Half-Birthday Party Supplies

We’re excited to introduce our NEW line of Half-Birthday Party Supplies … because why should you wait 365 days to celebrate your birthday once a year?! Here at PartyPail, we believe half-birthdays are JUST as important as regular birthdays. So, scoop up some Half-Birthday Party Supplies and celebrate yourself every six months! Keep reading for more details and a special deal!

PartyPail Half-Birthday Party Supplies April Fools' Prank


Did we get ya? While it would be pretty awesome to celebrate your Half-Birthday with actual HALF-Birthday Party Supplies, something tells us they’re not quite functional. What we can offer you today is $10 off any purchase of $60 or more. Feel free to use this deal on actual, full-sized party supplies! Just enter the code decorations10 at checkout!

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Olaf Party Ideas

Wanna build a snowman … party?! We’re excited to debut the coolest party supplies under the sun featuring everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf!

PartyPail Olaf Party Suppiles

Our Olaf Frozen party supplies are perfect for both boys and girls, and the bright design makes it perfect for parties year-round. Everyone knows Olaf loves sunshine and summer, so don’t hesitate to throw a summertime Frozen Olaf party with a tropical twist! Keep reading for our favorite Olaf birthday party ideas.

PartyPail Disney's Olaf Frozen Party Supplies

Olaf Birthday Party Decorations

Keep your Olaf birthday party decorations bright and fun! Begin by covering the tabletops with our Olaf Frozen Plastic Tablecovers. Tie one of our Olaf Frozen Mylar Balloons on the back of each chair. In the center of the table, use our Olaf Frozen Balloon Bouquet weighted down with a plush Olaf toy. Surround this balloon centerpiece with small and bright flower arrangements featuring lime green button mums, yellow spider mums, and orange daisies.

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10 Spring Party Ideas

With sunshine, flowers, and warm temperatures, there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to spring parties. Think light, bright, and refreshing when planning the details of your spring birthday party, shower, Easter brunch, or Mother’s Day tea.

We scoured our favorite blogs and rounded up 10 of our favorite spring party ideas! Keep reading for details and also check out our Spring Entertaining Pinterest board and floral design party supplies for more ideas!

1. Strawberry Poke Cake

10 Spring Party Ideas: Strawberry Poke Cake

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Fabulous Easter Party Supplies + Ideas

Hippity, hoppity Easter’s on its way! You know you’re hosting your family’s Easter celebration this year, but where to start?

We have some fabulous new Easter party supplies this year that will inspire all your entertaining plans. One of our Easter party themes will have the kids dreaming about what treats the Easter Bunny left. Another is bright, floral, and sophisticated for spring. We also have solid color party supplies in perfect-for-Easter hues.  Choose your favorite below and check out our party tips that accompany each!

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3 New Themes to Help You Say “I Do”

Tying the knot in 2015? Congratulations! We’ve been busy ramping up our selection of wedding supplies, which include wedding party supply themes, decorations, favors, placecards, favor bags and boxes, barware, serveware, and more. We’re ready to help brides on budgets achieve their dream weddings on a dime.

We have  three new wedding party themes for 2015, which we think you’ll love. All three are  a twist on the popular wedding color palette of black and white. Let’s check them out!

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10 St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is next Tuesday, which means many of you are celebrating THIS weekend! Whether your St. Patrick’s Day traditions include a traditional Irish dinner, leprechaun fun with the kids, or just a lot of green beer, we’re here today to share 10 St. Patrick’s Day ideas from some of our favorite bloggers.

1. St. Patrick’s Day Puppy Chow

10 St. Patrick's Day Ideas: Green Puppy Chow

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Puppy Chow is a favorite snack for any holiday or party. However, with the addition of green candy melts and a drop of spearmint oil, Puppy Chow turns into an addictive St. Patty’s snack! Our treat cups in fresh lime are perfect for serving up portions of St. Patrick’s Day Puppy Chow!

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Introducing New Michael Aram Party Supplies

We just added new items to one of our most elegant and upscale lines, our Michael Aram party supplies. These designer party supplies are perfect for any occasion that calls for something stylish and elegant — like a bridal shower, a sophisticated birthday party, or a fancy girls’ night. Our MADHOUSE party supplies are a fabulous mix of disposable paper products that can be tossed after the event and melamine, Tritan, resin, and plastic products that can be reused over and over.

Let’s take a peek at what’s new:

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Medieval Knight Party Ideas

Hear ye, hear ye! Let it be known that it is time to make merry and celebrate the birthday boy with games and a royal feast!

PartyPail Medieval Knight Party Supplies and Ideas

Medieval birthday parties are made easy with our NEW Medieval Knight party theme. The party supplies feature a valiant knight and his trusty steed defending their castle from a  menacing red dragon. The Medieval Knight party theme includes tableware, decor, favors, and even personalized items. Pair the party supplies with the following medieval birthday party ideas for an event your young guests won’t soon forget!

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20 Penguin Party Ideas

It doesn’t get much cuter than our brand new penguin party supplies! The party supplies feature two penguins who are partying with popsicles and ice cream! Polka dots, a pennant banner, and balloons add to the festive design of these birthday party supplies. Perfect for boys and girls, our penguin party theme is ideal for a birthday celebration with both guys and gals in attendance.

Here are 20 party ideas, perfect for our penguin party supplies!

PartyPail Penguin Party Theme and Ideas

  1. Does the birthday boy or girl love to ice skate? Rent out the local rink and use our penguin party theme for the perfect accompaniment to a party on ice.
  2. Penguin party supplies are also perfect for a party thrown at the zoo, especially if the birthday boy or girl loves penguins the most.
  3. Penguins love the cold — and our penguin is eating ice cream — so it’s only natural to have an ice cream sundae bar at the party. Serve a variety of ice cream flavors and topping options and let guests concoct their own treats.
  4. Be sure to have some “Penguin Food” at the party — a big bowl full of fish-shaped cheddar crackers!
  5. Also serve up some “Ice Cubes,” which are simply blue jello cubes.
  6. For other food, think light and fluffy, like snow! Serve mini white powdered donuts, white meringues, popcorn, and white cheese cut with a small snowflake cookie cutter.
  7. With the addition of a simple paper bottle label, bottled water turns into “melted snow!” Serve with some of our paper straws.
  8. For another drink, mix up a blue party punch — blue Hawaiian Punch and lemonade are a popular combo. Add “icebergs” to the punch, which are simply large ice cubes that you can form in plastic bowls!
  9. Challenge the guests to a game of Penguin Toss. Make a larger-than-life penguin on poster board and cut a hole from its belly. Have the kids toss bean bags from behind a line and try to make it in the hole.
  10. Stage a Penguin Waddle Relay Race! For this, divide the kids into teams. Give each team a ball and have them race relay-style waddling like a penguin with the ball between the ankles.
  11. Here’s a twist on a classic: Pin the Bow on the Penguin!
  12. Snag one of our penguin pinatas for another activity the kiddos will love.
  13. The kids will also love a game of Penguin Bowling! For this, collect two-liter bottles before the party. Paint them to look like penguins, add some pebbles to them as weight, and have the kids see how many they can knock over by rolling a ball!
  14. Challenge the kids to a series of igloo block (aka sugar cubes!) minute-to-win-it games! For example, see how many sugar cubes the kids can move from a pile to a container using chopsticks in a minute. Another challenge is to see how many sugar cubes the kids can stack on  a tongue depressor that’s in their mouths in a minute.
  15. Make your own penguin balloon decorations by inflating black balloons with helium. Tape on white paper pieces for the penguin’s face and belly. Then, tape on an orange paper nose and use a black marker for the eyes. You could also make these using black paper lanterns for a hanging decoration.
  16. Make an arctic photo booth and capture some memories! Make penguin masks using black and white felt. Have accessories like top hats, snowflakes, and bow ties.
  17. Create a snowy scene in the party space by blowing up lots of white balloons with helium. Tie white curling ribbon to all the balloons and add small snowflakes down the ribbons with double-sided tape. Let the balloons float to the ceiling, and it will look like a beautiful snow storm!
  18. Also hang a couple of our White Fan Assortments around the room for more snow-like decor.
  19. For a DIY decoration, cut lots of paper snowflakes and paper snowflake garlands for the party space. Get the kids in on this to help!
  20. Make your own snowball centerpieces by spraying white styrofoam balls with adhesive. Roll them in glitter, let them dry, and place in large bowls in the centers of the tables.

With these 20 ideas, you’ll be partying penguin-style in no time!

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10 Non-Toy Birthday Presents for Kids

We know how it is: Every holiday introduces a new wave of toys to your house. If your kiddo has enough toys to stock the store’s toy aisle, it might be time to think outside the box and get creative when it comes to your child’s next birthday.

10 Non-Toy Birthday Presents

Today we’re going to share 10 creative, non-toy birthday present ideas for the kid who has it all:

  1. Magazine Subscription– This is the gift that keeps on giving all year long. A magazine that is fun and entertaining will not only spark a love for reading, but it will also be something that the birthday boy or girl looks forward to each month.
  2. Classes – Whether it’s piano, horseback riding, or art lessons, classes open up new worlds to children. Who knows, you might create a lifelong passion — or career — for the child!
  3. Hobby Supplies – Give the birthday kid the tools they need to explore a new hobby, such as knitting needles and yarn; watercolor paint, brushes, and paper; fishing tackle; or a model airplane kit.
  4. Memberships – It could be a membership to the zoo, aquarium, or museum. This is a gift that the whole family will enjoy!
  5. Tickets – Tickets to the movie theater, a concert, or sports event will create memories that will last a lifetime.
  6. Books – It’s important for the adults in a child’s life to encourage reading. Gift the birthday kid your favorite childhood book!
  7. A Day Out – Whether it’s a day at the batting cage, the amusement park, or the miniature golf course, your favorite kiddo will appreciate fun time spent with you more than any toy.
  8. Stationery – Get the birthday boy or girl a fun set of stationery and encourage writing to distant friends, family, or even a pen pal!
  9. Camera – It doesn’t have to be anything fancy! Kids love taking photos and will enjoy having a camera of their own. You could even consider giving the birthday boy or girl a disposable camera as a bit of a throwback to film days. They’ll get a kick out of it!
  10. Sponsor a Child in Their Name – Not only will you be helping a child in need, but you’ll be teaching the birthday boy or girl about the importance of charitable giving. Find a charity, like World Vision, that pairs you up with a child to sponsor. The birthday boy or girl will be able to communicate with the child they are sponsoring via letters, emails, and packages. It will open up the birthday boy or girl’s eyes to other parts of the world and cultures.

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