Umbrellaphants Baby Shower Ideas

Umbrellaphants Party Supplies

If you want to shower an expecting mom with love, look no further than our adorable Umbrellaphants Blue Baby Shower and our Umbrellaphants Pink Baby Shower themes. Pink for baby girls and blue for boys, this theme features a little polka dotted elephant holding an umbrella while hearts sprinkle down. Polka dots and gingham outline the edges of the party supplies adding to the adorable feel of the Umbrellaphants ensemble. Are you throwing an Umbrellaphants baby shower? Keep reading for decor, food, and activity ideas!

Decor: For an Umbrellaphants baby shower, we love the idea of mixing and matching disposable party supplies with your nice linens and dishes. Begin by covering tables with white linen tablecloths and setting each place with a charger topped with an Umbrellaphants plate. Use Umbrellaphants napkins with your silverware, and for cups fill crystal goblets with water and use 9 oz Umbrellaphants paper cups for lemonade and iced tea. In the centers of half of the tables, set our mini honeycomb Umbrellaphants centerpieces, while on the other tables use hydrangea floral arrangements for centerpieces. Fill up Umbrellaphants balloons with helium and tie balloon bouquets around the room.

Food: To save money, consider throwing the baby shower mid-afternoon so you can serve light snacks and finger foods, like veggies and dip, caprese skewers, fruit salad, and cheese and crackers. For something more substantial, consider croissants with chicken salad and cold cuts. And a cake is a must! Take a plate from your Umbrellaphants party supplies to your local bakery and ask them to decorate a cake to match. Also consider petit fours, chocolate chip cookies, and whoopie pies for desserts.

Activities: After your guests arrive and eat, gather the group for an activity and a couple games! For the activity, a fun idea that the expecting mom will appreciate is letting each guest decorate a onesie for the baby! Have iron-on decals and embellishments so everyone can design their own onesie, and at the end of the shower the mom-to-be will have a bounty of oensies for the baby. Next up is game time! For an umbrellaphants shower, we like to keep the animal theme going with the Baby Animal Name Game. For this, create a list of animals and their respective baby names. For example, a baby elephant is a calf and a baby horse is a foal. Mix up the names and see who can match them up fastest. Lastly, while the mom-to-be is opening gifts, keep guests engaged with a game of Baby Shower Bingo. For this, give each player a blank bingo board, a pencil,and board markers. Before she begins opening gifts, have the guests fill in each square on the board with items they think she’ll receive. As she opens gifts, have guests mark their correct guesses and call out “bingo” when they get a complete row!

You can’t go wrong with an adorable Umbrellaphants baby shower — the expecting mom and all her guests will love it!

10 Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

If you have kids, we’re positive you’re familiar with the latest Disney phenomenon, Frozen! A clever story, catchy music, and breathtaking visuals make it a favorite movie for all ages! Frozen is also a wildly popular birthday party theme, and we’re excited to now offer a line of Frozen birthday party supplies!

There are tons of creative ideas you can use for a Frozen birthday party, and we collected many on our Frozen Birthday Party Ideas Pinterest Board. We narrowed down our top 10 favorite ideas below!

Frozen Birthday Party -- Build Your Own Snowman

1. Snowman Building via Yummy Mummy Kitchen

These build-your-own snowman favors are an adorable take-home, or could be a fun activity at the party! Mashmallows, pretzel sticks, and some decorative candies are all you need to build your own Olaf!

Frozen Birthday Party -- Snowball Playdoh Favor

2. Snowball Playdoh via Yellow Bliss Road

Here’s another great favor idea! Mix up some simple DIY white Playdoh, roll it around in glitter, and package it up in little mason jars for the kids to take home!

Frozen Birthday Party -- Snowmen Milk Bottles

3. Snowman Milk Bottles & Donuts via Pink Peppermint Prints

Here’s an adorable snowman snack to enhance your dessert table! Use powdered Donettes and powdered donut holes to make snowmen. Also dress up glass jars filled with milk with “buttons” and “scarves” for an adorable snack!

Frozen Birthday Party -- Snowman String Cheese

4. Snowman String Cheese via It’s So Very Cheri

Another great snowman snack idea is to draw snowman faces on string cheese wrappers and use washi tape for scarves.

Frozen Birthday Party -- Centerpiece Idea

5. Frozen Centerpieces via Mommy in Sports

For a centerpiece that’s elegant and fits the theme, fill blue mason jars with white spider mums and baby’s breath. You can also fill clear mason jars with blue and silver ball ornaments for a gorgeous look.

Frozen Birthday Party -- Food Ideas

6. Frozen Food Ideas via Me and My Insanity

If there will be adults at the party, be sure to include some food they’ll enjoy! The inspiration for Frozen is Norway, so serve some cuisine from that part of the world, such as Swedish meatballs and smoked salmon bruschetta.

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas -- Rock Candy Decoration

7. Frozen Tablescape via Kara’s Party Ideas

We’re in love with this Frozen tablescape, from the icicle-like rock candy hanging from a white branch to the colored candies and Frozen party cups and tiaras!

Frozen Birthday Party -- Frozen Birthday Cake

8. Frozen Birthday Cake via Bubbly Nature Creations

Click through to Bubbly Nature Creations for a recipe to make this gorgeous Frozen birthday cake, including instructions on how to make the homemade “ice” sugar candy!

Frozen Birthday Party -- Paper Chain Decoration

9. Frozen Paper Chain Decor via Bachmanville Photography

Simple white paper chains and tissue paper pom poms can add a lot of dimension to the party space. Suspend the paper chains from the ceiling, and also use them for a dessert table backdrop!

Frozen Birthday Party -- Dry Ice Punch

10. Frozen Dry Ice Punch via Ask Anna

For the ultimate Frozen party punch, use dry ice to give it a truly “Frozen” effect. The kids will love this!

Are you throwing a Frozen party? Share your favorite ideas in the comments below!

Faith Pink & Blue Party Ideas

With Easter coming up this Sunday, we think it’s a perfect time to introduce a couple of our faith-based party themes. Our Faith Pink party supplies and Faith Blue party supplies both provide options for baptism, christening, first communion, and confirmation celebrations. The party supplies can also be used for general religious holidays and observances, such as Easter brunch! Keep on reading to get a peek Faith Pink and Faith Blue and to snag some great party ideas for each.

Girl's Baptism Party Supplies

Faith Pink Religious Party Decorations: Our Faith Pink party supplies are perfect for a girl’s baptism, christening, first communion, or confirmation. The soft pink color  also makes this theme ideal for an Easter celebration or springtime church event. Each piece of this ensemble features a white cross on a soft pink brocade background. Pair it with pink and white roses and carnations, a white lace tablecloth, and white tissue paper pompoms for an elegant and pretty celebration!

Boy's Baptism Party Supplies

Faith Blue Religious Party Decorations: Similarly, Faith Blue features a white cross, but on top of a soft blue brocade pattern. It’s an ideal party theme for a boy’s baptism, christening, first communion, or conformation, or use it as a pastel backdrop for an Easter breakfast. A white linen tablecloth will provide a crisp backdrop for these party supplies, and white flowers like roses, carnations, and hydrangeas will make lovely centerpieces.

While we’re in the Easter spirit, be sure to head over to our PartyPail’s Pinterest for lots of Easter Celebration Ideas! From Peeps-on-a-stick to Fizzy Bunny mimosas, egg shell candle holders, and tulip arrangements, our board is chock-full of lovely ways to celebrate our favorite springtime holiday!

Curious George Birthday Party Ideas

Curious George Birthday Party Ideas

We’re excited to introduce a new party theme dedicated to everyone’s favorite monkey, Curious George! Our Curious George party supplies feature George celebrating with balloons, birthday cake, confetti, and a party hat. The color scheme of the party theme is bright and bold hues of red, blue, yellow, and green, perfect for any boy’s or girl’s birthday celebration.

Are you planning a Curious George birthday party for your kiddo? Read on for decor, food, and activity ideas!

Decor: Begin decorating by incorporating some decorations from our line of Curious George party supplies! Top tables with our Curious George Tablecovers and in the middle of each table set a Curious George centerpiece. Next, add fun party supplies in coordinating colors of red, blue, yellow, and green. Tie helium balloons on chair-backs, sprinkle confetti on tables, hang tissue paper balls from the ceiling, and drape streamers all around the room. If you have any Curious George stuffed toys, add them into the party decorations as well!

Food: Get creative with the party menu with these thematic food ideas:

  • Renkins Farm-Fresh Veggies: Veggies and dip
  • Chef Pisghetti Spaghetti: Spaghetti with marinara sauce
  • Hundley’s Hot Dogs: Hot dogs with all the fixings
  • The Man with the Yellow Hat Lemonade: Yellow lemonade
  • Curious George Banana Splits: Bananas and ice cream with all the fixings

Activities: Begin the celebration with some Curious George coloring pages. This is a great starter activity to keep everyone occupied as the guests arrive. Once everyone is ready, get the group around for a game of Pin the Tie on the Man with the Yellow Hat! This is played just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but with a Curious George twist. Keep the Yellow Hat theme going with a game of Yellow Hat Ring Toss! For this, find eight yellow cones and use black electrical tape to emulate the band of the yellow hat on the cone. Have the kids toss rings from behind a line and see how many they can get on the cones. For the final activity, get the kids moving around and outside with a Curious George Adventure Scavenger Hunt! Develop clues and challenges based off Curious George’s adventures in the books. At the end, have a prize for all the kids from our selection of Curious George party favors.

We promise the birthday boy or girl and all the guests will go bananas over these Curious George birthday party ideas!

Spring ’14 Bridal Shower Themes

Bridal shower season is here! A few weeks, ago you were acquainted with our Beach Love bridal shower theme, and today we’re excited to introduce two new 2014 bridal themes! One is traditional and the other more modern, so choose the design that fits the bride-to-be’s personality! Read on to see the new themes and get some entertaining tips to match.

Traditional: Ever After Bridal Shower

Ever After Bridal Shower Theme

Our Ever After Bridal Shower supplies are traditional and elegant and set the tone for a formal affair. The design features polka dot hearts and a damask print in a black and white color palette that’s perfect for a classic bride. This ensemble pairs well with traditional bridal shower fare, such as cucumber sandwiches, cake, petit fours, fruit salad, and champagne. For decor, consider adding a splash of color by arranging red or pink roses in silver vases for centerpieces. Also be sure to include tea lights throughout the tables and decor in small silver votives.

Modern: Mr. & Mrs. Chalk Bridal Shower

Chalkboard Bridal Shower Party Supplies

If you’re throwing a shower for a modern bride who is always up-to-date on Pinterest trends, check out our Mr. and Mrs. Chalk Bridal Shower Decorations! This ensemble features a black background that looks like a chalkboard and an etched design that looks like it was done in chalk. Chalkboard signs have been a huge bridal trend for engagement photos and weddings for a while now, and it’s not going away any time soon! Pair this theme with quirky, handmade touches. Burlap pennant banners, flower arrangements in mason jars, and rag strip garlands are just a couple handmade decor ideas. To eat, serve an array of quirky tea sandwiches on chalkboard trays, labeled with chalk, as well as trendy bridal shower desserts like pie, macarons, and whoopie pies. To drink, serve a signature cocktail in mason jars with paper straws.

Is the bride you’re planning for more classic or trendy?

Space Blast Party Ideas

Outer Space Birthday Party Ideas

If your  kiddo dreams of being an astronaut someday and exploring space, then be sure to check out our brand new Space Blast Birthday Party supplies. This party theme features planets, stars, and USA rocket ships, perfect for any science-loving kid. If you’re throwing an outer space birthday party, be sure to check out our Space Blast party theme, as well as the space party tips below!

Decor: To really set the scene at your kid’s outer space party, begin by transforming the ceiling into the night sky! Get a roll of starry sky gossamer and drape it across the ceiling. Then, recreate the solar system on the ceiling by hanging planets! You can make these by painting foam balls and hanging them with fishing line. Or, use our tissue paper honeycomb balls to look like planets; this will be less accurate, but will be fun decor. Cover the tables with our Space Blast Tablecover, and for centerpieces, use our rocket ship Space Blast Honeycomb Centerpiece.

Food: To make the menu fit your outer space party theme, get creative with how you name the foods. Use tent food cards to creatively label foods. Here are some ideas:

  • Moon Crater Pizza — Pepperoni pizza.
  • Moon rocks — Cheese puff balls
  • Asteroids — Meatballs
  • Little Dippers — Veggies with dip
  • Planet Pops — Cake pops designed to look like planets
  • Rocket Fuel — Party punch

Also set out bowls of appropriately-named candies, such as Starbursts, Milky Way bars, and Mars bars.

Activities: Begin the festivities with a craft! Let each guest decorate his or her own flying saucer. Make the saucers by stapling two white paper plates together, and set out markers, paint, glitter, sequins and more and let the kids create their own saucer designs. Next, get the kids moving with an outdoor activity! Have a flying saucer throwing contest to see who can throw a saucer (Frisbee) the furthest. Another great idea to keep kids  moving is to set up an “Astronaut Training” obstacle course. Throughout the course, test the kids’ strength, agility, and endurance with various astronaut-themed tasks and challenges!

With our Space Blast party supplies and a little creativity, your kiddo’s next party will blast off!

Horse Birthday Party Ideas

Horse Birthday Party Ideas

They say every horse deserves to be loved by a little girl — and it’s so true! If you have a horse-crazy girl  in your life, then you know it’s all horses and ponies all the time. For these little girls, we’re excited to offer an adorable horse birthday party theme called Heart My Horse. It features a white horse with pink ribbons in its mane, pink gingham, girly bows, and horseshoes. It’s a little girl’s dream party theme!

If you’re throwing a horse party for a special girl, then read on for decor, food, and activity ideas!

Decor: For a fabulous and fun Heart My Horse birthday party, use a color palette of pink, white, and brown. With these colors, you can achieve a girly look that’s also a bit country-rustic and shabby-chic. Cover the tables at the party with the Heart My Horse Tablecover, which features a cute pink gingham pattern and a pink ribbon edge. On some tables, use the Heart My Horse Mini Cascade Centerpiece, while on other tables, set floral arrangements featuring pink carnations and white baby’s breath arranged in mason jars. If you can, throw the party outside and use straw bales covered in quilts for seating!

Make the cake and dessert table the focal point of the room by covering it in rustic burlap. Above the table, hang a pennant banner featuring the birthday girl’s name, except instead of triangle pennants, have each letter on fabric cut to look like a horse show ribbon. Decorate the front of the cake table with a homemade rag banner. To make this, cut thin strips from a variety of fabrics and tie them to a piece of twine.

Across the ceiling, hang a DIY paper doily bunting with horses on it! To make this, you’ll need twine, paper doilies, a horse-shaped sponge, brown paint, and glue stick. Fold each paper doily in half and stamp a horse on each side using the paint and sponge. Once dry, fold the doilies over the twine and secure using the glue stick.

Also include in the decor as much horse tack and horse toy statues as you can. Saddles, horseshoes, horse show ribbons, Breyer horses, and bits are just a couple ideas.

Food: To eat, serve some down-home country cooking, like pulled pork, hot dogs, potato salad, and baked beans. On the dessert table, include a horseshoe-shaped cake, horse-shaped sugar cookies, caramel apples, and pink cake pops. To drink, fill mason jars with lemonade and caffeine-free sweet tea, seal them with lids, and put them in a galvanized trough on ice for fun grab-and-go drinks!

Activities: When entertaining a group of horse-crazy girls, you can’t go wrong with pony rides! Research local stables to see which ones do birthday parties. The girls will love the chance to pet, brush, and ride a real horse! For more activity ideas, consider country field day games, like:

  • Bobbing for apples
  • Potato sack races
  • Lasso the sawhorse
  • Egg-on-spoon races
  • Water balloon toss
  • Horseshoes

We hope these ideas get your Heart My Horse party planning well underway! For more ideas, check out our Heart My Horse Pinterest board!

2 New Princess Party Themes + Ideas!

Princess Party Ideas

Chances are your little girl will ask for a princess birthday party at some point in her life, so we’re excited to carry a large variety of princess birthday party supplies. In fact, we just added two new princess party themes that we think you’ll love! Read on to see our new princess birthday party themes — and to get some great princess birthday party ideas!

Princess Party Supplies

This first Princess Party Theme is perfect for any girly girl! It features a princess silhouette, a bedazzled crown, and a dreamy color palette of pink, purple, and teal. It’s bright and fun and great for any juvenile girl’s birthday party!

Pink Princess Royalty Party Supplies

Our second new princess birthday party theme is called Pink Princess Royalty — and for good reason! It features varying shades of pink and white, a crown,  stripes, and a damask design. It’s definitely fit for royalty! This party theme is great for juvenile girls, but it could also be used for a tween’s birthday party as well!

Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Decor: No matter what princess birthday party theme you choose, a pink color palette and girly, fit-for-royalty details area must! Cover each table with a tablecover from the party theme of your choice, and on some tables, use the honeycomb centerpiece that matches your theme. On other tables, incorporate fresh flower arrangements featuring girly pink flowers like carnations, peonies, or roses. Lots of pink, white, purple, and teal balloons are a must! Let them float to the ceiling, spread them throughout the floor, and put them on chair-backs. You can also buy or make tissue paper pompoms to hang above the party area.

Make the focal point of the room the cake and dessert table. Use a basic white plastic tablecover, but make your own princess table skirt by using layer-upon-layer of tulle from the fabric store. Sprinkle lots of confetti on the table and fill it with candies, cookies, desserts, and the cake, of course!

Food: A fun food idea for a princess party is to serve a royal tea. For this, serve various flavors of tea sandwiches, such as cucumber, pb&j, chicken salad, and cinnamon-sugar. Also serve other tea party musts, like scones, cookies, cupcakes, and fruit salad. To drink, have caffeine-free sweet tea, lemonade, and juice.

Activities: As the guests arrive, the first order of business is getting everyone in princess attire! Have dress-up princess crowns, wands, costume jewelry, and you could even have simple elastic and tulle skirts for the girls to wear over their clothes. For any boys in attendance, have knight armor for the lads to wear.

For a craft, have each guest make her own royal point hat! For this craft, give each girl a pointed hat with strips of ribbon attached to the top. Let each guest decorate her hat with glitter, sequins, jewels, and other adornments!

We hope you love our new princess party themes and these ideas! Happy party planning!

Fabulous Birthday Party Ideas

Pink Martini Birthday Party Ideas

Ladies, make sure your next birthday is a glamorous one by gathering your girlfriends for a cocktail party featuring our Fabulous Birthday party supplies! The Fabulous Birthday ensemble is pretty in pink with silhouettes of wine, champagne, and martini glasses. If you’re celebrating a milestone 21st, 30th, 40th, or 50th birthday party, check out our age-centric napkins that match the theme.  If you’re celebrating a different birthday, our general Fabulous Birthday napkins have you covered, too!

It’s  fun and easy to throw a Fabulous Birthday girls’ night. Read on for party decor, food, and activity ideas!

Decor: The Fabulous Birthday theme is all about pink and glamour! Consider our Fabulous Birthday tablecovers, cascade centerpieces, cutouts, and balloons to begin decorating. Add some panache with coordinating streamers, tissue paper balls, and our martini garlands. Cut letters out of glitter paper to make DIY signs that say “cheers” and “pop, fizz, clink”! The girls will also love some fresh floral arrangements! To match the glamour of the rest of the party, make arrangements of bright pink peonies.

Food: Set out trays of favorite finger foods that the girls can eat as they sip cocktails. Crostinis, caprese skewers, artichoke spinach dip, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, herbed-cucumber bites, and stuffed mushrooms are just a few ideas. For dessert, consider bite-size cheesecakes, cupcakes, mararons, and brownies. For drinks, have cold flat and sparkling water, as well as some varieties of soda. We also love the idea of having a pink signature cocktail for  a Fabulous Birthday party. Combining vodka and champagne with cranberry juice, simple syrup, lime juice, crushed mint leaves,  and ice is a refreshing and pretty pink cocktail.

Activities: You’ll need some fabulous activities to match the rest of the party! Here are some of our favorite girls’ night ideas:

  • Make it a “cocktails and canvas party” by hiring a paint party company to come and guide your guests in replicating a featured painting. 
  • Invite the gals over for a girly movie night featuring chick flick favorites like Breakfast at Tiffany’sMean Girls, and Clueless.
  • Are your girlfriends crafty? Invite everyone over for a design-your-own glass party. Have wine and/or martini glasses for everyone to paint and bedazzle with rhinestones, glitter, sequins, and more.
  • Have an at-home spa night with DIY manis and pedis, epsom salt soaks, face masks, and you could even bring in a masseuse to give everyone massages.
  • Don’t feel like staying in? Make it a night on the town! Hire a limo for the evening and go out with the girls for a night of dancing.

With these ideas, it’ll be a girls’ night to remember!

Elite 8 March Madness Party Food Ideas

The most-wonderful time of year is here for basketball fans … March Madness! If your team is sitting pretty in the tournament, then it’s time to invite your friends over for a viewing party to root on your team during their next big game. Putting together a March Madness party is easy when you use our basketball party supplies and the delicious basketball-themed recipes below!

Cheese Puff Basketball Party Snacks

1. “Free Throws” Cheese Puff Snacks via Party Like Paula

Cheese puffs are a party staple that everyone loves, but with a little clever signage, puffs go from a simple snack to a basketball-themed food in no time! Serve individual portions in clear cups to avoid orange fingers and messes. Call them “free throws” on a food card!

Kroger Basketball Dip

2. Fast Break Dip via Kroger MyMagazine Booklet

A little creativity can turn simple veggies and dip into a basketball-themed snack! A round platter and some clever placement of cucumber slices and carrots make an easy and delicious addition to your party’s spread.

Basketball Sliders

3. Basketball Sliders via Hungry Happenings

Inside these sliders is turkey, provolone cheese, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, and chipotle mayo — yum! But the buns are what make these sandwiches perfect for your March Madness party. They are thawed frozen dinner rolls sprayed orange with food color spray, and the black lines are painted on with black food coloring. So clever!

Basketball Brownie Pops

4. Basketball Brownie Pops via Crafty Chelsea

These brownie pops are a crowd favorite and so simple to make! The pops are dipped in orange-dyed white chocolate and decorated with chocolate decorating icing. Get a cake pop stand to make them shine on the table!

Basketball Cake

5. Basketball Cake via Cooking Channel

Ready for the ultimate basketball party cake?! To make this, bake your favorite cake in a round pan, ice it orange, and use orange and brown Reese’s Pieces to form the basketball design. Get the kids involved in the placement of the candies for family fun!

Basketball Party Hoopie Pies

6. “Hoopie Pies” via Cookin’ Cowgirl

Everyone will love these wHOOPIE pies! They’re made using a pumpkin pie whoopie pie recipe and decorated with black gel icing. We also recommend trying out a carrot cake whoopie pie recipe for a similar look with a springtime flavor your guests will love!

Basketball Party Gatorade Drink

7. “Dribble It!” Gatorade via Babble

Having a sports drink like Gatorade at your March Madness party is a must, especially if there will be kids at the party. Write “dribble it” on a small chalkboard to place near the Gatorade for a fun decorative touch!

Slam Dunk Punch

8. Slam Dunk Punch via ABC

And for the adults, mix up some Slam Dunk Punch, which is a delicious mix of tequila, orange liqueur, orange sherbet, ginger ale, and orange juice concentrate. Stir it up in a large punch bowl and let guests doll out their own drinks into our basketball party cups!

From the Sweet Sixteen to the the National Championship, March Madness is a perfect excuse to throw a party! Score big with these basketball party food ideas and our basketball party decorations!

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