Brown solid party supplies. The party theme is perfect for any hunting enthusiast’s birthday party, no matter if he or she is young or old!

Are you throwing a hunting-themed camo birthday party? Read on for our party ideas…

Hunting Camo Party Supplies #PartyPail

Decor: Think woodsy, rustic, and country for your party decor. Incorporate natural elements like pine cones, cattails, tree slices, and twigs into centerpieces, and use burlap for table runners. Cover each table with an orange tablecover and use pieces from the Hunting Camo party supplies for the place settings. Hang the Hunting Camo banner across one wall, and also use the Hunting Camo honeycomb deer head bust as part of the party decor.

Food: It’s only fitting to serve the spoils of a day out hunting at the camo party. Consider dishing out a hearty venison chili alongside a variety of toppings, like sour cream, chives, beans, and cheese. Pair the chili with corn bread, iced tea, and if age-appropriate, spiked apple cider.

Activities: Chances are the guest of honor is the outdoorsy type, so venture outside for this celebration! Make it an overnight camping party by having  guests bring tents and sleeping bags. Create a large bonfire and set lawn chairs around it for guests to use. If you’re on a pond or lake, pull out canoes, paddle boats, and fishing gear for guests to enjoy. Your guests will love this opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors with the guest of honor!

Tea Party Birthday Party Ideas

Tea Time Tea Party Birthday Party #PartyPail

Looking for a party theme that’s as sweet as can be for your birthday girl? Our Tea Party Supplies are 100% adorable and perfect for throwing any girly girl a vintage-inspired tea party birthday party. Tea Party plates, napkins, cups, and decor feature a polka dotted tea pot, an antique tea cup and saucer, and a sweet cupcake atop a dainty floral design. The dinner plates have a bunting banner across the top that spells “tea time” — so cute!

Are you looking to throw the birthday girl a tea party to celebrate her big day? Read on for party ideas that are perfect for the Tea Party birthday party theme!

Tea Party Supplies #PartyPail

Decor: Our Tea Party supplies have a decidedly shabby chic, vintage-inspired, and girly feel. Begin by decorating tabletops with the Tea Party Plastic Tablecover, which features a dainty floral print design. At each place setting, use the Tea Party plates and napkins and pastel blue cutlery. To give the tea party a vintage, shabby chic feel, use a different tea cup and saucer at each place setting for each guest to sip from. If you don’t have tea cups and saucers on-hand, check out Goodwill or the Salvation Army for cups and saucers that won’t cost you much! In the center of the table, place tea pot filled with flowers. Babies breath, garden roses, and dainty wildflowers are all perfect for a vintage tea party!

Food: Classic tea party foods are a must! Delight your young guests with decaffeinated tea, which they can sweeten up with sugar cubes.For guests who don’t like tea, hot chocolate is perfect substitute. You could also consider serving cold drinks like iced sweet tea and lemonade. To eat, serve dainty tea sandwiches, scones, and petit fours.

Activities: When attending a tea party, proper attire is a must! Before sitting down for tea, have a dress-up session where the girls can doll up with hats, gloves, and costume jewelry. For a crafty activity, have each girl make her own beaded necklace by supplying a variety of colorful beads, cord, and clasps. An activity that will get the girls moving is sugar-cube-on-spoon relay races.

You’re now all geared up to throw a lovely tea birthday party … pinkies up!

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